Encouragements: May 13 – May 19

Let’s have a great week as we twinkles comment with helpful/encouraging/inspiring stories that will challenge the rest of the community to keep making positive contributions in our respective communities. AND…if you can think of any tips or stories that you feel might benefit this community, please comment below with your helpful advice and narrative. With our collective knowledge in our respective fields, whatever that may be, I’m hoping that our community will be stronger and better informed to make much more of a positive impact.

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4 thoughts on “Encouragements: May 13 – May 19”

  1. In a recent conversation with some of my college students, I realized that many high school students and college students, who are looking to transfer, quickly dismiss applying to private schools because of the cost.

    I want to take this time to encourage those students to consider private schools. Yes, in these hard economic times…especially in these hard economic times.

    Why? Because even though a private college education’s cost may be staggering, there are a number of private schools that will accept students need-blind and then stand behind their acceptance of those students by offering generous financial aid packages.

    I can attest to this because neither my sister (University of Pennsylvania ’99) nor I (Wellesley College ’96) could have afforded to attend private schools without the generous financial support from our respective schools.

    I hope this little encouragement/story prompts some students to dream bigger dreams and apply to those schools that they previously thought were unobtainable due to cost issues. I’ll leave you with something my father always told me when I was worried as a high school student: “Simply study to the best of your abilities, and God would take care of the costs.” Through my school’s strong commitment to financial aid, God certainly did! 🙂

    1. Hey thanks for the encouragement! I really needed it haha thinking about what school I should go to after GCSE O Levels I really wanna do the IB programme but it is really expensive and only my dad is working, but he’s been diagnosed with an eye illness so I’m not sure what is going to happen 🙁 I’ll work hard and just let God do the rest 🙂 and for those of you who are worried you can’t afford tuition or enrichment classes, fret not! I’ve never had tuition and I’m still in a rather good secondary school and in the best class so fighting to all you students out there!! 🙂 and thanks for creating this encouragement section, Twinkie!! <3

      1. First comment? Welcome!
        I’m so glad this comment helped. Best wishes to you as you continue in your studies! I hope your father’s eye illness is not a serious one.

  2. My English teacher was actually talking to our Honors English class about this, shes always looking out for us, I really love her ^.^ (though she is a bit weird….but I guess I am too). Great minds think alike~

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