Dream High 2 – Episode 2 Recap

Note: Not the 6k epic that Episode 1 was!

Oz Entertainment’s members (Eden’s JB and Siwoo, HershE’s Rian, Nana, and Ailee) are playing around with a video camera, each saying what they aspire to do upon their return to school.

At Kirin, we resume where we left Episode 1 – in the recording room. Haesung is taking her frustration out on Yoojin saying she wants her song back. JB smirks in the background and attempts to leave, but is stuck against the wall just outside of the door by Kirin fan girls who have come to take pictures of him. Yoojin manages to escape, crawling his way out. Haesung moves in to protect JB, by putting her hands on either side of his head and would have planted a kiss on him, had the Oz CEO not stepped in.

Kangchul addresses the girls:

“You girls like to take pictures, right? Things that are precious, beautiful, and pretty you should keep in your heart. Do you want to take pictures and have that be it? You all want to be part of a girl group, right? Do you think it’s enough to take pictures? You should have pictures taken of you, right? From the fans!

He clears a path and leads JB out of fangirl-dom.  As most of the girls leave, Haesung is bombarded with questions about her and JB’s relationship – just how close are they? She tells them they only met once or twice. And the girls ooh and aah.

The girls change the topic and want to know what she and Yoojin were arguing about. That quickly grounds her and she goes to look for him.

Yoojin in the meantime is looking to ditch the rest of school, but Soondong confronts him telling him he has to be careful since he has a high chance of being terrorized by the fan girls since it’s okay to trash-talk the president, but it’s never okay to trash-talk about an idol.

Kangchul and JB head back to the car to leave. Kangchul tells JB that all of those with a contract at Oz are going to be transferring to Kirin. He continues after JB protests, that out of all of the people, he shouldn’t act like this since he caused all of the trouble. They’re going to renovate the school and make it great.

Haesung finally gets some recognition, just not exactly the recognition she’s thought it would be. Yoojin made pictures of her being “rescued,” that is wet with runny mascara, available for download. Hongjoo shares that since he’s a good downloader, he paid 50 cents for it. Not only that, but he’s saved it as his desktop so whenever he’s sad, he can look at it and be cheered up.

In Uibong’s room, he’s throwing darts at JB’s face telling Yoojin he didn’t hear what had happened since he was sleeping, but heard that all of the girls were cursing him – he had no idea girls could curse like that!

Haesung enters the boys’ dorm in search of Yoojin.  She is ready for battle, except when she opens the door, Yoojin is throwing darts at JB’s face and she asks why he’s doing that to her oppa. She continues on, reminding him that she’s the head of the dorm.  She says she’ll have him begging for forgiveness within three minutes; he counters by telling her he’ll have her out of the room within three seconds. He counts down and they start fighting – not unlike siblings -he grabbing her arm trying to force her out of the room, she trying to maintain her ground. As they struggle, her knit wrist guard (finger-less gloves?) gets caught on his earring and suddenly, she’s the one in control.

She starts lecturing him, gesturing with her arms, taking Yoojin’s head along for the ride. What is he going to do about the song that JB made for her that he deleted? More seriously, she tells him that if she doesn’t make this audition and pass, she won’t be able to audition for another six months and it’s all because of him. He responds saying that she’s not able to pass based on her own skill level; she should stop using him as an excuse. As he explains that he would arrange the song for her, she throws in his face that he’s not even on the same level as JB. This makes him so upset, he pulls her arm from  his ear, ripping the earring out of his ear and leaving it bloody. At that moment, Jinman walks by doling out punishments for them – scraping gum off of the school’s entrance tomorrow morning.

The next morning, Haesung and Yoojin are carrying out their punishment, during which the media shows up to document the arrival of the Oz members at Kirin.

Kangchul leads a press conference stating that all of Oz’s under-aged celebrities are ceasing their activities and returning to school, in order to better develop themselves more as artists.  All students will receive an Oz-quality education. Qualified students will have an opportunity to sign a contract with Oz, causing a commotion throughout the school – students and staff alike. There are just a “few” things prohibited: cell phones, internet, snacking, dating, physical contact (unless for a performance), skipping classes, taking sel-cas*, playing with brooms, jumping rope, playing basketball, nun-chucks, comics, books, and masks.

As the students start to recoil from the long list of prohibited things , Haesung says that as Oz’s protegees, they should at least follow the rules, besides, can anyone become a singer? Her insightful comments brings back the excitement.

Jisoo tells the Oz members to take the opportunity to learn and better themselves. Rian excuses herself since she has a film shoot to attend. Jisoo asks her if she doesn’t understand what ceasing activities means. Rian feels this is unfair since she even learned how to play the gayageum to win the part. Jisoo heartlessly tells her that she was replaced anyway with another actress, Eunjung from T-ara. That just cracks me up! Eunjung played  Becky from the first Dream High and T-ara is the k-pop group both girls are a part of in real life. Oh, drama – you kill me with your references!

Jungchul and Jungwan, the current principal of the school, discuss the changes to the curriculum and staff. Jungwan is relieved he still has a job and tells Jungchul that he’ll just do as he’s told and follow the rules.

The official rule book has been handed out and its many pages making the students wonder if the school has become a law school and if they will actually enforce them. Perhaps they are more like guidelines? Haesung again says she’s going to follow all of the rules, inciting her friends to feel she turned her back on them. She just encourages them to follow the rules as well.

As Haesung is walking by Jinman’s office in the dorm, she overhears his conversation saying that he’s in charge of the dorm and the members from Oz are all moving in. He’s beyond thrilled that the girls are moving in.

Haesung rushes back to the common room and announces they need to get ready to welcome the Oz members into the dorm – it’s time for a welcoming party!

Yoojin meanwhile is in a guitar shop. He asks to see his baby, plunking down stacks of cash to pay for his precious guitar.

Outside the Kirin dorm, all of the Oz members except Siwoo, have gathered, impatiently waiting to be let into the dorm out of  the freezing cold. Nana complains that they won’t let them in unless they’ve all gathered. JB tells Rian to call Siwoo since he answers her calls, but she tells JB that he should take care of his own team member. A voice (Hongjoo?)  from inside asks them if they dare enter without offering anything. Rian lies and says that they’re all there. The door opens and she wonders if they’re idiots.

They are met by Haesung wearing a Scream mask backwards. She slowly turns and beckons them in as she sings a line from San-E’s “Tasty Mountain” which segues into a group sing and dance with T-Ara’s “Roly Poly” and 2NE1’s “I Am the Best.”

Jinman is watching from the sidelines and is joined by Taeyeon, who has dropped the glasses, bun, and frumpy clothes for wavy hair and fashionable clothes. They both look envious as they watch the kids at the welcoming party.

Launching back into songs, there’s Gna’s “Top Girl,” a tap dance, and another song, which ends with them lined up, Kirin against Oz. Jinman explains to Taeyeon that this is the Dance and Take, which Soondong quickly explains to Rian: if they enjoyed the performance they should pay, but she’ll let it go if she can take three strands of Rian’s hair, and she takes them, which signals the other students to attack the incoming students, trying to take something of theirs. Some are successful at taking something, other are beaten back.

Jinman turns to Taeyeon asking why she’s even in the dorm, since he’s the dorm-mother. She says he must not have heard, but she’ll be taking over the job starting today. He turns and runs to find more information.

Taeyeon saves the incoming students by calling a cease-fire and assigns them to their rooms. As she assigns Rian to room 107, Haesung pipes up that it’s her room. Taeyeon quickly sends the incoming students to their rooms and tells the original Kirin students that because there weren’t enough rooms, the students with the lowest grades will be sent out of the dorms in two weeks.

Meanwhile, Kangchul is in the principal’s office, looking at profiles and compiling a list of names when Jinman barges in asking if he lost his job. Kangchul explains that he lost his job as dorm-mom, and that the students liked him for a reason – his leniency – since students these days really don’t like their teachers, but offers to find a place he can stay since he doesn’t have anywhere to go.

Taeyeon is going through names of students who are possibly going to be sent out of the dorms. Among those on the list are Hongjoo, Soondong, Uibong, and surprisingly Haesung.

Haesung protests that she’s the dorm captain and also a top student, but the school has decided to combine artistic grade and application of skills to the academic scores. The teacher thoughtlessly continues: even though Haesung is very book-smart, she really has no skills, as Haesung knows. Besides, she entered the school with her grades, not skill. As the students are surprised by the statement, Haesung is stunned and wasn’t aware of this. She leaves,  pausing to look at Yoojin who has returned with his guitar.

Jinman enters an attic room that he may use as his room. He hits his head on the low ceiling and sits, tears running down his face. He remembers how three years ago (last season) when he was personally asked by the previous principal to teach,  he taught the students how to dance, sing, and emote, and they succeeded.

Haesung finds herself locked out of the dorm and wanders in her own memories of how she ended up at Kirin – lying to her father about the school name, determined to lose weight (she reminds me of Pilsook from Season 1) and even overcoming her father mocking her dream to become a singer.

She sneaks into school and remembers the cd she took from JB, entitled, “Good.” She wonders just how good it can be. At the same time, JB is frantically searching his luggage for the disc. He remembers the melee, wonders which girl has the disc, and collapses.

Haesung loads the disc and finds that it’s not a song, but it seems like p0rn.  She’s stunned.

JB meantime is running through scenarios in his head – will it cause rumors to spread? Will it get uploaded to the internet? What will happen to him and his reputation?

Yoojin hears and wakes up from his spot in the room, and is surprised that she would relieve her stress like this, though she’s quick to explain that it’s not hers, he should leave while she’s asking nicely, and she’s not in the mood to joke with him. She tells him that he must enjoy looking down on others and to be careful – he’s going to get his. She turns to leave, but Yoojin tells her to take his spot – it’s already set up and warm.

Rian goes to visit the film set, visiting the director with a gift of ginseng. She asks him where she’s lacking, she’ll be sure to fix it and work hard, because she really wanted to work with him. The director interrupts her, asking if she came because she felt badly that she turned down the role? Didn’t she know that the school turned down the role for her because of school? She pulls herself together and repeats the facts – her company, Oz, fired her not that she was fired by the director? She quietly says goodbye and leaves.

Kangchul and Jisoo walk into his office to find Yoojin asleep in his chair, with his feet upon the desk. He explains that the dorm was locked, the only heater in the building was in there, and the door was open. Kangchul opens a drawer, removes a folder, and finds the contents gone. He accuses Yoojin of stealing, but he protests that he only touched the heater. Jungwan stops by asking what’s going on and why Yoojin is in the president’s office.  He explains again and is scolded out of the room by Jungwan. On his way out of the room, he asks if anything is missing, but is brushed off.

Kangchul tells Jisoo that if the document is found, it could cause a lot of trouble. Jisoo suspects Jungwan.

All of the students are waiting in line, but don’t realize that the line is a security check point to enter the school. Forbidden items such as cell phones, digital camera, and other recording devices are scanned for using a wand scanner. Soondong claims that science can’t beat her, but she sets off the scanner. She claims she has nothing, but the teacher knows she has her cell phone hidden in her bra. Soondong keeps protesting that she has no idea what the teacher is saying, until Taeyeon threatens to reach in and pull it out herself. Soondong quickly excuses herself and says she’ll be right back. Haesung quietly hands her phone over and is granted entrance to school.

Haesung smiles brightly while walking down a hall and Yoojin, heading towards her, smiles as well. Until Haesung turns the corner to return the disc to JB. He’s surrounded by girls with gifts, but she pushes her way to the front, gives him the disc and says he should hide it. She pats his shoulder and leaves, leaving a frustrated Yoojin looking after her.

Rian goes to see the president, frustrated that she’s not acting. She did what he said – become a singer and learn to dance, which would pave her way towards acting. He pulled her out of acting since she acted so poorly, he was embarrassed to watch her act. She counters that she didn’t have time to study scripts, learn lines, or shoot freely so how could she have? She asks for a transfer to a different school along with an acting teacher.

Our first joint class and it’s a dance class. The Oz students are excelling and doing well ( as expected), but the original Kirin students are faltering and failing miserably, except Uibong. Jisoo wonders what they’ve been doing if they can’t even dance like this as third year students. Yoojin scoffs that They have probably danced this dance multiple times, but it’s their first time dancing this dance. Jisoo corrects him saying this is their first time as well and students should be able to see and follow a dance this quickly. Jisoo threatens that they shouldn’t dream of entering her class until they’re able to produce one liter of sweat. She dismisses them and continues class with the remaining skilled students.

She directs them to watch JB and follow his dance, cueing up G-Dragon’s “Heartbreaker.” Uibong pushes his way towards JB and starts a dance-battle. JB casually dances back and as they take turns dancing, JB engages more in the dance.  They’re both dancing fiercely, but it’s JB who wins in the end after Uibong trips.

We find the mysteriously disappeared document from President Lee’s desk in the hands of Siwoo. !!  It’s a list of students that will be excluded from the school and the reason for it. As he reads through the list, he finds his own name on the list, with the reason being that he has a bad attitude and is out of control. He says he knew that it would be this way – this school would be his grave, the end of his career.

Yoojin jumps to Uibong’s defense with a fist raised against JB. Uibong urges him to not do it, it was just a dance. Yoojin lowers his fist, but JB tosses in his face that he’s ignorant and he’s interfering with his practice in his practice room.


*sel-ca: taking pictures of one’s self.



First, I have to say I really enjoyed the original Dream High series.

I also have to say I really like Kang Sora and think she played the whiny swimmer really well in Dr. Champ. I also really enjoy Kwon Haehyo’s acting (the principal). Loved him in My Name is Kim Samsoon and Air City.

However, I’m not impressed with this drama so far. I feel that this season is rushing to the main story of underdogs (original Kirin students) versus experienced pros (Oz), but not taking much time to get to know the characters or their struggles very well.  I feel like I’m waving at the DH2 express train as I’m standing on a hillside. I am curious to see how the drama fairs and how it ends, but it seems pretty predictable and shallow right now.

I apologize for the lack of pics in the second-half of the recap. Wonky playback makes capturing pics difficult.

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