Encouragments: May 6 – May 12

This is the first post of “Encouragement.” I’m hoping that you Twinkles will comment with helpful/encouraging/inspiring stories that will challenge the rest of the community to keep making positive contributions in our respective communities. AND…if you can think of any tips or stories that you feel might benefit this community, please comment below with your helpful advice and narrative. With our collective knowledge in our respective fields, whatever that may be, I’m hoping that our community will be stronger and better informed to make much more of a positive impact.

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8 thoughts on “Encouragments: May 6 – May 12”

  1. Let me be the first to offer encouragement to those who have family members or themselves that have recently been diagnosed with cancer. Never give up hope.

    I was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia in November 2003 and it was already stage 4. Instead of wallowing in self pity and what-ifs, I immediately took stock of my life and options. There was only one wish I wanted which was that I would get to see my daughters graduate from High School, I really did not want much, just that. I knew that CLL was not the worse of the Leukemia diseases but it was the gateway that could lead to the more serious Acute and deadly ones. Well ladies (and gents if you are here), I am proud to say that almost 9 years have past and I am still here. Both daughters are in college; one married in February and my health; never better! Last check, I am now classified as stage 1 with very few lymphs affected. So why am I telling you this. Its in the hope that there is someone out there that can benefit from my story. So that they never give up hope, don’t let depression get you and continue to surround yourself with loving family and friends. And just remember, even in the KDrama family, there is someone here willing to lend an ear, a shoulder, and shed some tears for you. Good Luck! 9 years and counting! Fighting! 😀

    1. You are an inspiration. Keep fighting and I’m glad you’re doing better. I could never imagine being told I have cancer. With my issues I probably would be that person that fell into depression but with my stubbornness I would toss myself back out of it. Thank you for sharing your story =)

      1. Thanks. I like doing it! There were 3 of us who started treatment at the same time in 2003. Two of us with CLL, one with Acute Leukemia. All three of us were rare cases of individuals under the age of 40. I am sad to say, I am the only one still here. But see, that’s why its important to share your story because there is hope. Both lived for more than 5 years and we became cancer friends right until the end.

    2. Unnie, I’m very sure your daughters are very proud to have a mother that still stay strong although there’s an obstacle,a very hard one. Your ‘never giving up’ spirit is truly admirable. Unnie, hwaiting!^^

    3. What a powerful story of a miracle! And at Stage 4!

      Your testimony is proof of the power of mind over matter and that amazing miracles do happen in modern day. I can now include your story in with the many other miracles my sister–breast surgeon–tells me from time to time of her patients.

      Continue to take good care of yourself! God bless! And thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Thank you NewKDramaAddict for sharing.

    It’s the little things in life that at times gives us strength and a reason to keep on living, taking it one day at a time. I thank God for the little things that keep me motivated and reason to truly enjoy the life that I am blessed with.

  3. NewKDramaAddict, thanks for sharing. And thank you for being strong with positive thinking. Being a mother myself i cant imagine my children’s life without me. When my mother was bedridden because of her stroke, her doctor told us that she will be like vegetables, not knowing anything. But god bless her, she prove her doctor wrong. Within five month, she managed to walk and did everything for herself. She was a strong and loved her independence. She really tried her best.

    Please continue to take care of yourself. Hope you will be there when your grand daughters make their entrance.

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