Eye Candy of the Week: Back to School…!

BJH 17PSJ 17Happy Sunday, Twinkles~! Yes, you read correctly. In some parts of the world, school has already begun, and myriads of students are buckling down for the new academic year.

Reactions, of course, are varied. Some eager beavers are excited to begin learning new things and hopping to school each morning while other students are lamenting what feels like a way-too-short summer vacation and dreading an endless immediate future of early mornings and “boring” lectures and “tedious” assignments.

Whatever the reaction may be, though, I thought that I would help you all usher in the new academic year with two pictures that seem a bit like “school” outfits. 🙂

Wishing you all another “W”onderful week as many of you return to school! 🙂 Yes, I am most definitely excited for this week–episodes 8 and 9 are set to air this Wednesday and Thursday…I hope! Personally, I’d love for MBC to redeem themselves with a 3-episode week, but alas, I am realistic and will settle for the usual two episodes/week. Here’s just hoping that the show doesn’t get preempted again by the Olympics. 😉

Let’s continue to fight the good fight, Twinkles! 😉

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