First Impressions: Let’s Eat Season 2

Let's Eat 2.2.1

tvN‘s 2013 sleepy hit Let’s Eat returns for a second helping of fun, hijinks, romance, and most importantly, mouth-watering Korean cuisine. Although the cast has changed–quite dramatically, in fact, with only Yoon Doo Joon reprising his role as the lovable Goo Dae Young–the series is surprisingly heartwarming and just as charming as the first season. It’s a bit too early to say anything yet–after all, I’ve only seen two episodes–but if the first two installments of this series is any indication of the rest of the series, I think that I may like the sequel even more than I did the original. *gasp* I know~! The sequel is rarely better than the first…but here’s why: 

Basic Premise:

Goo Dae Young suffers quite a number of setbacks–breakup with girlfriend (Lee Soo Kyung played by Lee Soo Kyung), hefty settlement with a restaurant owner who threatened to sue him for slander (hmmm…he was only blogging what he thought of the food *sigh*), etc.–so he decides to return to the town where he and his mother spent his fifth grade. His mission? To reclaim his title of “Insurance King” and return to Seoul more triumphant than ever.

Once back in town, he reconnects with a big brother who’s also reluctantly relocated from Seoul as well as with his old elementary school classmate, whom he remembers fondly. Unfortunately for him, she doesn’t quite share the same memories as he and is set on petty revenge…like ordering over 900,000 won (roughly $900) of gourmet Chinese food at his expense. Ouch! Thankfully, Goo Dae Young has his perpetual luck with him and doesn’t have to pay for the extravagant dinner because he’s the restaurant’s 100th customer, and his bill is on the house. Nice!

The usual hijinks of the battle of the sexes, in this case Baek Soo Ji (Seo Hyun Jin) versus Goo Dae Young, commence in Episode 1 and conclude by Episode 2 with the two compromising to helping each other. What’s the deal, you ask? Baek Soo Ji helps Goo Dae Young make contact with all the civil employees at her freelance workplace while he helps her get married to Lee Sang Woo (No, it’s not our beloved turtle, but rather Kwon Yul lol), the eligible bachelor who obviously has no interest in Soo Ji and keeps calling her Writer Park instead of Writer Baek. *shakes head*


So why do I find the beginning of this series endearing and worth a second helping?

Although the characters have changed, enough elements of the original series have remained to make this second installment a strong continuation of the first: Goo Dae Young (of course!) and his efforts to charm potential clients as well as his role as matchmaker, the ongoing presence of Dae Young’s Let’s Eat blog which I suspect will soon play a bigger role in the story, a female antagonist with whom he’ll eventually develop a romantic connection, a mysterious man who’s beginning to stalk Baek Soo Ji, and of course, a reprisal of our beloved little Pomeranian whose name in this series is “Dog.” Heh. How appropriate. 😉

Let's Eat 2.1.1

OK, so I confess that my love of this dog is not quite as objective as it should be, b…but…if you look closely, you’ll realize that this little canine looks an awful lot like another canine that we all love and know, right? 😉 Oh Bentley! Your emmo loves you~! LOL

Anyhow, enough silliness about little cute Pomeranians. What’s really hooked me in is the developing relationship between Soo Ji and Dae Young. Because of their childhood past, these two characters seem to have a much stronger chemistry than Dae Young had with Soo Kyung. Don’t get me wrong; I loved Dae Young with Soo Kyung, but there’s something much more tangible with these two…a sort of already existing comfort and natural give-and-take. Perhaps it’s because they’re “frenemies” and simply bypassed the usual distance/awkwardness of strangers becoming friends and eventual lovers. And Soo Ji’s petty revenges are so cute to watch; she has no qualms about sabotaging Dae Young’s efforts to attract potential clients. How can anyone not like her? OK, confession #2: Baek Soo Ji is played by Seo Hyun Jin, and I find her infinitely adorable and charming. *grins sheepishly*

So…I mentioned the developing relationship between our two principal characters, and as Dae Young learns more things about Soo Ji from his childhood buddies–he had moved to another town after only attending the fifth grade with her and so doesn’t know what happened to her after he moved–he begins to understand a little bit more about what motivates her and why she views life from a “glass half-empty” perspective. That’s enough for him to extend a peace offering to her as a way of making amends for his role in hurting her in the past. From Episode 3 onward, he and Soo Ji will launch the beginning of their “Mission: Snare Mr. Lee Sang Woo.” Hee~! I can’t wait for the hijinks to continue!

In any case, those are my first impressions of the series. The show’s become my Monday-Tuesday workout K-drama. 🙂 I think tvN may just have another little hit on its hands! 😉

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7 thoughts on “First Impressions: Let’s Eat Season 2”

  1. I swore I’d avoid this because of the OTP breakup. I’m petty and want my drama couples together forever, but the positive reviews are tempting me. Why, show, why?

    1. LOL. Let me know if and when you join us for Season 2…curious to hear your thoughts and whether you agree with me. 🙂

  2. And I’m the opposite! It was the story that drew me and kept me; the OTP was an addition to the story. But Seo Hyun Jin is the reason I even considered watching this!! Okay, Snoopy! Now that you have seen the brilliance of Ms Seo, put all other daily dramas aside and you MUST, I say you MUST watch King’s Daughter!! Seo Hyun Jin is FAAAABULOUS!! But back to this, now I’m even more excited to watch this!!

    1. Oddly, I’m with you about the story. Season 1 had me with the story and…of course, Barashi! 😀
      Despite my love of Seo Hyun Jin, I am staying far far away from your dailies, Bel! LOL. At least until my Real Life schedule lightens up. 🙂
      Let me know what you think of the show. Curious if you feel the same way as moi. 😉

      1. So far, it is just okay; not boring but okay. I haven’t found the food to be impressive yet. That whole Chinese restaurant scene was a turnoff for me. I hate greasy, soupy food that isn’t soup! Ep 2 was a slight build up to the story; however, I find Dae Yeong’s friend to be super gross so the little he is on the screen the better. As I like Kwon Yul, Hyun Jin’s current love interest, he’s an enigma that will be unraveled as we go but hopefully they don’t take too long as I’ll get bored. So, verdict so far? Weaker than the first even though I still like Dae Yeong character! Without him, I think even I would pass.

  3. Took me awhile to get into this one. Agree with NewKDramaAddict about Dae-yeong’s friend, he got a bit better as the show went on. Kwon-yul was interesting. Watched him first in “Angel’s Revenge”, but his character in “Let’s Eat 2” was completely different so it was nice to see him portray this character (would’ve liked it better sans profanity).
    Seo Hyun-jin was cute, but I’ve liked her in just about all her dramas, loved to hate her in “Feast of the Gods”.
    The main slant I got from this show was the importance of accepting and being yourself. I wasn’t disappointed, but the original will remain my favorite!

    1. I loved this second helping of the franchise because of the comfortable relationship between the two lead characters. Hmmm…your comment just reminded me that I still have a review to attempt for this series. lol

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