Dream High 2 – Episode 1 Recap

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The drama opens with a bus coming to a stop and a girl, Rian, (T-ara’s Jiyeon) chasing it. She smacks the window with her palm and who should open it but Samdong (Kim Soohyun)? He calls her Hyemi, she calls him Samdong. She places the coveted K-medallion necklace from the first Dream High around his neck. He grasps the medallion and pulls her in for a kiss. So sweet, right?

Until a PD announces, “Cut!!” He scolds Rian for having no tears or feelings while filming. She apologizes and bows, ready to give it another shot. An assistant lines her eyes with something on a cotton swab to help her produces tears as she wonders if it’ll even work, since all it’s doing it stinging her eyes. Meanwhile, the PD is complaining that it shouldn’t be that difficult and swears he’s never going to work with another idol again.

Rian’s manager apologizes to the PD and tells him that they have to leave because Rian is already late for her next scheduled event and he pulls her off of the filming set.  She complains that he’s never been to meticulous about timing before, why is he starting now?  He explains that the Age Law goes into effect today. She turns on the van’s tv and the specifics are highlighted on a news program – celebrities who are under age must go to school 20 hours per week and are prohibited from performing after 10 pm. The news program continues its broadcast and shows a protest outside of the K-Pop Star concert against the Age Law.

Inside the K-Pop Star concert venue a heated discussion is taking place between Jisoo (After School’s Kahi) and a PD just outside of HershE’s dressing room. HershE is a three member girl group managed by Oz Entertainment (Oz), consisting of Rian, Nana (Hyorin from Sistar), and Ailee (Ailee).

 Jisoo asks the PD if he’s going to pull their label’s group off stage, stealing their stage time. He explains that Siwoo hasn’t even arrived yet and it’s already 9:30. Jisoo explains that he’s almost arrived and can even see the 63 building! He retorts that 30 minutes ago, she claimed he was crossing the Han River! So, she should have done what the PD wanted and just had her group be the opening act since she should’ve known better. She throws back in his face that under normal circumstances she wouldn’t have them be an opening act, but Oz’s Eden is not going to make a comeback as an opening act!


He relents a little and says that if they do make it in time, what should they do when 10 pm comes? Drag them off stage? He tells her he’s busy and runs off following HershE to the stage.Jisoo calls the director of Oz, Lee Kangchul (Kim Jungtae), and tells him that the PD is trying to yank their chain. He brushes it off and asks if she has heard from Siwoo?  He arrogantly says, “What kind of music program can they have without us?” He hangs up and enters the waiting room of Eden, their other group.

The director sits down next to Eden member JB (Im Jaebum) and tries to distract him with a, “Let’s go eat.” JB says he can’t forfeit this performance and believes that Siwoo will show up. JB continues his rant against the Age Law.

“How can it make sense that they’re restricting our activities after 10 pm? What is the point of being beastly idols if we have to be home by 10? It makes no sense, right? Is there any attractiveness in a man who has to leave his date at 10 to go home? Idols are about image. Would an image likes ours get in trouble because we performed after 10?”

The director agrees with him, but explains what the repercussions of his thoughts are. If they performed after 10, sure it would look cool, he placates, but then the group could be put on probation for three months, the company and station both could face fines and as a result the station could retaliate by not helping promote any of Oz’s members. Is JB going to take responsibility for those possibilities?!Meanwhile, in the tv studio, the fans are chanting for Eden, but HershE takes the stage. The Eden fans express their disappointment telling them to get off of the stage.
In the crowd is Shin Haesung (Kang Sora) who cannot believe that her beloved idol group isn’t on stage. She glances at her watch and notes that it is 9:55. She packs up her things to leave.
Haesung sneaks backstage and “walks the halls” from within a rolling clothing rack but when she sees Siwoo (Park Seojun) walk by, she descends from the clothing rack and starts following him, brushing off his clothing, and even greeting people who are greeting him.
She accidentally touches him a little too forcefully and she’s caught! Siwoo turns around and sees Haesung there. She stammers that he had something stuck in his hair. He is somewhat skeptical, but understanding. He turns to call security to come escort her away, but when he turns back to face her, she’s gone, having hid herself.
We find JB and Siwoo backstage with Siwoo trying to find out just how upset JB is. Siwoo cutely asks if he’s really mad and JB snaps back with a solemn, “Are you kidding?” Siwoo tries to explain that he had a situation, but JB assumes it was girl related. Siwoo smiles and says it wasn’t – he should listen before he talks more and holds out an mp3 player.
Haesung is still wandering the halls backstage and calls out to Pilsook (IU) stuttering, “Sunbae-nim!”Haesung excitedly introduces herself, that she is her hoobae at Kirin Art School and asks for an autograph. Pilsook hands back the paper and tells her to work hard.
Haesung continues on her way down the halls and spots a poster of JB. She leans over some chairs to claim the poster and as she proceeds to admire it at arm’s length while turning and walking, the poster and the original collide, knocking Haesung down, scattering her papers and poster to the floor.
She hastily stands up as JB rubs his shoulder and Siwoo stares at Haesung in recognition. JB stares at her feet, which Haesung notices. She follows his gaze and to her horror, she’s standing on his face!  She gasps and quickly moves her foot off of his poster face. As the boys are about to leave, she blurts out that she loves him… as a fan. She’s so adorable. He briefly acknowledges her, and he and Siwoo continue walking down the hall.As the boys leave, JB’s phone buzzes with a call from the president of the label. Siwoo wonders if the president could have noticed anything. In the background, Haesung is trying not to eavesdrop. She quickly turns her attention to picking up her things when JB turns and looks at her.

JB squats in front of her and tells her he loves her too. He also has a favor to ask of her.


Eden enters a backstage area with their back up dancers walking past a stage manager who finds Jung Uibong (Jr) sleeping backstage and tells him that if he’s underage, he needs to go home. But, Uibong sees Eden walking by and runs after the group.


The president of Oz heads up to the waiting room only to find Haesung at the door barring his exit from the room. She stands her ground and implores him to wait. She’ll just hang out until the oppas return. She pushes him into the room, says she’s sorry, and closes the door.

Just off stage, the boys pause as they realize the MC is making her closing comments. It seems that they’re too late, but JB looks at the clock (21:59:44) and walks right in front of the MC to take their stage positions. On stage with Uibong right in front, the dancer behind him asks why he’s there since he’s underage and he responds that he didn’t know it was that late already. He shrugs and asks why the group is there at all if it’s too late.
The president is locked in the room by Haesung while Eden is on stage performing their song. While the broadcast is being shown on the tv in the waiting rooms, Rian sees it and throws her gum at the screen.Interspersed with Eden’s performance, we see Jin Yoojin (2AM’s Jinwoon) playing a guitar with his band on the street with a crowd gathered.  At the end of the song, he grabs the mic and asks the crowd if it’s exciting, fun, and if they want to play? After getting screams in the affirmative, he yells back, “Let’s play!” But, he’s interrupted by two policemen asking to see his ID.

He asks why and the police ask him if he is a minor. He seems a little embarrassed and replies that he must look young. Yoojin tells them that they’re just artists and looks to his band mates to confirm his story. His band mate tells him to just show his ID since everyone is waiting. He goes to get his wallet and after he picks up his bag, he ducks behind a wall to leave inconspicuously.

We move to Uibong who is being punished by his sunbaes for being on stage when he’s underage. He explains that he had fallen asleep and made a mistake. They aren’t very understanding and chastise him that if they accepted him into their group, he shouldn’t cause trouble for them.


With his head on the floor and butt in the air, he sees from between his legs Eden walking past the door and jumps to his feet to follow them. His sunbaes want to know where he’s going, but he says he can no longer dance with them because they’re being petty and dirty. Afterall, did they let him into their group because they were being nice and felt sorry for him? He knows that’s not the case, but because he was the best dancer of the group. They think he’s lost a few marbles and Uibong says that’s right, that he’s crazy and he can dance elsewhere if not with them. He warns them to watch themselves, gives him a shove, and runs down the hall in search of Eden.

Uibong chases them down and confronts JB: he did it on purpose. Uibong yells that if he was going to go up on stage, he should’ve gone up there alone instead of trying to get an innocent person fired. Since Uibong lost his job because of him, he should say his piece before he leaves. Uibong explains that he followed Eden around without eating or sleeping, but found that there wasn’t anything to learn. When will they act like humans?Siwoo states that he did it because he wanted to be human. Uibong is incredulous. He’s dragged away at the point by his friends, protesting.


Siwoo looks at JB and is shocked that such a law-abiding citizen like him knows how to break the law.


JB bats that away and asks Siwoo where he got the song and JB claims from his new intelligence service. JB sighs and wants to know who the new girl is. Again, Siwoo says it’s not like that – they’re just friends! This makes me wonder just how much of a player he is since this is the second time JB has accused him of having trouble because of girls.

In front of the concert venue, two security guards have an arm of Haesung’s each and are carrying her down the stairs. She’s pleading with them to please be lenient with her this one time and not throw her in jail. She would be in so much trouble with her parents if they found out. They drape her over the staircase railing and walk away.
Yoojin standing outside of a building throwing pebbles at a window calling for Uibong. He’s locked out of his dorm, but he spies Haesung creeping along and opening a door. He scares her, she falls backwards, and puts his finger to her lips to keep her quiet. Yoojin darts into the house as the lights turn on and a male voice asks who is there.
We finally get to see what is going on at Kirin and it seems the school has fallen into disrepair – some of the letters on the sign are swinging and there is a disheveled look about the school. The letter that’s swinging makes “kirin” into “kurin,” which means to smell or stink. Cheeky drama!
We see Haesung sitting outside on a low side wall with multiple pairs of black shoes on the ground.  She’s furiously polishing the shoes while wearing a sign around her neck that says, “Curfew Violation.”Her friend, Park Soondong (Yoo Soyoung) stops by to ask why she was late again. Haesung pulls out the autographs she collected the night before from her jacket sleeve. Soongdong quickly tells her to put it away because if others see it, the situation could get worse — the autographs could become just paper. Soondong gives her a bottle of water that she personally collected from Oz and advises her to mix the ashes of the burnt autographs with the water and drink it.
A teacher, Joo Jungwan (Kwon Haehyo) comes up and asks what they’re mixing and drinking – can there be anything left to mix and drink? The girls stand as the he addresses them and he comes closer to talk with them.  He looks at the sign around Haesung’s neck and asks where she went. She replies that she was at a performance hall… to hear the singers…because that’s studying, too. He snarkily asks if she wasn’t there to see their faces.Soondong tries to inconspicuously walk off, but the teacher calls her to stay there and he starts on her. If she keeps taking money from kids and does strange things, he’s going to report her, She tries to deny it, but then he dismisses her.
Jungwan comes up the steps to where she is shining the shoes and as he picks up a pair, asks if they are Yang Jinman’s (Park Jinyoung, aka JYP) shoes.  With the distinct impression that she’s being treated unfairly, she replies that they are. He asks her if for her punishment of being out after curfew, she has to polish all of his shoes. And again, with more emotion in her voice, she answers yes.  With a sigh, he puts down the shoe and takes his own shoe off to try on Jinman’s shoe. Even though they’re a little big he puts them on, sets his own pair down, and tells her to polish his as well. She kicks the shoes aside while really starting to seethe as she feels she’s being treated so wrongly.
Jinman wakes up to his old-fashioned ringing alarm wondering how he ended up on the floor, only to find Yoojin in his bed. Poor guy is so confused as to why he’s on the floor and Yoojin in his bed.  Yoojin wakes up and casually pulls on a shirt and tells his teacher he had no place to go so he slept here. Jinman is still holding his clock waving it around when he realize what time it is: 9:30 – he’s late!  Yoojin tells his teacher that he may not know much, but hasn’t he told his teacher that he shouldn’t eat bananas? Doesn’t he know that the kids will make fun of him? He finishes his teacher’s banana in two bites and throws the peel in his teacher’s face while Jinman is still asking why he reset the alarm, attempting to process what happened and having a bit of a temper tantrum all at the same time.
In the first class scene of the drama, we meet teacher Ahn Taeyeon (Choi Yeojin) teaching a class of students who are singing with metal buckets on their heads.  She’s directing them and mouthing the words as we hear garbled pronunciation, off-key singing, and screeching.  She tells them to open their diaphragms, pull up their posterior pelvic muscles, and exhale all of the air from their stomachs. Their stomachs will become firm.  Taeyeon continues, telling them to take a deep breath as if they are sucking in the front of their abdomen.  Concentrating on their voices, they will start singing again. And the off-key singing, screeching and coughing commences again.
STOP! Taeyeon tries to patiently explain that she is explaining it so easily – why aren’t they grasping the concept and able to sing well?At that moment, in walks Yoojin who apologizes for being late, but Taeyeon dismisses his apology and even wonders at him apologizing, since it’s not unusual for him to be late.  Taeyeon reminds them that they must turn in their self-composed songs by that evening. The students all answer in the affirmative and turn towards Yoojin, who just shrugs.
And we see why… Yoojin has a stack of cds for sale, $30, $20 and some for $10. A crowd swarms the table and Yoojin.  Soondong cozies up to him and buys a cd for $30 asking Yoojin if it’s a sure thing. Yoojin turns up the charm and asks if she doesn’t trust her oppa. She melts and answers that of course she totally trusts him.  A little ways from the crowd, Haesung is reading a book, sighing and shaking her head over the way everyone is swarming the table.
A girl calls out that JB is on tv and all of the girls go running over to the tv, which has JB explaining why they did what they did – to keep their promise to the fans and perform on stage and the fans had been waiting a long time. Cue swooning girls.
Uibong says to Yoojin that he got cut from the group because of them. Yoojin retorts back that they protect people like that with laws that limit artists like them and how can one put a time limit on art? Jungwan enters the conversation with asking Yoojin, who is hastily stuffing his profits into a pocket,  if he’s that confident as an artist, why he ran away last night. Yoojin is astonished that he knows. Jungwan tells him he notified the police himself since they were making such a racket; how could he not report it? Besides, even bad laws are still laws, Jungwan tells Yoojin, quoting Socrates. Jungwan insults Yoojin further by saying that since he’s ignorant by not knowing Socrates, he’s making such yippy, yelpy music. Yoojin asks Uibong if he just heard correctly.
Rian is in a dance practice room at Oz’’s offices reciting lines said by So Jisub while waving a plastic sword.  She whirls around and JB is there, at “knife point.” He admonishes her to practice her acting more since instead of killing So Jisub, So Jisub would rather try to kill her for acting so poorly. She’s hitting him with the plastic sword when Jisoo walks in. She comments on the trouble he’s caused and sends him to the Director’s office. Siwoo offers to go with him, but JB declines.

JB stands in front of the director’s desk while he finishes a call with someone from KBS who has banned everyone from Oz from appearing on their shows along with making any appearances whatsoever. He explains this to JB and adds that it’s all because of him. He demands an explanation.JB explains that their current single was plagiarized and he has proof – the mp3 player that Siwoo brought to him before their performance. Furthermore, there were plagiarism issues previously. JB explains that if they keep having scandals, they won’t have anything left to stand on.JB changes tactics and says that for the good of the company –  but is cut off by the director who sees through that.JB then comes clean: he wants some time. Eden has lost time from a previous scandal with Siwoo, and JB wants to go solo. Hmm! What scandal could it be? Girl related??  He continues airing his grievances, not knowing that Siwoo is eavesdropping, saying he isn’t punctual, he isn’t disciplined, and JB wants to practice on his own.

The director concludes that JB created a problem so he could go solo. JB corrects him by saying that he wants to performs legitimate songs, how can he perform with plagiarized songs? The director tells him to stop saying “plagiarized” but will give him six months to practice and work hard – either with a team or solo.

Siwoo confronts JB and asks about his motive for using a plagiarized song – didn’t he want to show the director something? JB says it doesn’t matter since the result is the same. Siwoo is upset and feels that JB used him to get proof of the plagiarism so he could go solo, profit from individual practice time, and tricked Siwoo into making him an accomplice. JB tells him to be thankful that he was an accomplice or whatever and got dragged along.Siwoo accuses JB of being selfish, which makes JB wonder when Siwoo started to care about others, since if he had done that before, they wouldn’t be here now and pushes past him. Hmm! What is their back story??


Rian comes out of the practice room and asks why they’re so serious. Siwoo explains that because of their stunt last night, everyone in the company must cease activities for three months. Rian tells Siwoo that for the first time in a long time, she likes them since she’s been so overwhelmed and busy. Life has been difficult for her and she’s more than ready to take a break!

Yoojin heads to the band’s performance spot and offers to help plug cords in and one of the band mates sneers at Yoojin, accusing him of being a minor. He tries to play it off, but they demand to see his ID card. Yoojin denies he’s a high school kid, but they see through it. They compliment him and tell him he’s done well for such a young kid. Yoojin keeps protesting and claims age shouldn’t matter, but rock spirit should. Rock Spirit!
As a scooter horn honks, and Yoojin hears his name called, he finds the school principal on a scooter telling him it’s almost 10 so he should get back to the dorm. Only thing is, the principal is dressed for a part time job as a chicken delivery person. Yoojin’s former bandmates laugh since he’s BUSTED – he’s definitely underage. The principal even offers Yoojin a ride on the scooter back to school. heehee!
Back at the dorm, Soondong tells Haesung everything is ready; she just has to complete the ceremony on her own. If anyone sees her, it won’t work.  Haesung dances to some Abracadabra by the Brown Eyed Girls, hoping to seduce a ghost to grant her wish – to place first in the audition. HA!She burns the first autograph as Yoojin is let back into the dorm by a tired and complaining Uibong.  As the boys are heading upstairs, they smell smoke! Yoojin notices the smoke coming from Haesung’s room. He starts banging on her door, but she doesn’t answer.
Yoojin jumps up to look into the window above the door and since Haesung is standing at the door wondering who’s overreacting, he doesn’t see anyone in the room.She ignores him and focuses on the burning autographs saying that things can’t go wrong otherwise she’ll fail this time, too.Uibong pushes the fire alarm and I think it’s hilarious that Jinman is fully embracing his desire to survive, to the point he pushes past the students to escape the building first!
The boys make it out of the building first and then the girls start arriving in various stages of dress – pajamas, robes, and sweats. The boys are beyond excited, especially Hongjoo (Kim Jisoo) and Uibong, until the girls scream that the boys shouldn’t be looking at them and that they’re perverts.A girl approaches Jinman and tells him that Haesung is locked in her room and she must have fainted since she’s not answering and her door is locked. The students around him tell him that he needs to go save her after he calls for a fire truck and calls for 119 (911). He laments to himself that he hasn’t dated, nor has he debuted as a singer, and he’s going to die like this.
Meanwhile, Yoojin is trying to pick the lock on Haesung’s door to get in and Haesung is begging the fire to burn more quickly.
Jinman arrives reluctantly with some other boys with buckets of water.

They arrive just as Yoojin unlocks the door and they throw water onto Haesung as she screams, “NO!!!”She’s wet, with mascara running down her face, and humiliated. Of course, to add insult to injury, the boys are taking pictures. Soondong arrives and see the aftermath.After she’s cleaned up, Uibong, Hongjoo, and Soondong gather together.  Uibong can’t believe she thought Soondong’s recommendation worked. She wonders if it still would have worked, but they quickly discredit Soondong’s methods. Besides, what if a real fire had happened?  Uibong contemplates that if he had extra time to go to concerts and get autographs, he would have spent that time practicing. Haesung quickly rebuffs him saying that this was because the extra practice wasn’t helping and moreover, if she fails again, her father might come take her back home. Soondong tells her not to worry – there’s one last resort, to which Hongjoo says he’ll make her wish come true…


by singing Genie by Girls’ Generation, which is about making wishes come true. But, it does cheer her up, and her friends lip-sych along.
Haesung is at the Oz audtions and applicants 15, 16, and 19 are called in to audition. Haesung jumps up and asks why she wasn’t called – Shin Haesung, number 18. He answers that Oz is not accepting minors, starting today.  She follows him into the audition room telling him that if it’s because of the Age Law she’ll be perfect since she’ll be an adult in a year, so if she practices for a year, she can debut as an adult, not a minor. Win, win!  She ends up in front of Jisoo, who asks what’s going on.


Haesung drops to her knees in front of Jisoo and proclaims that she can sing well, just like Mariah Carey, except for the deep parts, and practiced until her throat almost exploded. Jisoo tells her her voice is like a vocal announcer’s and hard on the ears. Jisoo also tells her that she comes to the audition every month, though Haesung tries to convince her that she’s confused her with someone else.

Jisoo tells her to go the Karaoke bar and sing there. According to Jisoo, Haesung lacks emotion, uses vocal tricks, has no rhythm, a shaky tone, and a non-attractive voice.  Haesung always says she can do anything except for Mariah Carey’s deep parts every month at the audition. If anyone did choose her, they would ask her to pay to be trained as a singer, which is a scam.

Haesung backpedals and says that Jisoo can’t be remembering her voice properly. Her name is Shin Haesung; Hae like the ocean; sung like a star: She’s a star hidden in the ocean, even if she’s not much of anything in the ocean right now. Haesung tells Jisoo to remember her name properly next time, she’ll regret all of the harsh things that she said one day. She gives a brusque bob of her head and flees the room.

She bursts past the onlookers and determinedly walks down the hall, where she finds a poster of HershE and says to it, ”I’m better than you guys. Not just better, but much better. I just haven’t had my chance yet.” She sees next to this a poster for a no age limit audition in the self-composed original song category.  As she contemplates this, her phone buzzes and it’s her father.
The Oz director and Jisoo are discussing Kirin Art school, which could post a problem.  However, the students at the school are exempt from the 20 hours of school part of the law so other entertainment companies are looking to enroll their trainees and under-aged celebrities there as well. Jisoo feels that it’s a good opportunity for their company and doesn’t understand why he’s hesitating.


Jisoo says that Kirin is living off of its past successes and accomplishments; it’s prestigous in name only now. She continues, saying that the previous head of the school, Jung Hamyung (Bae Yongjong) made advancements overseas and left the school in the hands of the foundation. However, the problems started when the foundation installed the current principal (Jungwan), who tossed the successful curriculum, antiquated the school, and brought about its destruction in three short years.

Kangchul asks what the parents were doing while this was going on and Jisoo explains that many of the parents pulled their children out before it got too bad. The current students are not very talented nor do they have much potential.

Haesung is sharing a meal with her father, who is a country pastor. He has come to ask about her auditions or whatever. Haesung waffles a bit, saying she doesn’t have time with school and —, he cuts her off, telling her to stop making excuses.  They argue over her keeping her promise of attending the theological school. She says that he he doesn’t understand her feelings and he doesn’t understand God’s feelings either. He advises her to pray nightly that she would walk in the path of Jesus, when she interrupts him saying that she converted to another religion and has even bowed down, which would obviously upset any father who is a pastor or devout Christian! She reminds him of his profession to try to keep him calm. She ends up speaking banmal to her father who is stunned. He tells her she’s going home with him right now. She runs out of the restaurant and holds the glass door shut so he won’t follow her after he tells her to come home – she doesn’t need school or anything else, even though he thinks that she needs to go home with him and pray. Out of his five daughters, can’t one of them be immature and like her?
She flees from her father and sings while walking along. We finally get to hear her voice! Except it’s really not great. As she sings, she hears all of the criticism from Jisoo. She wonders if she should enter the other competition.
At Kirin, Kangchul and JB arrive to take a “look around.”Kangchul goes to Jungwan’s office and discusses taking over the school – bringing in his kids and taking over as president.


Meanwhile Haesung is asking Yoojin to arrange a song she’s worked on for a month trying to guilt him into helping, then offering him more money if $10 isn’t enough, tempting him with the awesomeness that her song is and then he’ll beg to arrange it. He finally relents and agrees to listen to 10 seconds of it and if he doesn’t want to help her, he really won’t. Neither of them notice JB watching their exchange.


Yoojin listens to her composition, but doesn’t want to help her. He says that he could have done as much in his sleep. He antagonizes her by saying that she wants to be an idol – if they can’t sing, they lip-sync. If they can’t dance, they take their clothes off. That’s all there is to them – there’s nothing substantial behind idols. So funny because he IS one in real life.

He continues by saying she has no passion in music or singing, she just wants to be famous. Idols are cranked out by doing whatever their management company tells them to do – like dolls. Isn’t that what she wants to become? She tells him it’s not, but he tells her that’s how it looks from his perspective and thinks it’s disgusting.
Outside, JB hears all of this and we see a flashback to his audition at Kirin two years ago with Yoojin next to him saying the same things – Yoojin won’t do what others tell him to do, he wants to do his own thing with rock. Sitting next to him, JB looks like a frightened child who will do exactly what he’s told to do. ha.Yoojin rocks his audition (pun intended) playing his guitar and singing while JB flounders with his.

Haesung finally snaps at Yoojin that if he doesn’t want to help, he shouldn’t, but he also shouldn’t be so arrogant with his music when he only sells it for $10 to other students.

Ooh, that strikes a nerve with Yoojin, and he retorts that her beloved JB’s current song is plagiarized and they would have been totally humiliated if they hadn’t stopped their activities.  Since she wants to become a singer, shouldn’t she know what her favorite singers are singing?

Yoojin turns to leave and finds JB standing there – shades off and incensed.  How did Yoojin hear that their song was plagiarized? He turns towards Haesung and offers to help her with her song. She stammers and wonders why he’s there and if he came searching her out since she helped them. He listens to her music, adds some basic chords and proclaims it hers. Yoojin scoffs and says he could have done the same with his feet.

JB says it’s very noticeable that Yoojin seems to have image issues with idols and he has a chip on his shoulder. Doesn’t it hurt his pride? He continues that there are always complainers who always pick at what they don’t like and are verbal about it, thinking it makes them look better.

Yoojin can’t believe JB called him a complainer and shoves JB, whose arm accidentally turns on the PA system so everyone can hear what’s going on in the room. The students can’t believe JB is in the building and they start to make their way towards the room.

JB calls his bluff – about arranging with his feet in five minutes and Yoojin takes him up on it. First, he deletes JB’s creation, while Haesung tries to get it back.
JB grabs Yoojin by the lapels and asks what he’s doing. Yoojin quotes back to him what JB said about keeping their promise to their fans and says he putting on quite a show. Does he think that he’s made it far since mindless fans like his music?JB notices the crowd of girls and lets go of Yoojin and says as a rejoinder, “If you have skills, why doesn’t the world recognize you? Isn’t it funny?”  He notices that Yoojin is getting ready to punch him and continues, “Well, if you punch me, you’ll become famous. Don’t just make fists, if you want to hit me, then hit me.”

Yoojin makes his way over to JB to punch him. Haesung trips him and he lands face-first on the glass door. Haesung and JB share a smirk.

So, fellow readers… what are your thoughts on this first episode? Do you think it will live up to the first Dream High?

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  1. Happy Twinkie for the new partnership! I just wish I could get into Dream High 2! I gave up and am watching Shut Up Flower Boy Band instead. But I think my failing was I was not crazy about Dream High either. Loved the music but that was about it.

  2. Yay for homeschooling moms!! I’m almost done! I’ve graduated 2 daughters and have one daughter who is a junior in HS.

    Yay for new recappers and Kdrama fans!! Looking forward to reading your recaps!

    Oh, and I think Flower Boy Ramyun is perfect for the get-away from the two dramas you were watching. I finished both of the ones you mentioned.
    I loved Flower Boy Ramyun. Enjoy! And…welcome!

    1. DeeDee, Congratulations on graduating 2/3 of your children! You’re the first home schooling mom I’ve “met” who is into kdrama! Very fun!! I’m definitely enjoying FBRS – I think it’ll be a favorite of mine for a long time… as long as it ends well. I’m on episode 8 or 9. And thank you for the warm welcome!!

  3. Thanks for the recap. When I watched the first part of ep 1, I saw jiyeon kissing sohyun and I was like nooooooo…….. but then got relieved after I know it’s a filming after all. I like haesung. I think she gonna be like sam dong, she seems to be untalented but one day she can definitely unleash her talents and confidence. I like sora in real life also because I watch we got married( teukso couple!) I love dream high 2 also! both dream high 1 and 2 are awesome!

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