Hi, everyone! It dawned on me that some of my readers have been with me from the very first blog post (back in October 2010 when I was recapping Sungkyunkwan Scandal on a blogspot URL) while others are only just discovering this site and will have missed all the pertinent posts of our little “Musings” community.

I’m hoping that this page remedies that problem by providing answers to some questions:

1. What is a “Twinkle”?

It’s a name that this community of readers and Korean drama watchers call ourselves because we read the musings of a twinkie and “twinkle” with brilliance. 🙂 You can read and perhaps add to the post that explains who some of the “twinkles” are from all around the world here. 🙂

2. What is a “twinkie”?

It’s a slang term for someone who is Asian in appearance but western in behavior and thought. I’m Korean-American but very Americanized, hence the nickname.

3. What are these monthly giveaways?

They are small Korean drama-related items that I give away to a lucky winner. Anyone who reads the blog can enter by leaving a comment. There is no limit on the number of entries; I just ask that you don’t spam the comments section. One comment equals one entry. The giveaways start at midnight on the 1st of each month and end at 11:59PM (PST) on the 7th of the same month. I try to mail out the package so that the winner receives the prize before the end of the month. The giveaways are open to domestic as well as international readers.

4. What are these seasonal giveaways?

Like the monthly giveaways, it’s my way of thanking my readers as well as celebrating some holidays that I simply adore: Christmas, Easter, and this blog’s anniversary. The Valentine’s Day giveaway was a one-time deal because it was a late-New Year’s celebration since my blog was only a few months old then.

5. What is “Movie Monday”?

Each Monday, I recommend a movie that I think is worth viewing and rate it on a scale of 1 to 5 twinkies, 5 being the highest rating. Here is a more detailed description of my twinkie ratings.

6. What is “Marathon Drama”?

Either weekly or every other week, I recommend a drama that I saw in 2-3 days, hence the term “marathon,” or would have seen in that time span if possible. These are typically older series that some of the newer viewers to Kdramas may have missed.

I’ll post more questions and answers as I see the need arise. Until then, I hope you enjoy navigating through this site and reading the various posts. Welcome to our “Musings” community!

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