Easter 2012 Giveaway

I have two favorite holidays: Easter and Christmas. And each year, I try to celebrate them with gusto.

Yup, with gusto! 😉

And with Easter 2012 fast approaching, I thought it would be fun to celebrate the event by holding a special Easter giveaway.

Whether you celebrate Easter or not, this giveaway is a nice way to ring in the new spring with some kdrama merchandise, a light spring tote bag, and a charming bracelet that reminds you to “Be the change.”

Since the top photo doesn’t really give you a good idea of what each item looks like, I’m providing separate photos and brief descriptions of each item below:

1. Belina Bag

This satin tote bag with ribbon trim is perfect for spring with its watercolor print and faux patent leather shoulder guards. The strap is a coated chain link with 10″ drop and about 15″ x 6″ x 14″ in size. The inside is lined with satin and has a zip pocket and black and white stripes. I got one for myself and loved it so much that I got another one for the giveaway. 🙂

2. The Humanity Wish Bracelet by Jewelmint, a jewelry company that has quickly become a new passion of mine 🙂 Contact me via email if you are interested in joining this company, and I can give you pointers on maximizing your benefits. 🙂








This dainty silver-plated bracelet (rolo chain) features a ¾” detailed medallion and a rose gold-colored heart charm and lobster clasp. It is 7 ½” in length but also has a 1″ extender. I absolutely love how this piece reminds me to “be the change” each time I wear it and thought that a twinkle would enjoy it just as much! Such an inspiring piece of jewelry! 🙂

3. The Winter Sonata OST CD plus music book

I am not including a picture of this item since you can see it quite well from the top photo. I purchased two copies of this a while back and loved it. I had originally intended on giving the second copy to an aunt who was in love with Bae Yong Joon at the time, but I changed my mind and have been just keeping it on my bookshelf for over 5 years, albeit still in its plastic wrapping and pristine condition. Needless to say, I think it’s safe to say that this item is now a rare or “discontinued” item, which makes it all the more precious for you Winter Sonata lovers out there. 🙂

The special giveaways–I’m planning on doing at least two (Easter and Christmas)–are a bit different from my monthly giveaways. Very much like the Valentine’s Day giveaway, please leave a comment below (limit of one comment/day) and the giveaway will be open from March 15th (midnight PST) to March 31st (11:59PM PST). This way, I can announce the winner and hopefully have the package out in the mail in time for Easter (April 8th).

This giveaway is open to everyone, including international twinkles! Good luck, everyone!

*Addendum 03/17/2012: Please make sure to subscribe to the website since I’m trying to keep track of my readers. 🙂 Thanks!

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181 thoughts on “Easter 2012 Giveaway”

  1. first to comment..is it time already…?haha…i’m just tryin’ since i’m new in this monthly giveaway…so generous of you twinkie…all those pics above are wonderful gifts…i’m really excited to join now =)

  2. Ok, I want the Winter Sonata, so please all othe Twinkles, ask for the bag, hahah

    Thanks Twinkie, you’re a Star!!

        1. Although I totally understand the reasoning behind the suggestion, the special giveaways (Easter and Christmas) are supposed to be “big” prizes. However, if the winner doesn’t want a certain item, she is more than welcome to regift it to another twinkle, and I would then mail out more than one package. I hope this makes sense.
          Thanks for the suggestion, though. Good luck, Nayong! 🙂

  3. My sister sent me to your site. She got me into dramas (first one was Thorn Birds) but I’m off to find Winter Sonata. Thank you for this chance!

      1. I havent watched Winter Sonata but if she is a fan of it, then she can have it because I would totally understamd if I saw a track for Scent of a Woman, You’re Beautiful or some other drama i’ve watched 🙂

  4. 2nd comment for me as well 🙂 The bag is just so cute and the bracelet is lovely. I will have to get on the ball with Winter Sonata 🙂

  5. Yo, twinkie! So happy that I able to online. I have been very busy for driving course. Wanna share with you my happiness of passing the theory test(which is done in computer)! Yay, I got 49 out of 50! Very happy about the results because the minimum passing marks is 42! ^^

    I miss this website so muchie! Woah, this giveaway is like superb! Aww… so generous of you, unnie. Thanks ya.

    After the theory test, I still have to attend course for practical driving test. *sigh* That’s what I scared the most though. But I really want to drive my own car one day! Sorry for crapping a lot for my driving test because I thought it’s a happy thing for me and I want to share it with you, twinkie.
    ^^ hehe….

  6. here’s my 3rd comment…goodluck to all of us twinkles….we’re really blessed to have found this blog and having twinkie as our modern-day fairy godmother… =)

  7. I know i already entered, but i kind of did without knowing what i was doing lol so can you explain the giveaway rules? I saw people posting more than one comment and stuff..

    1. No problem, Wol. I only count one entry/day. I think the multiple entries happened because I could’t resist replying to the comments, and the twinkles then replied back. 🙂
      So…only one entry is counted per day, and the giveaway is open from March 15 (midnight) to March 31st (11:59PM PST). I am going to try to pick a winner and post the winner by April 1 (around midnight) before I go to bed.
      I hope this explains your question. Good luck!

  8. My second entry before I sleep. Can’t really sleep these few days because my exam results are coming out in these few days. 4 more days! my heart keeps going thump thump thump. ^^

  9. Wow, yet another contest that everyone is going crazy over. LOL! Good luck to everyone! I keep forgetting we can add one comment per day. 🙂

  10. Thanks so muchie for your lucky wish, twinkie and also CeAndi. ^^
    2 more days to face the music. *sigh*

    I’ll post my results after I get the exam slip from school. =) Hopefully it’ okay. ^^

  11. Fourth comment 🙂 Spring break next week, I’m going on a My Princess marathon >:D (just thought Id throw tht in here)

    1. My sister just freaked out about your name, Wol 🙂 She just finished the show. Soon as I’m done moving I’m going to watch it too, lol.
      Here’s my comment of the day as well.

      1. I just finished the drama a couple days ago. I have never cried so hard in my life. However, it was one of the best historical dramas I have ever seen. Id watch it again and again if I could lol Currently in a Jung ii Woo phase now xD

        This is my fifth entry \(^.^)/

        1. She keeps telling me it was just really good and that I have to watch it. I’m currently in the middle of packing and getting stuffed moved out while getting the kids to school and everything so I don’t have the time. She’s telling me that she keeps watching it over and over, lol.

          Next day entry as well 🙂

          Syomie, how did you do?

          1. We need to celebrate! Please email me your home address. And since you are still in hgh school, make sure you get your parents’ permission first. 🙂

  12. This is my first entry. I loved the bracelets. Are those two your own design? Hoping and keeping my fingers crossed I’ll be picked.Thanks for the awesome giveaways!!!!

  13. Twinkie unnie, tomorrow is my exam results day! Although I tell myself not be be nervous, but there’s still butterflies in my stomach. Wish me luck, twinkles! ^^

    1. No problem. I’ll be doing the counting for you all when I get ready to select the winner. 🙂 Good luck!

  14. *_* that pretty bag I’d like to go for it!
    and I really support that previous comment to share the gifts within us 🙂

    sparkly thanks*

  15. I don’t mind skipping a day to leave comment. I just came back from taking my results, twinkie unnie!
    Yesterday, I kinda have this insomnia thing. When I reached school, my heart was beating very fast as if it’s gonna pop out anytime! My hands were trembling, I can’t even write my information correctly. I wrote my email address instead of home address. *sigh* At that particular moment, everything seems to be blurry. Some of my friends were happily hugging each other but some unfortunately were crying because of the results. My mind was totally blank at that time. I just hope to get a good results not only for myself but also my parents who have been pouring much love to me and also my teachers who have been giving me a lot of guidance along the way.
    Now, it’s the time to see my results on this white piece of paper. Someone might ask, “Why are you so scared of this tiny paper?” But they did not understand that the results printed on this paper was very important to me, to decide my future, I would say.
    So, the results are being unveiled by my own hands. *look through the paper*


    I got straight 10As! I can’t control my emotions at that time. Tears of joy just rolled down like river. I was grateful to be able to achieve this results, not to forget millions thanks to my parents as well as teachers.

    Unnie, sorry for the long post, I just can’t stop myself from typing because I wanna share this good news to you and also other twinkles here.

    I will be extra happy if I manage to be the lucky one that walk away with these cool prizes! ^^

    Random generator, please be good to me. Haha…. ^^

      1. Thanks, twinkie unnie and Wol.
        I am a high school student. The results are important to me because I’m planning to apply for some scholarship for college. ^^

        I’m thankful to God for everything. ^^

          1. *high five*
            I tell myself to study hard so that I can apply some scholarship to reduce my parents’ burden. I’m glad to see them happy as well. Without my parents’ words of encouragement, I do not think I am able to make it.

      1. Niema, thanks for your wish. I am happy that other twinkles here are all very nice to me. It’s heartwarming to be a part of twinkle’s family. ^^

        Thanks again for your comment, dear. ^^

        Twinkie unnie, sorry for posting so many comments at the same day because I can’t stop myself for replying to express my gratitude to everyone here. ^^

      1. CeAndi, thanks for your wish earlier on that day. You make me feel better by wishing me a day before the exam results being unveiled. ^^

        Really appreciate your words of encouragement, dear. ^^

        Thanks again. Happy to know you, dear. ^^

  16. Is anyone else getting competitive about this? lol

    My 6th (^_−)−☆

    i will decorate this one.

    ( T_T)\(^-^ ) *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・* ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*

  17. I think this is my 6th too. I feel so silly. In the comments above, I wrote “This is my 3rd comment” twice.

    good luck to everybody~~~~~

    back to studystudy~ ^^

  18. (^ー^)ノ ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

    My 7th…9 more days to go!!! Good luck to you all. And I dont believe Ive ever said thank you….so thank you very much for the being so kind and awesome \(^o^)/

  19. comment!!!

    ^ dang, i can’t believe 9 more days. that means 9 more comments! well, 8 more comments.


  20. It seems like posting a comment here every day is my daily routine now. ^^

    The bag is just so cute. The bracelet is lovely. The Winter Sonata book is beautiful. ^^ I must say twinkie unnie has good sense of taste in choosing prizes. Anyone that wins this, I would be happy for her too.

  21. 7th? No no no its my 8th! I agree with Syomie ^^ The prizes are beautiful, Twinkie is fantastic, and I wish everyone the best! Spring break is here for me so I think I’ll check out those new dramas! Hopefully they’re subbed 🙂

    1. Heh heh…I’m trying to imagine you with a big, goofy grin in front of the computer. LOL. I wonder what your family thinks. 😉

      1. My expression is usually like that when I visit your website——-> ^o^
        But my parents’ reaction are like this ———> =.=”

        I guess they’re wondering, ” what is wrong with our daughter? So hyped! Is this Internet thing really that fun?”

        LOL. Hehe….

  22. OMO, I keep forgetting to come here & comment! Off topic: are you watching King2Hearts? LOVE IT! Sizzling chemistry between HJW & LSG!

    1. Yup! King2Hearts is my “new” drama for recapping, but I haven’t gotten around to episode 2 yet. Good, huh? Amazing how LSG can hold his own with the “nuna” and how HJW can still hang with the “dongseng.” LOL

      1. I am away from a computer and only have an iPod so I can’t see that drama yet TT^TT but I’m watching the Princess Man on YouTube! Can anyone tell me if it’s worth my time?

  23. Wol, YES Princess Man is definitely worth your time! It was really good. King2Hearts has me hooked after only 2 episodes. I think the whole idea of North/South reunification fascinates me. (although I doubt it would happen) It’s very intriguing to think about.
    Plus like I said, the chemistry between HJW & LSK is hot. *heehee*

  24. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥X1000000000 ————-> this is what I want to pour to all the twinkles here especially Twinkie unnie! ^^

      1. *reach my hand out to receive love from Twinkie unnie*

        Ahh…. That is just so sweet of you, Twinkie unnie. Going to treat you chocolate, not the real one but imaginary chocolate. Haha….

  25. tessieroo thank you for answering! I’m currently on episode 16 now and I’m hooked lol the actors and actresses are very emotional and never fail to bring tears to my eyes lol I’m such a cry baby when it comes to kdramas though. I have managed to watch King 2 hearts episode 1 today. It’s very intense and im already in love with the characters. The cliffhanger was amazing lol I need to find time to watch episode 2 >.<

    1. Just noticed I said “lol” way too much in this entry….it bothers me. I hate when I do that! Not much to say, a happy Monday to you all! Though mine will be spring cleaning with my mom TT.TT…yay

  26. Happy Monday! 🙂 Watched “Love Rain” first episode today. I just have to say the scenery is beautiful! (whoever’s in charge of photography should win an award) But I can already tell the story will be full of angst.

  27. This is CeAndi’s sister. She is moving to another state in a few days and asked me to put her reply here. =) She’s going crazy running around getting things done.

    1. Aw…you are such a great sister! Reminds me of things my sisters would do for me. 🙂
      Wish your sister a minimal-stress move for me!

      1. (Still her sister) Thanks =) She’s a military house-wife and her husband just got back from being gone for a year. She’s really happy but she goes through a lot of stress. She said “Thank you” for your wish.

        1. That is such great news! I love to hear that families are reunited. Please convey my thanks to your brother-in-law for his service to our country! I personally appreciate all the sacrifices made by our troops and their families. 🙂

          1. I agree with you, Twinkie unnie. It’s happy to know that CeAndi unnie able to reunite with her hubby. ^^

  28. 5th entry. I’m surprised at myself. I usually forget to do daily entries in contests that allow it, but when the prizes are this amazing, and the blog is this good, it isn’t hard at all to do! XD Only 4 more days left to enter.

  29. I missed a day of comment 🙁 but I guess that’s fine, I got to see my grandparents who don’t live in the States ^.^ nice day yesterday. Today is another day of cleaning…mother is on a rampage….

    1. I love that: “mother is on a rampage.” If only I could get on a similar rampage about spring cleaning. 😉

      1. Haha we are having guests over so that’s also part of the reasons why. Swept the floors, vacuumed the carpets, washed the sheets, the bathrooms, mopping, dusting, wiping, I was sneezing all day from the cleaning products >.<

  30. King2Hearts was hysterical today! So was Rooftop Prince! (elevator scene was the best) I love Wednesdays. *hee*

    1. Why oh why are you tempting me to kill myself with recaps?! 🙂 Looking forward to watching later tonight.

  31. 7th entry. I checked out that Jewelmint website since I’ve fallen in love with the bracelet you have up as a prize. Seems like an interesting way to sell jewelry, and I love the charity pieces too. I am confused though by the fact that you get a credit per month to pay with (which you are not obligated to spend), but you can also just buy any of them at any time for the same price. What is the point of the credit system then? Have I missed something? Or is it just to make sure that you revisit the site every month since they will charge you otherwise?

    1. Ah, you got interested, huh? 🙂 I’ll send you an email explaining the program and an email invite from the website just in case you decide to try it out. There are definite tricks/tips to maximizing that program/membership.

      1. Ah thanks for the e-mail. I see how it works now. I had already signed up though but I’ll try again to see if I can get you the referral credit. I already got a 60% off e-mail too. :3

        1. Aw, you are sweet. If there’s nothing you like, I would suggest waiting for an awesome deal (70%off plus free gift). 🙂 hope you like.

  32. read through some of the comments. Congratz, Syomie! You did excellent in your exam!

    well, going to do some clean-up soon too. I am getting lazier haha…

  33. Another entry. (it will be her sister for awhile now. her move isn’t going so smooth). She says thank you, Snoopy’s Twinkie, for your support.

  34. I almost forgot to comment! Im trying to be healthy and active these days and I was so focused on drinking 8 cups of water today. Yes…believe it or not my day was filled with watching King 2hearts and Rooftop Prince and eyeing the clock for my daily glass of water…

  35. In fact, it’s 31st of march over here in my country. There will be earth hour and coincidently my parents booked a table for dinner at a restaurant. Can’t imagine to have my dinner with candle lights, lol… Quite romantic, right? Haha….

  36. Final comment for this giveaway. Good luck everyone. As I said before, random generator, please be good to me, okay? *making puppy eyes* hehe….

  37. Hi there, I’ve been a reader of your blog for a while since stumbling on your A Thousand Kisses recaps. I stopped watching the drama mid-point but has since continued to read your posts everday. anyway, here’s hoping I win the give-away!!! 🙂 Blessings!! ^ ^

      1. 🙂 I think she’s taking a break from giveaways after those two consecutive wins. So sweet of her to drop by. 😉

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