final update before trip to Korea…?

Hi everyone,
I finished what I could of episode 19 (11/2/10 post)…hope you enjoy! I also discovered that now has the English subtitles up on their website, so check it out for those of you who didn’t get a chance to watch it yet with subs. The dialogue is great…I didn’t check out the subs, but I hope the subbers were able to translate all the good phrases. 😀

As for Mary Stayed Out, I managed to catch episode 1 and found it enjoyable…however, I’m not too thrilled with the troublesome father who’s willing to “sell” his daughter for money.

Anyhow, I’ll probably pop in and leave random posts before and during my trip to Korea (just staying in the Seoul area), so don’t be surprised if you see something new on this blog! 😉

Have a great weekend! I’m off to bed…1AM in California now…ack!

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5 thoughts on “final update before trip to Korea…?”

  1. I'm not down on the father's decision to have Mary marry his long time good buddy's son. It looks like a perfect situation for me. A good family, pleasant looking guy, good inlaw, & gets financial help. I like this show, it looks like fun.

  2. good luck with your trip to the place a really want to go but can't. In the future I'd go there… so I'm still learning korean hehehehe.

    Thanks for all the summaries you've done. them helped me a lot to enjoy skk.

  3. Have a great trip to Korea!
    I was a bit disappointed with Mary stayed out all night tbh, but Secret Garden really surprised me, you should give it a chance!

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