Dream High 2: Episode 5 Recap

My apologies for such a late DH2 post! I’ve been swamped with extended family care, added commitments for my sons, and some wonky internet. I’m hoping to get back on track to post one recap each week, especially since this is (finally) gaining some momentum.  Since you’ve been waiting so long and I want to get this to you – *deep breath – I’m posting it without pictures.  Sad, I know, but there are two video clips below, which I hope will appease you.

Soondong and Ailee take the stage. Ailee sings beautifully, Soondong provides unintentional comic relief as she tries to block Ailee from having any stage time. But, Soondong has microphone trouble and ends up disqualified. She encourages Haesung to do well.

Rian hands Haesung a microphone and they go onstage for their performance. Rian sings flawlessly, but Haesung also has microphone issues and we never hear her voice. As a result, Principal Joo disqualifies her. BUT! he also disqualifies Rian for not sharing the stage — she should have shared microphones with Haesung.

Backstage, Soondong accuses Rian of removing the batteries from the microphone since it was the same faulty mic that both Haesung and Soondong used. Ailee even tells Rian she didn’t have to do it (since they would have won anyway). Rian walks away dejected.

Haesung goes after Rian and looks up the stairs to find her crying. JB approaches from the top of the stairs and Haesung hides, watching their interaction. Rian confesses that she did it, but JB knows she didn’t since she’s not really like that. Rian wants to be left alone, but JB hugs her while she cries. Aww.

Yoojin comes up behind Haesung. Seeing what she’s watching, he pulls her away by the hand. In his hurrying, she trips out of one high heel. While she’s still on the floor, he tells her she’s called a stalker because she’s nosy. Way to kick her while she’s down, Yoojin. Besides, he doesn’t understand why she should be stealing glances at JB and Rian. Haesung confesses that she was the one who took the batteries out of the mic. He helps her up and even helps her with her shoe.

Back on stage, it’s Hongjoo’s and Nana’s turn. But, they’ve switched parts — Hongjoo supporting Nana as the lead, which Ahn saem thinks is so romantic.

JB is encouraging Rian to forget everything since this isn’t the first or second time something unfair has happened. She stubbornly vows to remember everything so that she can cry while acting. She didn’t have many hardships growing up so this was an acting lesson for her. HA!!

Yoojin drops the batteries into the trash to conceal Haesung’s involvement, but she digs through the trash to find them. He says everyone went crazy with this “Super Idol” talk. He even jokes with her that he feels better since she caused some trouble of her own.

She finds the batteries, and feels badly that Rian was wrongly accused and framed because of her actions. Yoojin can’t believe that Haesung is going to tell the truth. Haesung suddenly realizes that Yoojin is acting like her ally and asks why. He scoffs and claims he’s not worried about her. She dismisses it and leaves to go tell the truth.

Haesung tells Rian she has something to say. Rian misunderstands, and asks if Haesung has any proof that she removed the batteries. JB joins them, asking if Haesung removed them herself. Haesung looks a little stunned. JB continues saying that Rian didn’t have any reason to be afraid and the batteries wouldn’t disappear on their own. He thinks it’s understandable if she wasn’t confident, so she pulled that stunt. But, he offers to apologize, if that’s not the case.

Haesung interrupts JB, trying to tell the truth. Yoojin interrupts her, telling JB that if he’s sorry, he’s sorry and that should be the end of it. He asks if they have evidence that Haesung removed the batteries.

Soondong stands up for her friend, asking if they know she’s a minister’s daughter – alluding to her truthfulness. JB asks if it wasn’t her, but Rian asks them to stop, brushing past Haesung as she leaves. Yoojin and Haesung look guiltily at each other, and Haesung goes after Rian again.

JB tells Yoojin to worry about his own performance. Yoojin asks if JB plans to lip-synch and tells him not to humiliate him. heh.

Yoojin practices in an empty room, where Uibong finds him. Uibong gives him some friendly advice – that novices on stage need to find their rhythm in order to start, but tend to freeze on stage. He also tells him to pretend the basketball is there.

Yoojin and JB take to the stage. Yoojin definitely looks nervous. JB looks disdainfully at Yoojin.

JB starts singing and dancing. Yoojin starts singing, but doesn’t dance. He is visibly relaxing more on stage, though – tapping his feet and nodding his head in time with the beat. He starts to dance, but falters to the utter joy of JB. JB dances over to Yoojin and tells him to move and not block him.

Yoojin remembers Uibong’s last piece of advice. He flashes back to the basketball game with JB and his own practice with the basketball. And he hears the disdain in JB’s voice as he tells him to move, which prompts him to DANCE in sync with JB. Yang saem wonders when he learned to dance and Ahn saem acknowledges his skill.  Yang saem mimics the dance, almost knocking down Ahn saem in the process. heehee.



Sadly, Principal Joo disqualifies Yoojin.

Haesung’s dad shows up at Kirin with a large box of apples, only to find some Kirin students’ parents protesting against President Lee’s method of dividing the students into two classes.

Principal Joo steps outside and is immediately surrounded by protesters. Haesung’s dad sets down his box and appeals to the parents not to do this to the principal. One woman jeers and is upset that her son was forced out of the school because he had a girlfriend. Another parent complains that her daughter is in a lower class. Haesung’s dad steps in again saying she shouldn’t call the principal, “you” (당신, which is considered impolite), but he gets pushed out of the group. He prays from the sidewalk.

Principal Joo addresses the crowd, saying that if they’re going to protest, they should do it correctly. He asks if the school will change if they picket and make noise. He encourages them to send a representative from the group to meet with him in the afternoon instead, and returns inside the school.

Haesung and the rest of the disqualified students are gathered together outside. Haesung tells Soondong that she’s worried about her living situation — will they be kicked out of the dorms? Her father will kill her if that’s the case.

Ahn saem finds Haesung and tells her that her father is there looking for her. She pleads with her teacher to pretend she couldn’t find her, but Ahn saem waves enthusiastically, calling him over. heh.

Meanwhile, a large bus arrives and Jisoo steps down from it, calling all of the lower students to climb aboard. Rian is embarrassed to get on the bus. Haesung revels in Rian’s discomfort.

Haesung quickly greets her father, who tells her he heard they were divided into upper and lower classes. She quickly dismisses it, but he tells her he brought apples for her to share with her friends. Haesung quickly says to leave them at the school and to call before coming since she is really busy and leaves her father on the sidewalk.

He calls to her, picking up the box of apples, and Yoojin appears, mistakenly thinking Haesung’s dad is a deliveryman. Jisoo grabs Yoojin’s backpack, hauls him onto the bus, while he protests – banging on the closing door asking where they’re going.

The lower class students are enjoying the fresh air when an air raid siren sounds, and Psy makes his cameo appearance as an instructor (with the hat that says “instructor” across it) ominously announcing, “Students! Now you’ll know what hell is like.”

Nana and Ailee figure out where Rian was taken and run to tell JB that it was the same place they went when they were trainees. JB looks clueless (nothing really new there) and Nana prods his memory. “You know the guy … that looked like a waiter in a nightclub??”  heehee. And JB manages to pull off a look of concern.

Meanwhile, the lower students are gathered around the instructor, excitedly chanting , “Psy!” Rian looks uncomfortable and not happy to see the instructor one bit.

The instructor announces that it’s first-come, first-serve, everyone should go to the training field, and RUN!

The students look confused and bewildered while an electronic tone starts beeping.

Rian fumes, knowing this would happen. She takes off her boots and runs, while the other students slowly understand and run after her.

They pass such inspiring signs: “Hell’s Boot Camp,”  “Human Rehabilitation,” and “Don’t Stop ’til You Drop.”

The instructor instructs the students to give up their most precious belonging while explaining that he’s not the person they think he is, nor is he an impersonator who sings in night clubs. haha!  But, he’ll be the one training them. They won’t be able to leave unless they pass boot camp and warns those who are tempted to coast through, that they may have to return.

Rian puts the K-necklace in the belongings box.  Wait, how did she end up with it? I know she had it for filming back in episode 1, but…

The instructor tells them their items are going to be hidden in the practice field. Yoojin immediately asks for his item back, but the instructor reminds them they’re not in normal society any longer.

The students are put through basic training: doing squats, four abreast while chanting that their friend’s fault is also their fault.

The instructor tells them they may not leave the practice field until they find a hidden item and return it to the rightful owner.

Soondong complains that it’s not a simple physical test and they all are punished with ten more reps of squats.

Rian wanting to quit, faints. The instructor chuckles, wondering what they should do if her acting doesn’t improve. He teaches the others to see what a poor job of acting she’s doing – her legs are bent so she would fall prettily and her slightly fluttering eyelashes are all telltale signs she’s faking. He orders fifty more reps and other team/trust-building exercises while the students groan.

Back at Kirin, Principal Joo meets with some of the parents. He knows there are problems at the school, but he claims he has no power, but the power should be returned to the students, who are the rightful owners of the school. (Ummmm……??) They should formulate a plan, get the netizens and Department of Education to…. and President Lee enters the room.

President Lee introduces himself and explains that his method is to help those who want help and those most able to succeed. Haesung’s dad asks if he plans to ignore those who have fallen to the bottom. President Lee smugly answers that they need to fight their way to the top and motivate themselves to change. If they do, he’ll help them succeed.  If not, they obviously don’t have the aptitude. ugh.

At Basic Training, it’s snowing and the students are outside eating what passes as bread. Uibong complains that Principal Joo is President Lee’s stooge since he disqualified them.

Haesung attempts to get her sleeping bag from under a resting Rian. Rian smacks at the sleeping bags, and Haesung meekly slips her feet under the edge of the sleeping bag.

The students are woken with a police siren at Basic Training. As they start the day, Hongjoo and Uibong tease a make-up-less Rian, telling her she looks like a much nicer person without it.

She grumpily continues to the bathroom, encountering Haesung. She instructs Haesung to find treasure box in the back of the complex by the small playground, since there was one there when she was here last time. Haesung tells her to get it herself, since she knows where it is. Rian can’t be bothered to go. Besides, the faster they find the treasure box, the faster they can leave. Haesung doesn’t like being ordered around by Rian.

But, she goes anyway. And can’t find it.

Haesung follows Rian on the rope-bridge explaining she couldn’t find it. Rian points out that the bridge shouldn’t be used by more than two people at a time. Haesung apologizes and turns to head back to the starting platform. Rian stops her, complaining that Haesung always causes trouble, then apologizes. (Ummm… isn’t that the natural order?) Haesung answers that she’s leaving, but as soon as her back is turned, Rian falls through the rope-bridge.

Yoojin carries Rian to get aid.

Haesung must do 30 jumping jacks as punishment for ignoring safety rules. When she interrupts the instructor, he makes her re-do her 30 reps. As she keeps interrupting him asking if Rian hurt her neck or needs to go to the hospital, he increases the number to 50, then 100.

Yoojin watches from the side, feeling sorry for her.

Haesung checks on Rian, limping her way there. She sees Rian watching TV and laughing. She hesitantly asks if Rian was acting again. Rian arrogantly answers that she’s a better actress the second time around. Haesung yells that she was so worried about Rian. Rian seems surprised to hear that, but asks if she’s supposed to be sorry. Haesung tells her that since she won’t feel sorry for her, Rian shouldn’t feel sorry for Haesung. oops. Rian asks why, and if it’s because she removed the batteries from the mic. Haesung stammers that she didn’t and tries to steer the conversation back to Rian.

At Kirin, Nana bursts into JB’s room (as he’s putting pants on) asking him to drive to the Boot Camp to get Rian. He protests that there’s no way to get there, but she has a teacher’s car key. She’s bugging him since he’s the only one with a driver’s licence and besides, he still likes Rian.  Oh, this will be interesting!

The saems meet up – Yang, Ahn, and Jisoo (I guess I should call Jisoo “Hyun saem,” since she’s also a teacher, huh?)  – drinking soju, grilling and eating what looks like pig skin. Ahn saem drunkenly monologues how she doesn’t usually eat this since she constantly eats and then gains weight, but her heart hurts so much she’s going to comfort it with food and drink tonight.

As Yang saem tries to stop her from drinking more, she drunkenly rants that he should stop the president like he’s trying to stop her. She then starts on Hyun saem accusing her of sending the kids all to hell and protesting that it doesn’t make sense that she teach the lower class. Hyun saem takes it in stride, tch-ing and taking another shot of soju.

Yang saem nervously laughs at  how drunk Ahn saem is, while putting his hand over her mouth to prevent her from talking further.

Hyun saem has had enough and tells Ahn saem to stop whining; she sounds like a mosquito. Ahn saem turns to Yang saem asking if it’s true, but he tells her that her throat will hurt – a play on words since ‘mosquito’ and ‘throat’ sound similar. Yang saem tries to calm her, but fails.

Hyun saem continues saying that Ahn saem‘s voice is like pesticide spray. Just as Ahn saem is about to bawl, Hyun saem collapses – resting her head on her arm. Yang saem laments that Kirin isn’t doing well since there’s not one normal person there. Ahn saem asks again if  her voice sounds like a mosquito.

Moments later, Hyun saem receives a call from the president and is instantly sober, saying she’ll be right there, and goes, leaving the two teachers completely dumbfounded. Ahn saem yells that she won since Hyun saem ran away from their argument.

Hyun saem walks into a police station to pick up President Lee’s daughter, Seul (Jung Yeonjoo), who has been fighting and claims she’s being bullied by four other students, even though the four girls look to be in worse shape than she is. Hyun saem leads Seul out to the car, where her father is waiting.

In the car, on the way home, Seul begs her father to send her to Australia to live with her mom; she’s tired of being bullied. President Lee tells her she wouldn’t be bullied if she stopped hitting other girls, but also acknowledges that hitting is better than being hit. argh.

Around a campfire, the instructor tells them to think of their parents – the burdens on their shoulders and wrinkles on their faces. Aren’t they the cause of these? He leads them in a moving repeat-after-me, “Oh, my beloved parents!”  He urges them to let out their tears and write a letter to them.

Some of them are moved to tears … while others aren’t.

The mood is broken by the appearance of Nana, Ailee, and JB. She sweet-talks the instructor saying she wanted to see him and the other students, and he compliments her believable lies. She credits him and her time at the camp, but then notices that Rian isn’t around the campfire.

The three go to Rian’s room, but she’s not there, either. Haesung follows and JB turns on her -she should have enough sense to follow the rules in a place like this.  Haesung is stung by his remark. Yoojin enters the room, and sticks up for her since it could have been a mistake. He continues telling JB that she already feels apologetic, he doesn’t have to rub it in.

JB looks incredulous (yay! emotion!!) and wonders if Haesung didn’t care whether or not Rian got hurt and deep down wanted to torment her.

Haesung tells him not to speak so carelessly, as if he knows her heart. She asks if he feels better saying what he needs to say regardless of the other person’s feelings. She knows that his fans still love him, even if it seems he he doesn’t realize how precious love is. She informs him that she won’t be one of his fans any longer.

Yoojin grins goofy-ly saying she’s finally become a human and that there are some benefits to training camp.

Nana asks if they should look for Rian since it’s night. JB thinks he knows where she is and tells the girls to stay there.

Haesung hunts for treasures outside pressuring herself to find them all that night so they can go home tomorrow. Yoojin goes to look for her.

JB finds Rian on a swing, and asks her disdainfully why she’s on the swing. She tells him it’s not what he thinks, she thought they would hide someone’s treasure here like last time.

Cue background clip – this is the same spot where JB and Rian found JB’s treasure when they were trainees together. His treasure? Worn-out sneakers. She scoffs, but they’re his first pair of sneakers he’s worn out like this. He gives one to her as a gift. She gingerly accepts it, and he tells her he’s determined to debut before he wears out nine more pairs of shoes. He offers her one of each pair from now on – like couple rings. She looks less than thrilled and throws the shoe at him as he walks away. He looks back at her, hurt, saying he put his sweat and passion into wearing out the shoes, and stomps away. She tenderly picks up his shoe and brushes off the dirt. JB turns back and sees her, and goes back to give her a hesitant kiss on her cheek. She’s disappointed,which takes him aback. Then, she stomps on his shoe – to wear them wear out faster – which seems like her accepting him.

Back in present time, Rian and JB have nothing to say to each other. But, he asks if she still has his 9 sneakers. She asks why he’s curious, then tenderly steps on his shoe, and then walks away.

Yoojin searches for Haesung, frustrated he can’t find her.

Haesung searches for treasures, and joyfully finds Rian’s necklace.

JB asks the students how many treasures they’ve found, but Uibong snarkily asks why he’s interfering in other’s business and to butt out. JB says they can find them in one hour. Everyone sits up at that remark. Soondong shows the box she found and JB tells them to get four more from the office and add random objects inside, since the instructor wouldn’t have noticed exactly what was given. Uibong scoffs at the idea, adding that the instructor isn’t stupid.

JB and Rian search the office for boxes. Rian doesn’t find boxes, but she finds a basket of letters, Haesung’s in front. She starts to open it, but is interrupted by JB’s jubilant cry – he’s found boxes! She puts the basket away and slips the letter into her jacket.

Haesung stomps through the forest, and steps on a box, finding a music score.  As she’s putting it into her backpack, Yoojin finds her, exclaiming how much he’s been looking for her. Startled, she asks why. heh. Annoyed, he shouts for her to hurry and come up. She starts up the hill, slips on the dry leaves, and starts sliding down the hill. Concerned, Yoojin hurries down the hill to her, checks to see if she’s injured, and asks if she’s okay. She laughs and declares it fun – they should slide down again, to his consternation.

Yoojin and Haesung sit, looking up at the stars. She points at a large star, and wonders if one ate it, if it would be crunchy, then explode in one’s mouth. Yoojin looks at her in wonder, and Haesung becomes self-conscious.

Haesung happily tells him she found the last four boxes and pulls one out to show him. It’s his music score! He scolds her for going out alone in the dark, but she tells him she felt bad and wanted to do something to make up for her behavior so she didn’t seem too foolish.

She snatches the book away from him, seeing that it’s filled with compositions. She’ll give it back, if he sings her a song. He doesn’t want to, but she compliments him saying if she sang as well as he did, then she would sing to anyone on the street.

He clears his throat and sings, “Starlight is Falling” by Bye Bye Sea, during which we see:  JB carrying the boxes; Rian looking pensive (or something); Hongjoo draping his coat over Nana, to Ailee’s amusement; Soondong looks expectantly at Uibong to do the same, though he just shakes his head, to her disappointment; President Lee purchasing a uniform for his daughter, claiming she’ll look great in it, even though she looks disinterested; Principal Joo looking bitter and walking with his suitcase; Yang saem carrying Ahn saem and both confiding to each other that they wanted to become singers. As the song and episode end, Yoojin carries a happy Haesung and her backpack.




Finally!  More interaction between characters! More interaction between Yoojin and Haesung! More emotion from JB!  Though again, I apologize that there are no pics this week to show you this. Hopefully things return to normal for next week. Cheers!

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