Eye Candy of the Week: August 2nd

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Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any diabetes onset following the viewing of this week’s eye candies (yes, plural). You can thank blame Fated to Love You!

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video clip is worth a thousand… I’ll let you complete the sentence by yourself 😉


Whether you’re watching Fated or not (why not?!), this video clip will surely make you smile – or die laughing, c’est selon. Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara being lovey-dovey for their photoshoot? Adorably saccharine. Jang Hyuk and Choi Jin Hyuk acting like petty little boys over Jang Nara? Hilariously priceless!

Let’s savor the cute moments together and be happy. It looks like we’re in for tears and heartbreak next week. *sobs*

3 thoughts on “Eye Candy of the Week: August 2nd”

  1. *sigh* Maknae, I can’t be tempted to start yet another drama right now. -.-
    Thanks for the eye candies, though! Loved! 😉

  2. I already ordered a case of tissues in preparation for this show breaking my heart next week. I’ll need to keep rewatching videos like this to keep me afloat.

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