First Impressions: Cinderella and Four Knights (2016) – Revisited

C4K 2

I told you that I really wanted to like this series, didn’t I? So to be fair to Cinderella and Four Knights, I made the time today to watch Episode 2…and finally realized what it was that was bothering me about the show, aside from the numerous cliches….

This latest series from tvN, touted by some to be the newest rendition of Boys over Flowers, stars Park So Dam (as Eun Ha Won), Jung Il Woo (as Kang Ji Woon), Ahn Jae Hyun (as Kang Hyun Min), Lee Jung Shin (as Kang Seo Woo), Choi Min (as the every faithful bodyguard, Lee Yoon Sung), Son Na Eun (as Park Hye Ji), and veteran actor Kim Yong Gun (as CEO Kang aka Grandpa!).

Here…I think this video clip introduces the characters quite nicely: compliments of DramaFever via YouTube

I will admit that Episode 2 was better than Episode 1, developing the story a bit more beyond the expository background, which is only to be expected in Episode 1. However, the narrative in Episode 2 still feels a bit sporadic to me, and I figured out why I wasn’t liking the series by the middle of the episode: The characters don’t seem to connect on any meaningful level with each other.

Granted, there are engaging moments–brief as they may be–between Ha Won and the Kangs, but the overall storytelling thus far feels hackneyed and disconnected to me…as if I’m watching an uninspired remake of a popular story from the past. When connections are made, they become easily disengaged by the next scene, leaving me wondering what happened to the tenuous connection that was just made within the episode. And the greatest mystery for me? The show has all the elements that I usually love–chaebols, spunky heroine, great seconds, etc.–but nothing seems to click. 🙁

Again, am I being overly critical…? Perhaps….

I do realized that some of you are going to love this series and enjoy it immensely. Maybe at a different point in my life, I might have enjoyed it as well. But for now…I’m just going to have to bide my time and keep tabs on it, assuming my weekend schedule allows me to watch it.

If you do love it, though, I hope you’ll take the time to leave me comments and fangirl/fanboy over the points that you enjoy. As I mentioned before, I really do want to like this series. Here’s genuinely hoping that Episodes 3 and 4 change my mind next week….

In any case, if some of you are interested in taking a look at the series yourself and making your own decision, you can find English-subbed videos here.

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2 thoughts on “First Impressions: Cinderella and Four Knights (2016) – Revisited”

  1. Grace, I saw both episodes last night. Wait, or rather, this early morning! I’m partial to your opinion. I agree on the disconnected part. I saw it in both episodes. I can’t find a mutual point with all the characters. Someone asked me if I already have a bias. I don’t. I couldn’t find any attractive in these men! This is crazy, right? And you know me, I love chaebol dramas and always drawn for the cold ones.

    Nevertheless, I had great time watching the episodes. Individually, the cousins are funny! I love Ha Won’s feisty character. I am looking forward to episode 3 and 4. I really hope the episodes will change your mind. I would like you to be on my boat XD

    1. This weekend will be crucial in deciding whether I will accompany you to the very end of this little adventure…Here’s hoping I like it better this weekend! 🙂

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