Eye Candy of the Week: Fuzziness!!!

bjh-25psj-25Happy Sunday, Twinkles~! I hope you’re all staying warm and bundled up with a warm sweater–or two–as the weather begins to dip into the colder temperatures…at least in some parts of the world. 😉

Now before I wish you all another fabulous week…I have a completely sheepish confession to make.

BUT before I make it, I’d just like to say that I blame my unending battle with allergies and now my cold for what was obviously a serious lapse in memory. OK? Everyone clear on that? It’s my current state of health that is to blame for what I am about to confess and not my math abilities.

*sigh* So…here’s the announcement: Musings has actually turned 6, not 5 as I announced in my previous post (here). *hangs head*

I feel like a negligent mother who forgot her baby’s birthday because she was too preoccupied with “real life.” Ugh…good thing I belated remembered that I started the blog back in 2010…. *rolls eyes and then chuckles at the sheer silliness* Seriously, I’m quite good at math. Truly…even if this weekend’s evidence undermines this “fact.” 😉

I hope my little mishap gave you a chuckle as well. On this note, I wish you all another glorious week! Stay warm and healthy, Twinkles~! *waves goodbye between sneezes*

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