Episode 11 subs (continuation of previous blog entry)

Since a number of people were searching for episode 11 subs, I took some time this morning to translate a bit more before I started work…I think the translation goes up to 18 minutes or so of the episode. Also, I’ll try to learn the yes-man’s name so that I don’t keep referring to him as Yes-man (sad that I can’t remember his name, huh?)

(Continuing from the King’s speech…)
Scholar/classmate: I am a pervert if I’m actually happy now, right? (despite the fact that the king just failed him)
King: Now all that’s left is to deliver the punishment. KYS, what punishment would you levy on this man who stole from you?
KYS: Other than to repay/replace the items he stole, there is no other way to compensate for his crime.
King: OK/Agree (OK sounds so modern :P)
GYH: He’s coming out harshly, our Daemul.
KYS: I suggest that he be put to work here in SKK so that we can keep reminding him each day as he works here so that nothing like this happens again. Will you allow it?
King: Don’t you think that punishment is too light? (the boy looks stunned by the light sentence…the King addresses him now) The punishment that I give to you is to stay at SKK and to be my eyes as you watch these four scholars continue to live righteous lives.
Banee: (overcome with gratitude) Your majesty.
King: (addressing LSJ) The criminal/evidence of the Don-Han Incident is in this book. This is because I trust you. And now, all that’s left is my part. I came here to (don’t know the word), but I now leave with some homework. Headmaster, have you ever seen such wicked scholars?
Headmaster: (looks at first startled) I’m not fooled this time, your Majesty. I now know that you’re joking.
King: As promised, I give to KYS, LSJ, GYH, and MJS passing grades for having presented the criminal to clear KYS’s name. (Taking some liberty with the translations for easier comprehension)
(I love how MJS tries to ignore KYS when she looks at him)

Yes-Man: President, should I do something? (as the group leaves)
HIS: Don’t do anything. Don’t even say a single word.
Servant: President!
Prof. Jung: (Listing names of herbs/medicine) Do you know what these are? These are the medicine ingredients that you gave to Kim Yoon Shik. (Lists the herbs/medicine with a different ingredient) Do you know what these are?
HIS: I wonder. I’m really not interested in these things.
Prof. Jung: These are the medicine ingredients that KYS sold, or rather what he is reported to have stole. Isn’t this interesting? Gam-oh and Gun-she cannot be easily distinguished by the common layperson. It seems as though whoever was trying to frame KYS made a mistake. Then, in this incident, it means that besides the Banchon kid, there was another culprit. Don’t you agree?
HIS: I wonder who that might have been? (suspects yes-man) Why didn’t you announce this at the hearing before?
Prof. Jung: I wanted to give you the opportunity to confess and experience disgrace. Also, I wanted you to experience the courage it takes to admit such a thing.
HIS: Why must I do such I thing? I have done nothing wrong.
Prof. Jung: Unfortunate. You have learned nothing at today’s hearing. The servant Banee is better than SKK’s school president.

HIS: (throws money at yes-man) I wanted to help you take care of your mother’s health till the very end, but that can’t be helped now.
Yes-man: President! I’m so sorry. Something like this won’t ever happen again. If you just give me one more chance, next time, I’ll…next time…
HIS: Because of you, I, Ha In Soo…don’t make me repeat myself. I don’t have qualities like patience.
Yes-man: You don’t be able to throw me away like this.

KYS: Thank you for coming forward to clear my name.
Banee: No need to thank me. This guy here kept bugging me, saying that I had to help clear your name because you were unjustly accused.. He looked so pathetic that I couldn’t help but come and help.
MJS: What, you little runt? When did I? (everyone but MJS smiles)
Banee: Hey, big brothers! Live life correctly because I plan on following in your footsteps.
GYH: What is he talking about?
MJS: Nothing you have to concern yourself with. (equivalent Korean/English translation…the literal is “It’s there, something like that.)
KYS: Sahyung (referring to MJS), I didn’t know.
MJS: It’s all right. I didn’t do it for you.
GYH: If it wasn’t for Daemul, what could it have been for? His grades? When his grades have been so bad for the past three years? (winces as MJS elbows him) All right, all right. I love you. But where is Garang. I don’t see him anywhere. You don’t suppose he’s hiding somewhere (in fear) now that he’s created what could be a scandal?

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  1. You are awesome, but I think summarizing each scene like ep 12 would make it easier on you. We wouldn't want you to burn out too quickly as there are still 8 more episodes left. =P Thank you so much!!!

  2. Because I am very thankful, I want to help you out. The "yes man" is named Im Byung Choon, according to DramaWiki. Unfortunately, that's all that I can do. =P

  3. According to drama wiki, the yes-man is Im Byung Choon. But I can't remember his name either, so ''yes-man'' works better for me. XD

    I also think summarizing the scenes like in ep 12 would make it easier on you. Especially if you don't like rewatching the episodes, then this translation must be really tiring. You could just roughly tell us what they talked about, you don't have to write the whole dialogues. :3 Anyway, thanks a lot for continuing to tell us what happened in ep 11. *hugs* I’m mostly curious about the scenes with our 4 main guys in them. XD

  4. ooohh I see I see..naru hodo nee.. so that's how it went.. grrr HIS.. but sometimes, for some weird unknown reason, I really hope HIS won't stay bad until the end. Hope there's a twist, and even weirdly enough I hope he'll actually end up with Lady Chosun, they'd make a great pair!
    And aawwww I love that scene where Jaeshin went all shyly awkward (or is it awkwardly shy?hehe) when YoonHee thank him..kyaa<3<3
    Thanks again Twinkie-chan!

  5. wow such awesome detail of the episode!!! thank you soooooo much now i can watch ep. 12! so generous of you to spare you time and effort!!! <3

  6. Thanks you so much for the translation…the whole episode made sense to me now…you had made me as Scandaler very much happy indeed…will be lurking 'round here soon…


  7. Twinkie, Thanks for the translation and I'm sure all non Korean speaking fellow fans of SKKS appreciates the time and efforts you have put in so that we can enjoy the show. I only managed to watch up to Episode 13 with English sub. Still waiting impatiently for Episode 14 with English sub. to be uploaded. Sunny Greetings from Penang, Malaysia

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