Cool Kiz on the Block: Swimming (Episode 124 – Finale)

Cool Kiz 124

OK, I have a confession to make: I debated whether to blog about this final episode or to simply prolong it for an indefinite amount of time and just pretend that the end didn’t happen. *sigh* Obviously, I decided to be “adult” about the whole thing and blog what is to be our final segment of this lovely show. *swallows tears* Sung Hoooooooon, my swimming ACE! I’m going to miss you!

As you can already tell from my introduction, this is a bittersweet episode for me to blog…all the more so because of what happens to my dear swimming ace. *sigh* Let’s just delve right in…before I decide to not be an “adult” after all. 😛

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Musings: There were certainly a good number of glorious moments in this final episode, but there were also the heart-crushing ones. Let’s first celebrate a glorious one to brighten our day. 🙂

In his individual event, Lee Jae Yoon beat out the competition and bought home a win for Team Cool Kiz, achieving his best time yet.

Cool Kiz 124.1

Of course, Kang Ho Dong had to request a final demonstration of his “Real Body,” which Lee Jae Yoon did quite boyishly. lol.

Cool Kiz 124.2

In his victory speech, Jae Yoon attributed much of his success in the pool to his hyung Sung Hoon, who apparently spurred him on to his best race yet by reminding him that “Today is truly the last day.” Sung Hoon looked on like the proud hyung that he is. Aw…

Cool Kiz 124.3

Unfortunately, this being a variety show, the four teams took a break from competition to compete for what else…wait for it…food! lol. Sadly, Eun Ji Won lost the race for the Cool Kiz teams and “won” them the fourth and last place dinner dohshirak of just rice and kimchi. *chuckles* Aw…the poor team…

Cool Kiz 124.4

As the members made the best of their fourth-place meal, Sung Hoon commented, “Still, today is the last day that we’ll be sharing a meal together.”

Cool Kiz 124.5

Of course, this comment brought Ho Dong close to tears since…they’re eating just rice and kimchi for their last meal together! lol

So aside from the dinner sadness, what else almost broke my heart? *deep sigh*

Cool Kiz 124.6

In his efforts to bring home a victory for the team in his 50m butterfly event, Sung Hoon did something uncharacteristic of a nationally-trained swimmer–he touched the wall with one hand when he was supposed to touch it with two. *cries at memory* When questioned by the judges, he asked, “Did I by chance touch with only one hand?”

Cool Kiz 124.7

With the one-hand touch verified, Sung Hoon apologized to his teammates and then rallied to prepare for the team relay. The good news is that his hoobae thanked him for pushing him to swim as well as the hoobae did since he swam even better that day that he had at his peak during his national team days. Wow…that’s impressive!

The episode ended with a nostalgic and bittersweet flashback through the Cool Kiz’s journey as a team, culminating with a parting speech from each member. *sniffles*

I hope you all get to watch this final episode. It’s truly worth the hour and will leave you appreciating all the people around you and the journeys you take with them. I, for one, will greatly miss this team of celebrity swimmers and wish them all the best!

Cool Kiz 124.8

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4 thoughts on “Cool Kiz on the Block: Swimming (Episode 124 – Finale)”

  1. I loved loved loved this team!
    When Sung Hoon failed…my heart dropped.
    I still was happy to see them supporting each other from start to end,I think some new friendships are made.
    What cute is, Sung Hoon and Real body even hugged Yuri after races…, that is how Oppas they bacame.
    *admitting, I was crying
    Gonna miss them that is sure, same went with basketball.., till next sport. Cool kiz fighting!!!!????

    1. Ack~!!!!!! Between you and me, Mtoh, we’ll bring the LOVE of this variety show to others! 😉 Sung Hoon and Real Body FOREVERRRRRRR 🙂 And you’re right; without the entire team, this show would not have been as great. LOVED what Eun Ji Won said about having never worked so hard in his life. Aw….*warm fuzzies*

      1. *pinky swear
        Did you see bts, how Sung Hoon helps JiWon with his swimming?!
        I was like awwwwwww…
        JSuk aka Seo Jordan was out most of the time, but he trained so hard.., that is family feel.
        I wish you watched Basketball as well…
        ???????????????????????????? Hyuk!!!!

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