Eye Candy of the Week: February 8th

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Hello Twinkles!

In the spirit of the Olympic Winter Games, my selection this week will a bit different!

I’ve been diligently following the Winter Games for more than 10 years, and my patriotic flame will always be fully lit every 4 years. However, as we all hail from different countries, it would not be fair to you if I use this post for my personal cheers 😉

Fortunately, no matter where we are from, in this community, one country unites us all. I’m talking about Korea, of course! I happen to follow one of Korea’s most popular athletes – and I dare say she’s almost iconic – figure skater Kim Yuna. As it turned out, she also collaborated with my favorite k-singers as well!

So, for this week, I’m leaving behind my usual actors selection to share with you these collaboration videos she did to cheer on the Korean team. It was for the 2010 World Cup, but it doesn’t matter!

Oh hello there, Seung-Gi-ya! So… not so different from my usual selection, after all LOL!


And here with Big Bang:


I hope these uplifting videos will bring a smile to your week-end! Best of luck to all athletes out there! Your country is proud of you! <3

8 thoughts on “Eye Candy of the Week: February 8th”

  1. Amazing “Eye Candy” post this week, M! I absolutely loved watching the two videos, especially since I never saw them before. Quite splendid and very appropriate given the Olympic Season. 🙂

    BTW, if you keep this up with LSG, I may just develop a crush on the guy and NOT give you the gift. 😉

    1. Buuuut! Think about it! What is worth more: your inappropriate crush on a younger sister figure’s claim, or said maknae (probably priceless) live reaction to the gift? 😛

    1. Her voice is really impressive for someone with no professional training! I think she sings better live than a lot of idols out there! Have a look at this clip. She’s singing live with SNSD’s Taeyeon. They sound kinda similar, don’t they?

      1. Omomo. She is such a talented girl! With some voice lessons, she’d probably be even better! Figure skating champ, plus good at singing, plus exudes such a sweet personality? No wonder she’s the nation’s darling! 😀

  2. Kim Yuna is my favorite… I watched her winter training and really she’s the best!!!

    I truly enjoyed the videos… thanks for sharing. 😀

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