English Subs for SKKS Episodes!

Hi everyone!
Thanks to those of you who have been leaving me comments. I think I’m enjoying reading your comments these days more than I enjoy watching SKKS…how weird is that?! LOL.

Anyhow, I was thinking about the unfortunate situation with viikii tonight as I was about to fall asleep when I thought of www.mysoju.com. This is the site where I first learned of viikii.net. It’s a database of numerous dramas and movies that are linked to various websites like viikii. In any case, I checked it out tonight and found that mysoju.com has replaced the problematic viikii files with new ones that actually have English subs! 🙂 Currently, the site has episode 13 subbed. Below is the link for those of you who are still hungering to see the episodes with actual English subs. Enjoy!


On a personal note, I’m surviving my midterms and staying on schedule, so…I should be able to have the summary for episode 15 up on Monday before I head out to work. Can’t wait to see the brilliance of LSJ as he tries to extricate his two roommates from the false charge. And then of course, there’s the much-anticipated waterfall scene…(sigh).

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19 thoughts on “English Subs for SKKS Episodes!”

  1. hi twinkie, kamsahamnida for translating in english..i really enjoyed reading it and picturing the stories in every scenes..and manae manae kamsahamnida for the link..hajiman, i prefer reading your translation..fighting!

  2. thanx for informing. I used to watch K-drama on mysoju too. So I'll try to watch it tonight.

    And I'm also grateful of your effort for giving us a fast recap and wonderful summary on the episodes despite your being busy with midterm.

    SKKS fan from Surabaya

  3. Fightin, Twinkie. Glad to know you're coping very well with your exams. And also thank you for promising to summarize Ep. 15. I'm still waiting to see the subbed Ep. 14. I go to dramacrazy.net or tudou.com for the raw vids, and dramacrazy gets the subs by Friday. I do go to soju but sometimes this site is way behind in showing the latest episodes. Thanks for your kindness and help to us non-Koreans. Bless you, dear.

    From your fan in Pittsburgh, PA

  4. Thanks <3
    I just watched episode 13 (this morning) cause unfortunately I actually have to write midterms and not just mark them. This episode may be a bit dry cause of the lack of romance but I loved it, the bromance especially <3

  5. Thank you for the wonderful summaries. I don't understand Korean at all. I usually watch the raw episode and then read your summary.

    From your fan in California.

  6. thank you so much for your hard work! I really appreciate it… owh, the preview for episode 15 make me can't sleep in the night… don't you think so? oh, SKKS hwaiting! :DD if you have a facebook please add me on facebook.com/heenimlurve

  7. I also sometimes go to Mysoju.com, but I prefer to download the raw and the subs than to watch it on the internet (since I like to pause and rewind a lot, and I like better quality).

    Yellowcinema.com puts the subs up really fast, as soon as they are done on Soompi. They have the subs for all 14 episodes. ^_~

  8. I started out with Mysoju too and that's how I discovered viikii. I still go there for other dramas but I have never been so addicted to a drama as SKKS. Your recaps are a great read and reflect many of my own thoughts. It helps to digest the drama and savor the 'pull at the heart' moments. Thank you.

  9. You've done such wonderful job; so refreshing when you recapping embrace us with such gusto.**THANK YOU** Looking forward to see you tomorrow……….london'calling!!!!!!!!

  10. Some parts of the subs of 11 and 14 were done with the help of your translations (you were of course credited). Since you were ok with your translations being used for 11, I hope you don't mind the possibility of your summaries being used in the progress of subbing some of the future episodes.

    A big thanks to you! 🙂

  11. You are doing a lot of good to us non-korean speaker dear. I love the korean language and everything koreans in general which prompted me to watch any korean drama in the first place & I love each one of it. I am learning the language but it is still too early for me to understand all that is being said in korean dramas. Your recap however are excellent. You should write a korean novel as I fell you have the potential.I am looking forward for your recap on ep 15 & 16. Until then bless you dear & greetings from your number one fan from oxford University, England.

  12. Thanks soooo much for the recaps 😀
    Your #1 fan from Cupertino, California
    My family is SKKS obsessed. We plan to go see JYJ (formerly DBSK minus 2 members) in concert, when they come up to San Francisco next month. Here is their tour schedule for any other fans out there. Hope they come to a town near you. 😀


    1. Welcome to our Musings community, amin badrol! I’m not sure about English subs for the drama festivals. I’ll make sure to ask the other Twinkles in this week’s bulletin board. Stay tuned!

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