Dream High 2 – Episode 4 Recap


Yoojin lands in jail!

The paparazzi Yoojin fought with did not want to settle and Yoojin didn’t have the money to compensate them so he landed in jail.  The detective releases him saying that his principal has paid his $10,000 settlement monies (!!!) and he should live life uprightly.


Outside, Yoojin finds the principal waiting with tofu in a black bag. In Korea, when one is released from jail, one superstitiously eats tofu in order to prevent returning to jail. Um, yeah, ’cause it has nothing to do with your actions and behavior. I did say “superstitiously” didn’t I? Anyway…

Yoojin asks why the principal would pay his settlement money. The principal doesn’t answer, but complains that he can’t contact Yoojin’s parents. Yoojin promises to get the money back and return it to him, but the principal admonishes him and tells him not to go after the money. Yoojin argues that $10,000 isn’t an easy sum of money to come by and then asks him why he’s suddenly doing something like this for him, is he dying?


The principal beckons him closer and suddenly grabs Yoojin by the ear.

Principal: Hey, $10,000… You’ve got bad credit with me now, got it? If you can’t repair your credit with me, I’m going to find your parents and get the money back with interest, got it?

Yoojin: Are you trying to make money off of your students now?

Principal: Credit repair step one: you pass the semester test, got it? If you don’t pass, then… *hwak (motioning a finger across his throat), got it?


Rian confronts Haesung, asking her to do the duet with her. They both turn when they hear running – Yoojin running after JB, confronting him about using money to make the paparazzi fight disappear. Ah, the end of the last episode where we left off.


They’re interrupted by the president asking if they’re fighting. JB quickly answers that they weren’t. The president sees through it and suggests that since they already don’t get along, they should do the duet together. JB feebly protests with, “President…” while Yoojin blurts out, “Are you crazy?!” The president, very pleased with himself, tells them to be thankful that he’s letting them participate and gives them a final caution to not fight. heh.

The principal and president are walking towards each other on the stairs. The president asks if the situation was resolved.The principal quickly looks around and quietly says that he’ll pay the money back as soon as he can. Ah, it’s his money! President Lee brushes him off, telling him it’s not necessary. As they both turn to leave, the president tells him they’ll have a hwaeshik soon – a gathering for all of the staff that usually starts with dinner and ends at a bar or noraebang (Korean karaoke) and various bars in between.

As they are parting, a boy and girl holding hands run up the stairs and are caught by the president who asks if they don’t know what “prohibited” means.

The love struck couple protest in front of the ice-queen, Jisoo, that love isn’t a sin and asking how the school expects them to break up immediately. The ice queen tells them they have two choices – break up or transfer to another school so they can date.


Yang saem and Ahn saem, watching the from their desks, wonder at how heartless Jisoo is. Yang saem unthinkingly says that as women age, they seem to become more ruthless. Ahn saem angrily replies that some women aren’t affected by those years, thinking of herself. Aww… I think she really likes him!


Haesung enters the teachers’ room to tell Jisoo that she and Rian will be working together for the duet, to the surprise of Ahn saem who quickly joins the conversation. Ahn saem volunteers to be the teacher in charge of that duo.


Looking down at the pairings sheet, she asks if JB is paired with Yoojin. Yang saem volunteers to be in charge of the boy-duo, but Jisoo puts Ahn saem in charge of both duos, deflating Yang saem.


Yoojin is frustrated that he’s supposed to sing and dance to a song called, “Beautiful Dance.” He wants to rip up the sheet music, but the principal’s words from the police station echo in his mind.


As he can’t determine the principal’s intentions behind paying his monies, Yoojin imagines the principal’s funeral in front of his chicken shop (ha!) where he is holding a portrait of the principal who used his money to help out students, according to the news reporter. Yoojin quickly dismisses that thought.


Haesung (and her headlight) wake Rian to at least divide the parts of the song. Rian looks at the music and quickly divides the parts, taking the main part with Haesung basically singing backup, which Haesung protests. Haesung doesn’t want to support Rian in the duet – she wants them to sing the song together, which stings Rian and prompts her to tell Haesung to do whatever she wants.


Yang saem is admonishing Yoojin, who is reluctantly mopping, that he should reflect on his past behavior more when he’s interrupted by Jisoo, who asks if he’s ever danced.

Jiwoo, with Yang saem standing next to her, addresses the mostly rhythm-less class, telling them that moving one’s body isn’t dancing, it’s just moving one’s body. How can they expect to be able to dance in just a couple of days when dancing is not easy to learn?  She continues saying that the the blessing of this assignment is that it’s a duet.

She asks Yang saem to mimic her arm wave. She concludes that he must have gone clubbing when younger, since he was able to mimic her. She has him bend his knees, rhythmically bouncing up and down, while she dances around him to “The DJ is Mine” by the Wonder Girls, demonstrating that if one person isn’t a good dancer, they both can still look good if one can cover the other in the dance.

She calls out the worst dancer, Haesung, and the best dancer, JB, to demonstrate another pairing, dancing to Taeyang’s “I Need a Girl.”  The dance becomes a little more suggestive with JB smoothly turning Haesung and twirling her so that he lightly wraps his arms around her with her arms crossed. Haesung is beyond excited.

After class, Haesung laments with Soondong that it wasn’t videoed. Soondong comments on how lucky she is. Rian saunters up to the girls saying she can’t cover Haesung like JB, nor does she want to be covered by Haesung. Haesung spits back that she’ll do her parts well – both singing and dancing. Rian continues needling Haesung. Haesung gets out of breath by dancing, she’s going to sing on top of it? She facetiously recommends blowing up balloons to expand her lung capacity.


As Rian turns to leave, she receives a call from her dad. Rian answers via her ear-piece and starts talking. From her side of the conversation, we learn that her mom has met with someone from Aurora Entertainment. Uh-oh!


Ahn saem enters the common area, greeting students. Haesung tries to get Rian in trouble, but Rian turns and continues her conversation, talking louder and louder to her father, but looking at a bewildered Haesung, “Why are you doing this? I told you so you’d understand… Why are you making my life so difficult??!!!”


Ahn saem hurries over, asking if everything is okay. Rian walks away sniffling. Haesung gets a warning from Ahn saem that she’ll be watched closely. Haesung is left alone, and she knows it would have been petty to get Rian in trouble, but she’s so confused she doesn’t know what to do anymore!


Rian drags her mother out of the Aurora Entertainment offices and as she’s pulling on her mother’s coat, realizes her mother has bought another fur coat. Her mom defends her purchase saying that if she met with executives in a plain coat, it would cheapen Rian’s image; she needs to dress her part.


Rian heads toward the exit, only her mom dawdles behind. She turns, flashes a smile, grits her teeth and beckons mom out the door.

In the taxi, mom offers Rian the contract, telling her to look at it before she rejects it.


Rian addresses the taxi driver, asking if he’ll spread rumors about her and reminds him that without witnesses, it’s just rumors. Of course, he says he won’t. As she rips up the contract, she tells the driver that she’s not a bad daughter, but that her mom isn’t a good mom so he shouldn’t spread rumors that she treats her parents poorly. What a teenager!


Rian’s mom is horrified at the torn up contract, asking what she’s doing. Rian continues, telling her mom she wants to act and she wants the terms of the contract, but what happens if they get discovered and ruined by President Lee?  Rian says her mom only cares about money and then asks why she’s doing these kinds of things. Mom starts to yell at her, but then answers with a trembling voice that it’s because Rian’s having a hard time as a singer; she’s trying to look out for her daughter.

Mom asks the driver to stop at the curb, requests that he take her daughter safely to school, even though Rian just wants her to take the cab.


In the cab, Rian looks down at the seat and sees the fur left behind from her mom’s fake fur, then glances at her mom writing the cab number, realizing how much her mom really does love her.  awww.


Mom walks down the sidewalk, when she hears Rian ask her if the coat is fake. She asks if it’s from Dongdaemun or Namdaemun. Mom lies saying it’s real. Rian tells her to go to the department store to buy a real fur. Rian wants to know what has her mom been spending her money on, since the furs are fake. Hmm.. I’m curious, too!


Yoojin is shooting free throws while Uibong is complaining that he dances better than JB. He further says that everyone knows that when JB started, he had no dancing skills, and he’s just a piece of dog doodoo. Yoojin laments that he is on the same team as that piece of dog doodoo.


JB wanders over amazed that Yoojin has time to spare with basketball. He should be learning the dance moves. JB asks him if he doesn’t know if their song also involves dancing.  JB asks Yoojin to play a round of basketball with him.


Uibong hurries into the practice room announcing that JB and Yoojin are playing basketball and everyone gathers to watch them play, since Yoojin is the best at basketball.


JB dances and Yoojin scores, though annoyed that JB keeps dancing and getting calls from onlookers that JB looks cool.


Even the principal and president come to watch. The president is surprised that Yoojin plays basketball well. The principal is astonished that JB dances instead of playing the game.


After Yoojin win the game, 15:2, he is so frustrated at JB, he hurls the basketball at him as he’s walking away. JB bows to the principal, the ball passing over JB and it hits the principal right in the face.  !!! Gotta admit, I laughed out loud at that.


Rian walks sedately back into school and sees the president. He assumes she’s back from somewhere and asks if school is like a mall – leaving and entering as she wishes. She explains that something came up at home. He asks her how she knew something happened at home and asks for her cell phone. He also prohibits her from using the practice room until she passes the semester exam and leaves to go to the hwaeshik.


While Ahn saem butchers “That Man” from the drama “Secret Garden” at the noraebang, the drinks are flowing, and the principal with his black-eye asks  the rest of the teachers if the students will be able to prepare for the semester exam since it is coming up so quickly.  The president wonders what’s wrong with the vocal training teacher’s voice and the principal explains that her singing voice isn’t that great, but she can teach really well.  Really??!! Bwahaha!!


The president urges the principal to sing, who suggests that the president should sing first. Yang saem interrupts, noticing that the president calls the principal, “hyung” – a term males use to call an older male ‘brother,’ if they’re close. It seems a little awkward here since the principal is older and the dongsaeng (younger sibling, the president) is in a position of higher authority, but Yang saem comments that it’s great it doesn’t get in the way.  Yang saem requests the hyung and dongsaeng sing together from the time when they were in a group. Jisoo encourages Yang saem to lighten the mood, since it’s dropped. The president even offers to debut Yang saem if he’s good. Oh, so funny since Yang saem is played by JYP – dancer, singer, and producer of k-pop groups!!


Yang saem takes the stage and sings and dances to JYP’s song, “Mmm Mmm Mmm” leading Jisoo up to dance with him. The president is surprised he can dance well, since he’s the English teacher. Ahn saem turns five shades of jealous watching him dance with Jisoo.


Soondong and Ailee are together in a practice room while Soondong calls on her mystical powers,  proclaiming that in order to take first place, Soondong should dance and Ailee should sing. Ailee tells her she should go to Hogwarts with Harry Potter instead of Kirin. Soondong continues, saying that the exam results will be alarming and bad luck will abound during the exam.


Haesung sings in her practice session with Ahn saem, JB, and Yoojin. She sounds breathy and pitchy. JB smirks at her and Yoojin looks like he wants to smack him. It seems Yoojin feels bad for her. Aww.

Ahn saem stops her, explaining that breathing is part of the music and one cannot breathe wherever they please in the song. Her breathing controls the tone and pace. Ahn saem asks who divided up the song, and upon hearing that Haesung did, she says it explains why Rian isn’t coming to rehearsals at all.

Ahn saem divvies up the song again, this time exactly as Rian did. Haesung protests the back-up part, but Ahn saem is quick to point out that she’s not singing a solo, but a duet. Why is the back-up part bad? She continues saying that this isn’t a competition, but harmony and two people are needed to sing harmonies. She must not have gotten the memo that they’re going to be competing against each other.


Haesung walks up stairs blowing up a balloon, trying to expand her lung capacity, hearing Rian’s voice echoing in her head. Her balloon pops when she walks into Ailee, startling both of them.


Haesung asks Soondong what the exam results will be since she’s so nervous. Soondong tells her to take a childhood photo of her idol on stage with her when she performs. Oh, no… will this be like the autograph fiasco in episode 1?


Haesung skulks into JB’s room searching for a photo.She finds his photo album, cooing over how cute he is. She removes a photo from about ten years ago and finds a hidden photo behind it — JB and Rian.


Rian is singing her part of the duet in the laundry area, and JB walks down with his laundry. He asks why she’s practicing here instead of in the practice room, but she brushes it off saying that she’s waiting for her laundry… with all of the washers empty. JB chastises her irresponsibility blowing off lessons – what wrong has her partner committed?

Rian turns that on JB asking if he took responsibility for Siwoo. Since JB only cares about himself and not his only other team member, it’s ironic that he cares about Rian’s situation. JB explains that he was expressing his concern, but asks if she always has to twist things around, which explains her current state, which Rian doesn’t understand at all. JB asks if she’s satisfied being the face of a girl group, as a singer, even though her dream is to be an actress (even though she can’t act). She slaps him across the face and leaves.


Haesung meanwhile is deliberating whether to take the photo or not. She finally decides to take it but JB enters the room!


She hides under a loft, behind a banner.

She adoringly watches him work on his Rubik’s cube, remembering when she gave it to him two years ago, when he was crying in a stairwell. She had told him that whenever tears form, manipulating the cube helps.  She smiles at the memory.


Yoojin bursts into JB’s room asking to borrow the choreography CD so he can learn the dance without having to watch JB.


Yoojin spies a girl’s knees on the floor under the banner, saying he really should have knocked. He even reminds JB that dating is prohibited.


Yoojin pulls back the banner, reveals Haesung to a surprised JB, and even himself! She explains that it isn’t what it seems and quickly leaves the room.


Yoojin suspects that they are dating, which JB think is nonsense. Yoojin concludes that she’s a stalker.


Hongjoo and Nana practice their song in the laundry room on top of the washers, harmonizing well, until Nana’s voice cracks. He encourage her to take a break to rest her voice, but she resists since there’s so little time left. He then suggests going to a practice room since it’s stuffy in the laundry room.  Rian reasons that humidity is good for the voice and they can clearly hear their pitch there.  They start again, only to have Nana’s voice crack again. Hongjoo suggests the hospital or at least an emergency room since it’s Sunday. She tells him not to overreact.


Nana goes to the hospital anyway. As she’s entering the hospital, she hears Siwoo flattering nurses. She yells at him and immediately coughs. He, thinking she came to see him, asks if she came empty-handed. Just when I was beginning to wonder if we’d see him again!


She writes him a note saying her throat isn’t good, she’s needs to stay silent, and she needs to save her voice. He tells her to go to the hospital, then realizes he’s IN the hospital. Goofball.  She “asks” if getting kicked out is a rumor. He side-steps and says she’s too interested in other people’s affairs. He advises her to act like half of Rian (that jerk) and then her life would suddenly become more comfortable.  Hmmm…it’s interesting seeing more of the undercurrents of the Oz artists!

She “asks” him to beg the president, but Siwoo says he’s sick of being in the hospital. He asks if he should run away. Nana kicks him in the shin, shouts that she’s worried about him, and leaves.


Haesung offers to divide up the duet how Rian originally wanted, but Rian is holding firm now. Haesung wants to practice together, but Rian wants to practice separately, then match their parts on the day of the exam.  –yeah, definite recipe for disaster! Haesung asks why she wanted to work together in the first place. Rian unfeelingly says that she didn’t know her skills were so lacking and leaves.


Yoojin practices his choreography with his basketball, similarly to how JB danced when they played basketball earlier.


Haesung walks into Yoojin’s practice area blowing up a balloon. HA! Yoojin wonders if she’s blowing up balloons to wave for JB, but she corrects him, saying she’s doing her breathing exercise. He tells her it’s a weird method.


He flinches away from her as she mistakenly walks into him. She realizes he’s not a fan of balloons popping and chases him, while blowing the balloon up,  until it pops near him, scaring him.

He advises her to walk around singing, which would be more effective than blowing up balloons. She pulls out another balloon, but feels dizzy and doesn’t look so good. On top of that, her stomach growls. Yoojin tells her that singing should come after eating.


They eat at Principal Joo’s chicken restaurant!  They act like needy customers – asking for radish, cola, etc. Principal Joo curtly tells them to leave, reminding them that curfew is approaching. Haesung takes the hint and leaves. Yoojin remains, and asks the principal to add the bill to his bad credit. The principal asks how he’s going to pay back the money; Yoojin plans to sell his $5,000 guitar. The president thinks it might be worth $500, and also reminds him to do well on his exam.


As they walk back to school, Haesung asks what his relationship with the principal is. Yoojin instead answers that he bought her chicken and has a favor to ask of her – secretly videotaping JB dancing. HA!


On the day of the showcase, Jisoo explains from the stage that they have put together a special event for the students. She invites the students to walk on the red carpet with their partner, since they’re stars today until the end of the performances.


They’re supposed to walk down the stairs, then pose together at the photo-op wall for the press to take pictures of the duos.


President Lee takes the stage, asking if they enjoyed walking the red carpet. He wonders how many will make it to the real red carpet. He tells them to stop dreaming – in order to realize dreams, one must stop fantasizing. He breaks the news that there will be no rehearsal, but this will be an audition format, to the instant murmuring of the students. He also reveals that one of each pair will be disqualified, judged by skill and performance. The best students of the school who endure it to the end will become a super idol group.


Backstage, Rian finally shows up. Haesung pulls her aside, scolding her since they’re about to step on stage without having practiced even once together. Rian coolly tells a flabbergasted Haesung to focus on her own part, and if she does well, she’ll win.

Haesung remembers when Rian asked her to do the duet together and realizes it wasn’t because she was comfortable, but because Rian sees Haesung as easy prey. Haesung accuses Rian of knowing that one of each pair would be dropped. Rian tells her she should be fine, since she practiced and Rian didn’t, but points out that she is a pro on stage and Haesung isn’t anything.



Now, I think I’m hooked! I feel like the drama is finally starting. I like how things are coming together, we’re about to hit the first major arc –  the competition. The drama is definitely not perfect, the plot could be tighter, the characters developed better, scenes better arranged; but overall, I’m excited to keep watching!!  (Are you relieved?  ;-))

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  1. Yes, I’m glad that the series is picking up steam…oooh, the drama is building. LOL
    Thanks again for the recap! I especially appreciated the youtube video insert…nice touch! And how adorable is Ahn saem in her jealous mode? LOL

    1. Finally, right?? So glad it is picking up! 🙂 You’re welcome (and thanks for having me write here)! Ahn saem is a great supporting character – totally adorable jealous.

  2. Thanks for the recap. Starting to hook on this drama already. ^^ I ship for haesung and jb love line. I just think both of them are adorable together but I don’t think so that love line can bloom. Haesung might end up with yoo jin. I love how jb cherish the rubik cube. Haha.. I find Ann Saem so cute when she’s envious. ^^

    1. You’re welcome, Syomie! It took me 4 episodes to get hooked, but now I am! I think Haesung and Yoojin will end up together, but it’ll be interesting to see what happens in between. 🙂

  3. Yea, I got a strong feelings the director might end haesung with yoojin. Yoojin definitely got some feelings towards haesung. But Haesung seems to be a little more closer to JB. ^^ Papercrank, I just saw the spoilers for the latest episode. Yoojin planted a kiss on Haesung’s cheek. awww…. but haesung expression is like that, let me show you———> 0_O

    She is definitely surprised! ^^

    1. I’ve been avoiding reading spoilers because it makes me want to jump ahead, and I like watching (and recapping) in order. It satisfies my need for order. 🙂 So, I’ll just think someone dreams the kiss; it’s not really going to happen. 😉

  4. Haha, I think I should follow along with your recap. I told myself not to look at those spoilers but I can’t help to look at it! Hehe…

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