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Hi! This is part of the “unpacking” and “program learning” I talked about in my “Welcome” post. As exciting as having my own .com website is, the things I’m learning are quite intimidating (and sometimes frustrating and tedious) to me, especially when I feel so technologically illiterate. However, I’m forging bravely into the unknown where no Twinkie has gone before (sounds like something from Star Trek), so I thank you for bearing with me as I learn the ropes.


Koreandramareviews.com aims to comply with all regulatory law, including the FTC Ruling for Bloggers. It will follow the rules not only to protect ourselves, but to ensure that my readers are provided with a trustworthy reading experience. 

As such, each reader can be assured 100% that the following are true:

  • All content and blog posts found on koreandramareviews.com has financial impact.
  • All content and blog posts may be used to advertise, promote, or support products, services, and affiliate businesses. This includes comments and statements made by its readers and subscribers.
  • All prizes and giveaways are paid for by koreandramareviews.com unless otherwise stated.
  • All products or services receiveed are acquired for free at no cost to the writer.
  • All reviews of products or services that koreandramareviews.com  covers will be reviewed fairly. There is no guarantee that reviews will be “positive” in nature. The site’s goal is to provide assessments for its readers that are fair.
  • All advertising held on koreandramareviews.com is a signed partnership by koreandramareviews.com and the 3rd party business. I will promote and advertise at will and will not necessarily note the use of affiliate links when used.
  • All promotions of products and services by koreandramareviews.com are reviewed and deemed valuable for the readers. The site does not promote or endorse products or services I believe are not of highest value.

Blogging is a growing passion and joy for me. I hope you enjoy visiting and spending time here at koreandramareviews.com, a happy place for drama lovers like me! Thank you for your continued support and patience as I endeavor to make this site as much for you as it is for me!

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