Cool Kiz on the Block: Swimming (Episode 122)

Cool Kiz 122.1
Translation: “Jo Hyeon Ju, fighting!”

Happy Tuesday, Twinkles! Here’s the next installment of my new corner featuring Cool Kiz on the Block: Swimming. 🙂 You can check out the post for Episode 121 (here).

Episode 122 features Hong Seok Cheon, Jo Hyeon Ju, and a rival team of siblings. This episode packs in a whole lot of goodness starting with the comedic antics of Hong Seok Cheon, transitioning to the impressive swimming feats of Olympic hopeful Jo Hyeon Ju, and then culminating with a thrilling relay race against a team of siblings.

The Cool Kiz team is coming together quite nicely…okay, perhaps not the beginners’ team, but still…the team is coming together as a team, and that’s all that we can expect, right? 😉 Let’s take a look at the episode!

Video: Compliments of KBS World TV on YouTube

Musings: By now, we know that the beginners’ team compete for the opportunity to race in that day’s events, and in this episode, Hong Seok Cheon is invited to give the “chicks” (Korean nickname for beginners) a run for their money. Of course, Hong Seok Cheon adds another layer of comedy as he gushes over the head coach, calling her his muse and inspiration to swimming, before he promptly beats out all–yes, all!–the beginners. Heh, I guess Sean, Kang Ho Dong, Jung Hyung Don, and Seo Ji Seok aren’t men. *grins cheekily* Prior to the race, Hong Seok Cheon had taunted the guys with the comment that if they couldn’t beat him, they shouldn’t consider themselves men. *rolls on floor laughing*

Cool Kiz 122

Can you see the defeat in their eyes already in this screen capture before the race? They don’t even come close to beating him since he’s already standing and waiting for them as they splash to the end of the pool. Heh.

With all the beginners eliminated from competing, they are then introduced to a “real” swimmer, a 15-year-0ld (16 years in Korean age) 9th grader who currently holds the Korean women’s record for both the 400m and 800m freestyle.

*pauses to let that sink in* 

Jo Hyeon Ju is only 15, but she holds the Korean women’s record for two long-distance swimming events!!! Wow~! Impressive, wouldn’t you say?

To sufficiently demonstrate her prowess in the waters, the team (including former national team men’s swimmer Coach Yu) compete against the 2016 Olympic hopeful. That’s a total of 10 swimmers who take turns swimming either 50m or 25m of the entire 400m length while Hyeon Ju swims the entire 400m on her own…and yet she still wins.

*blinks* Dang…she’s good. And she’s not even out of breath when she finishes!

Well, the team may not have won against the next Korean swimming darling, but they certainly win against the team of siblings who collectively hold a total of about 300 medals. Impressive, huh? I’d like to think that the team is definitely coming together as a team, especially now that Sung Hoon isn’t the only strong swimmer on the team. Lee Jae Yoon and Eun Ji Won round out the team’s ability to pull out a definite win. 😀

I hope you get a chance to watch this entertaining episode. I’ll see you next Tuesday for Episode 123. 😉

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