City Hunter Episodes 19 and 20 Links

Episode 19:
Episode 20:

I’m looking forward to the end of summer when life can resume back to normal for me…perhaps then, I can do some recapping for you kind people!  🙂 Until then, stay cool in the heat!

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2 thoughts on “City Hunter Episodes 19 and 20 Links”

  1. I thought this drama was great because of the action; however, after watching Killer Girl K; I’ve rethought that assessment. Even though I love Lee Min Ho and overall, the story was good; there were parts of it I was shaking my head. The love story was cute but not earth shattering; action good but not great. Things happened that I did not like but its definitely worth the watch.

    1. Never saw Killer Girl K…City Hunter was a drama I didn’t get to watch, but perhaps I’ll catch up on it during the winter break. 🙂 Glad you found my site!

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