Cool Kiz on the Block: Swimming (Episode 123)

Cool Kiz 123.1

Whoever said that all good things must come to an end needs to revise that statement.

*huffs and puffs in indignation* Seriously! Why must all good things come to an end? Why?

Episode 123 marks the first part of a two-part finale of the Cool Kiz on the Block: Swimming segment. *heavy sigh* The good news is that the producers took pity on us viewers and filmed the final episode in two parts so that we can thoroughly enjoy the goodness that has become this variety show. On the other hand, though, the end is most definitely in sight. *bawls* Why, oh, why must all good things come to an end?! *sniffles*

Dost thou think that I am being too melodramatic? If so, I doubt thou hast seen this celebrity team of swimmers, their camaraderie, the cuteness of their Ace, the various stand-out characters like the “Real Body,” etc. Because if thou had, thou wouldst understand the acute sense of loss that viewers like me are experiencing right now…and feeling the same emotions as well.

*gathers self together and shakes off the doldrums*

Enough silliness for today! 🙂 When I get melodramatic, I tend to get a bit silly. 😉 On to the wonderful episode!

Video: Compliments of KBS World TV on YouTube

Musings: For the finale, each team member is asked to recruit someone whom they would like to see in the final competition, perhaps someone who needs to shine a second time or someone who didn’t get a first opportunity. The various phone calls are interesting in and of themselves, but my favorite one was the one between Yuri and Soo Young (of SNSD) and how Yuri tries to tempt Soo Young by telling her that Lee Jae Yoon oppa will be on location. Soo Young’s reaction is priceless! lol. And of course, she doesn’t realize that the phone call is being broadcast!

The hilarity doesn’t stop there, though, as the team reports in front of KBS studio at the crack of dawn to film an opening and head out to their final competition against four teams. Dressed in matching team uniforms, the team clearly reflects the solidarity that they’ve been building together for the past few months…such poignancy as this will be their last competition together as a team! *sniffles* The next sport on the agenda? Judo…Hmmm…I don’t know how I feel about this. Perhaps I’ll tune in if either Sung Hoon or Jae Yoon make a reappearance. 😉

The team’s unity is in full force as they board the bus and discuss the past few months together and even play games. For what, you ask? Heh…for food, obviously! And guess who loses because everyone–except Yuri–schemed against the main MC, Kang Ho Dong? 😉

I have to admit that the strategic meeting of the various teams along the trip down to the competition was fun but a bit drawn out. I wanted more of the celebrity team and less of the guest teams, but what is one to do…except enjoy what the producers give us. 😛

The big news of the episode, of course, is that after so many weeks of not being qualified to compete, Seo Ji Seok finally earns the opportunity to compete in the 50m backstroke. Woohoo~! Our little swimming chick has earned his swimming rights. Aw…

In any case, you all know that I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. I’ll end my musings here…before I go into fangirl mode again. 😉 I hope you get a chance to watch this entertaining episode. I’ll see you next Tuesday for the final…Episode 124!

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