Eye Candy of the Week: February 15th

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Hi Twinkles!

I bet you can already guess this week’s theme, huh? 😉 Of course it’s going to be all about luuuurve!

To be honest I wanted to make a post will plenty of swoony kisses videos from our beloved dramas, but I didn’t want to to look like a perv *chuckles*. Fortunately, Nayong gave me a wonderful idea: why not feature celebrity couples?

Here are some of the happily married ones…

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Such as Lee Byung Hun & Lee Min Jung


… or Ji Sung & Lee Bo Young. Seriously, these shots are GORGEOUS!



And here we have Baek Ji Young & Jung Seok Won.


Of course, you can be in love without being married as well! Representatives of this category include the power couple or Rain & Kim Tae Hee


… as well as Yoo In Ah & Ji Hyun Woo from Queen In Hyun’s Man.


Too bad those not-married couples don’t have gorgeous pictorials, huh? 😉

And Just ‘cuz I can, I’ll throw in these two because I just find them adorable!

Reply-1997-s-Seo-In-Guk-and-A-Pink-s-Eunji-look-like-a-cute-couple-in-hanbok-s-for-Chuseok_47 SSI_20120928113029_V

I know I forgot a big bunch of couples! So tell me, Twinkles, who else should have been featured here?

Happy belated Valentine’s Day! Wish you all lots of love, Twinkles! <3

5 thoughts on “Eye Candy of the Week: February 15th”

  1. You forgot Eugene and her hubby what’s his name hehehe. They have been together for a while and seem to be doing well. Here’s hoping that all our favs find a way to keep the spark going for years to come.

  2. Isn’t Ji Hyun Woo returning from the army soon? Hope we get to see a little more of this wonderful couple in future!

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