Eye Candy of the Week: Power of a Smile

BJH 10PSJ 10My parents often tell me that a smile has a lot of power and that I should smile whenever possible.

Over the years, I’ve experienced its power and am inclined to agree with them–a smile, particularly a mega-watt smile, can do some amazing things. Shall I name a few general examples?

It can help someone have a brighter outlook on life.

It can give someone an air of confidence that he or she may not otherwise feel inside.

It can make anyone look beautiful.

But most importantly, it can be contagious, prompting smiles in reciprocation from others.

On this start of another glorious week, I wish you lots of mega-watt smiles as you begin another victorious week, my dear Twinkles~! Fighting! *flashes a huge mega-watt smile*

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6 thoughts on “Eye Candy of the Week: Power of a Smile”

  1. Oh! I know so well the beauty, power, and blessing of a bright smile! That’s why I like to smile a lot for other people. It’s a little sacrifice, and can brighten someone’s mood, and day in an instant!

  2. One of the things people remember me is my smile. And I love to smile. I understand the power of smile and I believe smile is a healer, not just for me, but to others as well.

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