Dream High 2 – Episode 3 Recap


And we pick up right where Episode 2 left off – with  Yoojin confronting JB about “his” practice room. Yoojin complains that JB has taken away their dorm rooms and taken over the school, and he brazenly calls the practice room “his?!” Haesung, while trying to diffuse the situation, inadvertently reveals that Yoojin isn’t paying to stay in the dorm anyway. It does work to diffuse the situation: JB walks away, Yoojin leaves in a huff, and Haesung feels badly. oops.


Haesung finds Yoojin outside and apologizes to him. He asks her if she doesn’t think it’s unfair that what was hers has been taken from her since they’re idols and are acting entitled. She corrects him since she feels they didn’t take anything away from her, but rather, it was taken from her. He fails to see the difference and asks if it’s assumed that because they’re idols, they get whatever they want.


Rian confronts the president about preventing her from acting in the movie. He tells her to focus on her singing since that’s her priority, she can act later. After all, she’s only a B list actress, to which Rian retorts that aren’t all first-time idols-turned-actors? Oh cheeky, drama!  She relents and asks how long she should wait – three years, then open an internet shopping mall since she’s not a talented singer like her group mates? The president doesn’t react to the sarcasm in Rian’s voice and notes that it’s not a bad idea. The fist she forms tells me she’s not liking that idea.


Rian settles in the room she’s sharing with Haesung and Soondong. Haesung and Soondong are curious, staring at the idol in their midst as she unpacks. Or maybe they’re staring at the strawberry curlers in her hair??

Rian notices and tells them they should move out; she doesn’t even share a room with the other HershE girls and she hates others touching her personal items and staring at her.  Haesung, getting fed up with the princess in the room tells her she should just lock the door and live by herself. Rian agrees wholeheartedly with that.


Rian sees a JB cartoon-faced pillow on Haesung’s bed and asks if she holds it while sleeping. Haesung admits she does, which prompts Rian to wonder if it isn’t abnormal to do so. Haesung shoots back that it’s more abnormal to think those kinds of thoughts. Soondong calls a truce and goes to bed.

Rian continues settling in the room by replacing Haesung’s JB merchandise with her own stuff. Tempers start flaring as the girls remove and replace the other’s belongings with their own. Rian scoffs that Haesung is a pervert, but not even a stalker. Haesung takes issue with that asking if her fans are all perverted stalkers. Shouldn’t she be thankful to her fans since that’s how she makes her living?


This time, as Haesung repacks Rian’s items, Rian grabs her arm telling her she hates others touching her items. Haesung addresses Rian’s princess mentality telling her that if she’s uncomfortable, she should move out, even go live at home. Haesung is even willing to pack and ship the box. Soondong sneaks out of the room to alert others of the ensuing fight.


As everyone crowds around the door and no one hears anything, Soondong and Hongjoo peek into the room. They see Rian in Haesung’s bed and Haesung sitting on the floor with broken items around her. Soondong quickly realizes that Haesung lost. Haesung  fixes her precious JB mug handle, remembering Yoojin’s words of idols getting what they want.



In the morning, we see Jinman (Yang saem) plunging a toilet. (Quick aside – why do most kdramas have at least one  toilet scene?! Granted sometimes it’s a great place to information, but still… in the bathroom??) Taeyeon (Ahn saem) startles him and admonishes him to fix it quickly since the students will be there soon. He tells her how much she’s changed and that she isn’t Ahn saem anymore. Hmm… is this a potential love line?

Yang saem heads back to his room and finds Yoojin with a plethora of bananas as a peace offering. Yang saem is interrupted with a phone call requesting him to fix a lock. He complains and hangs up. Yoojin tells him that he knows how to fix locks and unstop a toilet within three seconds. He proposes that he can do the custodial work in exchange for being his roommate.


Haesung knocks on JB’s door and asks if he’s seen Dances With Wolves or Avatar. She briefly describes the plot —  the bad guys take over the good guys territory and the lead character sides with the good guys preventing destruction and the underdogs are victorious — and asks him to be that lead character. He disappoints her by answering that he’s not kicking them out, it’s not his problem and he doesn’t feel morally responsible at all.


HA! We see the “natives” in the President Lee’s office while he reads a handmade story board of Avatar. He asks if he’s the bad guy and Haesung backpedals that his methods are a little harsh. President Lee tries to pass the buck to the principal – they should complain to him. But Principal Joo has already been seen and is unsympathetic.

After a go around about unfair advantages and special treatment, Uibong throws the gauntlet – reassess all of the students using the same standard. The president answers angrily that they’re wasting time instead of developing their skills.

After the students shuffle out, Jisoo  and President Lee discuss Principal Joo’s willingness to go along with their plans: is he a toothless tiger or a hyena with hidden teeth ?  What do they have hidden up their sleeves?

The students shuffle into Ahn saem’s class. Today’s lesson is exercising lung capacity with tissue paper ribbons taped to their noses! If the ribbons touch their lips, they fail. Ahn saem declares Nana the winner, which is expected of a lead vocalist who could go solo, while Rian shoots her laser beam glares. Ahn saem continues that they need to expand their lung capacity by ten seconds and this semester’s grade will be determined with a duet performance.

Haesung follows Rian into the bathroom. Rian gets a phone call from her mom and Haesung can’t believe she’s breaking the rules by carrying a prohibited cell phone. Rian just tells her to carry one if she feels it’s so unfair and heads into a stall.


Rian and Haesung hear Soondong enter the bathroom with two friends and they start discussing the duet. Soondong will partner with Haesung, naturally, but mentions that Rian probably won’t do well since she’s in a trio and the other two aren’t likely to include her because she doesn’t sing well. The girls fluff their hair and leave. Okay, so there’s some necessary information overheard in the bathroom.

Rian takes tissue paper out of her clutch, but it lands in Haesung’s stall. Rian demands that Haesung return it to her and as she reaches to return it, Rian harasses Haesung. It’s enough to make Haesung change her mind and move it farther from Rian’s stall with her shoe. Haesung replies that she shouldn’t touch Rian’s stuff and Rian complains about her pettiness. Haesung answers that she is petty, but not as petty as Rian is. Neener, neener!


President Lee addresses the students via TV announcing that some students thought the dorm room assignments were unfair. He is going to reassign the rooms based on grades for the semester and Principal Joo is going to be the judge, totally shocking Principal Joo.


The students are thrilled and thank Haesung for her efforts. Haesung wonders what song she and Soondong should sing. Soondong says it’s so important, she’s going to sing with Yoojin. Quietly and quickly, the students leave as Haesung wonders about the meaning of friendship and loyalty.

Jisoo, meanwhile, is telling her Oz kids (sans Siwoo) that she’ll grade this like a showcase so they shouldn’t get too comfortable. Nana complains that it’s just like when they were trainees and Jisoo reminds her that this was the intention to make the school more competitive.

Talk turns to the duet and it’s agreed that JB will work with Siwoo, even though they’re all looking for him. Ailee turns to Nana and asks if they should sing the same song from when they were trainees. Nana says that they don’t have to work together. Rian, feeling left out, excuses herself to go monitor her drama episode.


All of the students gather in the dorm common room to find partners, auction-style  – Hongjoo first! Haesung desperately offers money, becoming his slave, 10 blind dates, and doing homework, as Nana and Ailee join the group. Nana asks if she can join in, sings an impromptu duet with Hongjoo, and he chooses her as his partner. Haesung looks desperate, Ailee upset, and Uibong hopeful.

Ailee stomps off obviously upset, but answers she’s not when Nana asks her. Nana tells Ailee that she wanted to do the duet with her also, but how would it look to Rian if they left her out? Ailee relents, but reminds Nana that if she takes care of Rian like this, Rian wouldn’t even be thankful.


Rian is monitoring her drama –  a episode of the original Dream High!












Love seeing the familiar faces, even if they were just cut from the original drama.

JB sees Rian cringing over her acting, even though Rian says it’s because she’s so touched by her acting. He asks if she’s going to watch the judging, but she reminds him that the internet is prohibited. JB wonders when rules ever stopped her. Rian wonders what’s making him break rules and asks him if he still likes her. She reminds him even if rules don’t stop her, he follows them and dating is prohibited at school.


In Haesung’s room, the girls are primping. Haesung and Soondong are sharing a teeny tiny mirror, while Rian has the large mirror all to herself. Rian walks over to get her perfume and notices that the lid was not replaced correctly. She confronts the girls asking if they used her perfume. Haesung answers no, but Soondong looks guilty. Rian sniffs Soondong, then turns her attention to Haesung. Soondong slips out unnoticed (she’s really good at that…). Rian can smell her perfume on Haesung and suddenly changes her demeanor, giving the perfume to Haesung. She rejects it and Rian figures because it’s more fun to sneak applications, rather than own it outright.  And just as Haesung is ready to duke it out, Rian phone rings – her mom – and she walks into the bathroom to take the call.


Rian and her mom meet with Min Soohong, an executive from Aurora Entertainment. Rian’s mom tells him they wanted Rian to become an actress, not become part of a girl group dancing and singing in high heels on stage. Rian asks if they will take care of her if she moves to their company and they reassure her that they will take care of everything. A reporter greets the executive and the meeting ends quickly.

We finally see Siwoo, who is in a club to get 22 year old singer Shin Miso (friend? girlfriend? sister? label mate?) out of there. She’s finally made it to the number one searched item since she’s involved in a two-timing scandal. It’s not her first or second time involved in a scandal and Siwoo advises her to take legal action. She tells him that her company is telling her to stay home, shut her mouth, and do nothing. It seems the company will most likely let her go. She continues wondering why she ever became a singer. Siwoo gives her his hat for some anonymity.


Nana gives JB the name of a club that Siwoo frequents, telling him to bring him back, no matter what. JB misses Siwoo by moments, but ends up on the street listening to Yoojin playing the guitar and singing.



When Yoojin finishes his song, he gives fliers for guitar lessons to those who give him money. As he’s picking up money, a 10 won coin is thrown in… by JB who asks if he has nothing else in his repertoire and he must have only written one song in the past few years. Yoojin replies shortly that it’s not a song he sings just anywhere.


Yoojin announces to the crowd that he’ll sing a song that’s not plagiarized, but a properly made song. As he gets started, he’s shoved aside because JB has taken off his scarf, hat, and sunglasses and the crowd clamors for autographs and pictures.


Meanwhile, Siwoo is taking care of a passed-out Miso. He’s putting her in his car when he notices a couple of guys taking pictures of him. He confronts them and asks for the camera, but they run and he chases after them. One of the paparazzi trips and Siwoo grabs the camera. He yells that they should pay the proper fees and take proper photos, throws the camera onto the pavement and a fight breaks out between the two paparazzi and Siwoo.


Yoojin and JB are walking together with JB asking if it’s legitimate to sing and play, then pass out guitar lesson fliers. He also reminds him that the song wasn’t for just anyone and he wanted to make sure that Yoojin knew that JB wasn’t just anyone. As they continue walking and discussing this, they come upon Siwoo getting hit.

Yoojin moves to help Siwoo, but is held back by JB who warns that he’ll just get tangled up in it. Yoojin, incredulously asks if they aren’t friends and in the same group.

Yoojin goes to help Siwoo anyway. But JB stops him again, telling him to just go and to not ever report it.

JB goes to Siwoo’s aid, helping him up. JB also pushes one paparazzo aside, but the other pulls on JB’s scarf, revealing his entire face and his identity. JB punches him, and the first punches JB. Yoojin sets his guitar case down and goes after the paparazzo. Distracted by Siwoo’s and JB’s injuries, the paparazzo swings and punches Yoojin.


Haesung walks the halls where duos are practicing their duets. She’s looking for a partner and no one seems available or willing to be her partner. The one girl she asks hems and haws until Rian walks by, then jumps up to ask Rian if she wants to be duet partners. But before Rian can answer, two boys come running up bearing gifts for Rian, hoping she’ll choose one of them to be her partner.



Haesung goes back to her room to practice on her own. Rian enters the room with a gaggle of boys following her. Rian closes and locks the door, keeping everyone out not even letting Soondong enter.

Rian sees Haesung in the room and asks her to spend the night elsewhere. Haesung has no desire to leave and tells Rian so. Rian resorts to calling her a beggar, which makes Haesung’s temper climb. Haesung starts in on Rian saying she didn’t gain admittance to the school on her own merits. Rian tells her she has no right to be talking about skills and Haesung interjects that shouldn’t it be a given that Rian is better than her? Rian hesitatingly asks if Haesung thinks she’s far worse than her. Instead of answering, Rian compares Haesung to her jobless uncle who studied for entrance exams until he was thirty, because seeing Haesung reminds her of him. Rian continues saying that Haesung needs to stop thinking “Dream Big,” but abandon her dream.







Haesung finally resorts to violence and grabs Rian’s hair. Unfortunately, Rian escapes and spin-kicks her in the face.







Haesung and Soondong are tending to Haesung’s wounds in Ahn saem’s room, which surprises her when she enters with a banana after having gotten ready for bed.  Hmm… was she meeting Yang saem? Haesung asks if they can spend the night in her room.







Rian receives a call from an unknown number, but it’s JB asking her to open the door for him in five minutes.


In Ahn saem’s room, Soondong and Ahn saem are sleeping fitfully. Haesung is solving math problems with a light strapped to her head. Yoojin climbs in through the window and is attacked by Haesung and her light. She tells him he shouldn’t be entering into this room since it belongs to a single, female teacher. He quickly quiets her and pulls her out of the room.

In the cafeteria, Yoojin gulps down water. Haesung notices scrapes on his face. He changes the subject and grabs her math book assuming that she was studying hard via the universal sign of studying hard – a nosebleed. She corrects him saying she was relieving stress. He marvels that it should add stress, not relieve it.


Yoojin grabs a package of ramyun, breaks it apart, opens the bag and starts enjoying a piece of dried ramyun. She looks longingly towards him and the ramyun in his hand. He relents and she enjoys her portion, daintily dipping the pieces into the powder.

She asks how the duet is going with Soondong. Yoojin answers that he’d be crazy to do a duet with the crazy girl. heh. She gets, “How about…” out and he starts coughing saying his ramyun is too salty. It’s enough of a distraction for her to switch topics. She chides him to dip his ramyun into the powder and offers him a fresh piece.


She also pulls out a couple of bandages out of her pocket and puts them on his scrapes. He’s obviously touched by her care.

She gets up to leave and tells him to rest. She also thanks him for his advice – what getting things taken away from her isn’t a given. She’s going to protect what’s hers.



As they walk to their rooms, who should they meet, but JB and Rian. After an uncomfortable stare-down, Rian nudges JB and they leave.


The next morning, Yang saem hovers over Yoojin, examining his face. After Yoojin wakes up, Yang saem cautiously asks if he prefers men. He continues saying that teachers are off limits and would prefer Yoojin to wear a shirt while he sleeps. Yoojin glances at his face in the mirror, sees what kind of bandages Haesung used, and yells in frustration.

As the students are entering the school, detectives arrive at the school asking Principal Joo if there is a third year student named Jin Yoojin attending there.


The students are in an uproar, seeing that both Yoojin and Siwoo have been suspended.

President Lee and Jisoo are working to spin the situation to their advantage, having admitted both JB and Siwoo to the hospital to make them look like victims. Jisoo is holding off the press for now, but President Lee tells her to leak that Siwoo is on his way out of the agency and hide JB’s involvement in the fight. He also tells her to have Siwoo find another school to attend.

Yoojin tells the detective and Principal Joo that he couldn’t standby and do nothing while one person was being beat up by others. Yoojin encourages the detective to ask JB is he’s lying. The detective states that JB and Siwoo have already settled with the paparazzi.


The principal confiscates Yoojin’s guitar until he’s reinstated as a student, to Yoojin’s dismay.

JB is reading the article about Siwoo being let go from Oz when Siwoo walks into JB’s room, giving him the list of less than stellar students. He figured he’d be gone soon, but not so soon. JB doesn’t understand Siwoo, but understands the perspective of the company – that it’s natural to cut those without talent.

JB asks if Siwoo expected him to fight against the company, but Siwoo counters that JB has really changed and probably doesn’t even realize it. JB returns that it’s those who don’t change he finds pathetic, and rips up the list of names.


Rian is also reading the article and is startled by President Lee just behind her. He tells her he knows more than she thinks. He also has the power to force Siwoo out of the industry, which Rian takes as a veiled threat.

The principal asks that the president consult him before suspending students since he’s still the principal. The president shares his goal of making Kirin the best art school in the country, and putting aside whose students they are (Oz or original Kirin), he’s going to train them if they’re of the right material, kicking them out if they’re not.

Principal Joo admonishes the president that this is a school, not an agency. Their job is to patiently raise and protect the students until they’re matured.

President Lee definitely has the corporate/agency mindset. He cautions the principal to not give false hope to talent-less students.

Principal Joo counters that they should give them a chance. President Lee reminds him that this is why they’re holding the exam for the students, which will sort everything out, but with a twist! The teams are not competing together, rather, they’re competing against their partner. One of which will pass, the other fail.


Rian frantically calls her mom and orders her to not contact the other agency until Rian deems it safe, nervous that the president is aware of her plans.


Yoojin confronts JB about the fight, but JB counters that he told him to not get involved. Besides, he can loan him the money, if he needs it.


Rian asks Haesung to do the duet with her. Haesung is suspicious, and wants to turn her down, but also realizes she doesn’t have many choices left.



My thoughts….

I’m still not entirely hooked. I am hooked while watching the episode, but by the end of the episode, any compulsion to keep watching has fizzled.

The rivalries are set between Haesung/Rian and Yoojin/JB. The girls are showing more of their rivalry with the hair-pulling/spin-kick fight in this episode. Could we see something like that for the boys, please?

I am glad we finally saw some inklings of romantic interaction between Haesung and Yoojin. I’m looking forward to seeing this develop, but, it’s taking for-ev-er!

I feel like this drama is developing as slowly as a fifty episode drama, not as quickly as a sixteen episode. I hope the drama picks up in pace before they need to speed through the last half of the drama. The train that was speeding by in Ep 2? Totally weighed down and crawling now, still with very little character development.

I would love to hear what you guys think! Are you desperately waiting for the next episode (or recap) or have you moved on to another drama?

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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH PaperCrank!!! Your recaps are awesome!
    I personally can’t wait for the next ep to come out, though I am solely watching for Haesung and Yoo Jin…I agree with you on how slow their romance is developing!
    though ep 7 is something worth holding out for! small, but progress 😉

    1. You’re so welcome, lilkiwi! I do feel one should give a drama four or five episodes to get the story going, especially after most of the main characters are introduced. I’m really hoping this gets better – I’ll hold out for ep 7. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the recap! Personally, I’m “watching” the show through your recaps. 🙂 Looking forward to ep. 4!

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