Eye Candy of the Week: Sometimes, Simple Is Best…

BJH 16PSJ 16Happy Sunday, Twinkles~! I’m late in posting my Sunday’s Eye Candies, but this weekend was my church’s VBS (Vacation Bible School) for the children’s department, and yours truly was in charge of the 3-day festivities.

Heh. Needless to say, I’d forgotten how physically exhausting things can get when one is around a group of children. 😉

So for this week, I thought that I’d offer you something along the lines of the simple. After a whirlwind flurry of activities, I’m treasuring the simple. 🙂

Wishing you all a “simple” week as you continue to make your mark in your respective spheres! 🙂 Let’s continue to fight the good fight, Twinkles! 😉

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6 thoughts on “Eye Candy of the Week: Sometimes, Simple Is Best…”

  1. Ahhh how many years has it been, Grace. I always think about this site now and again. I used to be so active when I was in high school. Adult living is so hard, I’m glad to see this site still as active as ever! I’m not really in the drama scene as I once was. I think the last one I watched was The Scholar Who Walks the Night…can’t resist Lee Joon Ki. Also watched his Gunman in Joseon. I’m a sucker for sageuks lol which is why I’m waiting for his new drama with IU to come out sometime this month I think! Moon Lovers or something like that? Ahh so excited. But I see you raving about W so maybe I’ll check it out ;^) glad to see you doing so well xxx maybe I’ll try being active again lol

    1. Wol!!! *hugs*
      I, too, think of you from time to time and am so glad that you still pop in once in a while. Can you believe Musings is still alive and thriving? 😀
      Yes, adult life, or Real Life (RL) as I call it, can be quite demanding and challenging. In some ways, Musings has become a nice little outlet for me to take a break from the sometimes mean RL. Hopefully, that’s the sentiment of other Twinkles, too. 😉
      Anyhow, always a pleasure to hear from you, Wol! Hope you and your family are doing well in Ohio! 🙂

      1. **hugs**!!!
        RL is so draining. Internet is my haven lol I actually don’t live in Ohio anymore! I’ve gone through like 2 majors and colleges and I have found myself attending school in Chicago at the moment. Very different life style here! I’m trying to get out there yanno? Who knows where I’ll be next. Hoping this place works out, I’ve fallen in love with big city life.

        1. Ah…you’ve led quite the varied life over the past few years. Glad you’re loving the big city life. 🙂 Personally, the quiet life of Ohio will always hold a dear place in my heart. 🙂 Perhaps it’s because I live in the hectic world of the Los Angeles area where life seems to always speed at 75 mph. 😛 LOL
          Hope you get time to check out W or one of the other new Kdramas! 😉

          1. I guess it’s true that people always want the opposite of what they have! Small town people live for the big city and big city people want some quiet lol to each their own. Sometimes I do miss home because it’s definitely more dangerous around here and I can’t really take a night stroll lol its also so hot why is it so hot oh my god. I MARATHONED W YESTERDAY. I watched episode 7 and I’m like “wtf wtf wtf who is that calling him who is it” and I have a few theories mauling around in my head asdgghkl. I saw you talking about episode 8 but I didn’t see any episode 8 on the drama site I was watching it on D: when does W air btw

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