Cool Kiz on the Block: Judo – Episode 126

Cool Kiz 126.1

We’re back with Cool Kiz on the Block: Judo Episode 126, and I’ll be upfront with you all: I love this segment as much as I did the swimming one! Not only am I learning an awful lot about the world of judo, but I’m getting an education in the most entertaining way imaginable! Seriously, if you haven’t seen an episode yet, you’re going to want to check out this episode. More than anything else, though, the coaches truly make this variety show worth watching! If you don’t believe me, just take a look for yourself. 😉

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Musings: Because Jung Hyung Don was hospitalized during this filming–he developed pneumonia–his friend/arch rival, Sung Si Kyung, substituted for him to some hilarious results. And then of course, right before he had to leave for another scheduled filming elsewhere, he provided one of the guest judges a memory she will probably not forget for a long time. 🙂

For me, although I enjoyed watching the celebrities, the true stars of this segment  are really the coaches; they’re the ones who keep me coming back for more.

Cool Kiz 126.2

In my mind, Coach Lee (left in above picture) is the serious and respectful coach while Coach Cho (right in above picture) provides the comic relief and gives Kang Ho Dong and Jung Hyung Don stiff competition in the comedy arena. Truly, I dare you to tell me that you didn’t laugh out loud when Coach Cho demonstrated the “falling while wearing high heels” technique? Or what about the Spiderman Wall Walk? I totally chuckled when Lee Hoon–or was it Ko Se Won–said that more than the speed, it was the sound of Coach Cho rapidly approaching that freaked him out. LOL.

Then the team was joined by two guests who put a new spin on male-female equality. Twinkles, I introduce you to two of Korea’s amazing female judo Olympians/coaches:

Cool Kiz 126.3

Coach Kim Mi Jung is the 1992 gold medalist whose entire family is involved at the international level as world-class athletes (husband and son).

Cool Kiz 126.4

Coach Cho Min Sun is the 1996 gold medalist who was praised by her coach as a rare athlete whom he may see once in about 100 world-class athletes…if he’s lucky. Hmmm…high praise, indeed, but when you see her pin down the guys, you’ll quickly see why she earned this praise.

It was a rare treat to see these four coaches show the celebrity rookies the basics of judo…and they did it with so much style and panache! 🙂 I especially loved when Coach Cho Min Sun demonstrated how she used to pick on Coach Lee Won Hee when he was a ninth grader. Pfffft. She reenacts how she used to grab him by the collar and drag him out onto the mat. *chuckles* And Coach Lee is so respectful of his sunbae that it’s absolutely heartwarming.

*happy sigh* Can I just have a pocket-sized Coach Lee and Coach Cho (Jun Ho) to carry around with me? It’s only the second episode, and I already love them to pieces!

Oh, and let’s not forget Coach Cho’s (Min Sun) blush as Sung Si Kyung serenaded her. *chuckles* She was absolutely adorable trying to keep a straight face during the song. lol Her response after the song? “He’s definitely a singer.” Pffffft. And this was, of course, after telling them that she loves judo because she can let go of her temper when she competes. What a contrast! 😉

Oh yeah, Cool Kiz on the Block: Judo is definitely a keeper for me! You can expect more posts on this series in the weeks to come. 🙂 Stay tuned for Episode 127 when the celebrity team finally gets to compete…against a group of ninth graders. 🙂 See you next week then!

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  1. Omg, SSK was busted in a sec! I loved how they used BridaMask mask…
    Why can’t be more JunHo Cho in this world?!!!!! I adore every bits of his character.
    When he demonstrated new High Heels fall again…I laughed my but* off!
    Lol, they made Real body as nemesis…Cho is so cute in his fails.
    Lady Prof.were adorable, Wohnie showed his respect and cutness.
    But my personally best is Bruce Lee Cho move.
    So many fun moments…it was indeed good ep.

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