Friday Fun: Unnies (언니쓰) – “Right?” (맞지?)

Happy Friday, Twinkles~!

I bet you’re surprised to hear from me before my self-imposed September comeback, huh? 😉

Although I’m still dealing with Real Life in all its various shades of joys and struggles, I just couldn’t resist sharing with you something that’s been giving me great joy these past couple of months.

There’s a new girl group in K-pop, and Unnies is making a name for itself! Not only is this newbie group comprised of seven extremely talented women in their respective professions, the members span an unprecedented age range from the teens to the forties! The variety show world–despite the sometimes lackluster ratings–has been rocked with mirth and warm fuzzies as these women bond together to forge the newest K-pop girl group, and now they are taking the K-pop industry by storm! At least I think so! And if the music charts can be believed, so does the rest of the K-pop world! 😉

So…since sharing is caring, I wanted to share with you something that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and a light skip or two to your hearts! And if you follow the Sister’s Slam Dunk Season 2 show, the “extras” in the music video are going to have you chuckling in appreciation! 🙂 Continue reading Friday Fun: Unnies (언니쓰) – “Right?” (맞지?)

Friday Fun: Block B – “Yesterday”

Happy Friday, Twinkles~! I hope you’re all staying warm and anticipating the weekend!

For today’s selection, I thought that I’d share with you a recent “find” of mine–Park Kyung. I first saw him as the “idol brainiac” on the tvN show, Problematic Men, and instantly became smitten with his persona.

Simply put, the show is a brain-teaser for anyone, but for those who find intelligent people attractive…well, it’s television at its best then! If nothing else, the show feeds the eyes and the brain. 🙂

Who knew that I’d come to love Park Kyung’s trademark expression of “Bam!” and his corresponding arm gesture? LOL. Shall we take a look at the FF…?  Continue reading Friday Fun: Block B – “Yesterday”

Friday Fun: Park Jin Joo


Hi, Twinkles~! It’s been a while, huh? My apologies! I’ve certainly been remiss in my blogging, huh? 🙁

Well…I was going to wait until my final exams and grades were all posted to resume blogging, but I just couldn’t resist sharing with you my newest pixie crush. 😉 Yup, it’s Park Jin Joo who stole many of our hearts in Jealousy Incarnate as the deadpan nurse who masterfully handled our recalcitrant Lee Hwa Shin. 🙂 Once you see her, I think you may just end up developing a pixie crush yourselves. 🙂

So…here’s a return to our weekly “Friday Fun” with two songs that are designed to uplift your spirits and set your feet tapping. 🙂  Continue reading Friday Fun: Park Jin Joo

Monday Fuzzies and Funnies: 1 Night/ 2 Days – Episode 603

1N2D 603.1

As we begin the week, I thought that I’d try out a new little corner to help us through the Monday blahs and call it “Fuzzies and Funnies.” 🙂

It’s scenes like this one that often remind me that our beloved and sometimes not-so-beloved celebrities are part of a family, susceptible to all the human emotions that we feel (probably more so given the level of scrutiny focused on their lives). This is one of the reasons why I try to refrain from personally criticizing people I don’t know–they are someone’s son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, etc. I guess you can call it my small effort to give them some privacy in an otherwise public life. *sheepish grin*

So for today’s first “Fuzzies and Funnies,” I bring to you two clips that are designed to warm our hearts and tickle our bellies. Our beloved Yoon Shi Yoon gets to visit his maternal grandparents and share some heartwarming moments with us. You ready to enjoy a few minutes of beautiful fuzzies and belly-clutching funnies? 😉  Continue reading Monday Fuzzies and Funnies: 1 Night/ 2 Days – Episode 603

2 Days and 1 Night: Endorphin Injection!


Whether you know this long-running variety show as 2 Days and 1 Night or 1 Night and 2 Days, the title matters little in comparison to the hilarious content that gets broadcast each weekend. And oh my is this featured game hilarious!

Seriously, I haven’t laughed this hard in quite some time, and as we hurdle through the mid-week hump today, I thought that this challenge that the men of 2D1N have to complete would be the perfect thing to give us that extra boost of endorphin (aka laughter) to get us through the rest of the week…and I don’t think you need to have English subtitles for this. After all, laughter and silliness are universal! Continue reading 2 Days and 1 Night: Endorphin Injection!

Friday Fun: Heo Young Saeng (허영생) and Lee Jung Hyuk (이정혁) – “Mirotic” (주문)

FF 07-08-16

It’s Friday, Twinkles! I hope you’re ready to put the work/study week behind you and relax with this week’s Friday selection. 🙂

This week, instead of choosing a soothing song, I thought I’d introduce you to a song that I’ve been listening to as I grade. Time and time again, I’ve found myself returning to this video clip and listening to this powerful rendition of DBSK‘s “Mirotic,” sung by Heo Young Saeng–my favorite SS501 member–and his singing partner on Duet Song FestivalLee Jung Hyuk, whose powerful gravelly voice is already making him a strong contender on the show.

Keep in mind that I’m not a big fan of DBSK or the song “Mirotic,” but this rendition is something else! Shall we take a listen? 😉  Continue reading Friday Fun: Heo Young Saeng (허영생) and Lee Jung Hyuk (이정혁) – “Mirotic” (주문)

Five Children: Happy Together Special (Sung Hoon and Shin Hye Sun) – Episode 455

Five Children HT 2.2

Happy Thursday, Twinkles! The English-subbed video of the Sung Hoon – Shin Hye Sun Happy Together episode just became available, and of course, I had to share the news and video of it with you all before I left for work. 😉

Enjoy! And may it help brighten your day today!  Continue reading Five Children: Happy Together Special (Sung Hoon and Shin Hye Sun) – Episode 455

Five Children: Happy Together Special

Five Children - HT.1

Happy July 4th, Twinkles~! Especially to those of you in the United States as we celebrate our nation’s Independence Day. 🙂

Now that I’m “back,” I thought that I would share with you an episode from Happy Together, featuring five cast members from one of my current favorite shows, Five Children (2016). Isn’t this a nice way to start the work/study week? 😉 And the best part? It’s subbed in English! 🙂

Enjoy~! And have a victorious week! Continue reading Five Children: Happy Together Special

Musing for Today: Sibling Love

So Eul Da Eul

Siblings, like so many things in our world, can be a source of great strife and pain, but they can also be a rich source of endless love and support. We’ve seen this demonstrated time and time again in our personal lives, in the lives of our beloved K-drama characters, and most recently in the lives of the newest little munchkins in The Return of Superman.

Week after week, Lee Da Eul unashamedly displays his love and affection for his older sister, Lee So Eul, by shadowing her every move. Talk about imitation being the sincerest form of flattery! If you haven’t seen these two in action, you absolutely must. They are sweetness and love all bottled up in pint-size munchkin bodies! *squees from cuteness overload*

Recently, I received an email from one of my silent Twinkles–we’ve long accepted the fact that many of you are silent readers; yes, I’m talking about most of you reading this right now LOL–and her email made me think a great deal about sibling love and just how beautiful a thing it is. Continue reading Musing for Today: Sibling Love

The Return of Superman: New Munchkin on the Block

Superman 2016.1

Yup, you read the title correctly. There’s a new little munchkin on The Return of Superman block, and it’s an adorable little 8-month-old girl named, Ki Ro Hui. Let’s take a quick peek at the newest members of the Superman family.  Continue reading The Return of Superman: New Munchkin on the Block

Lee Sang Woo: Happy Together with Eugene

All about My Mom (2015) Happy Together

I was taking a short break between grading sessions tonight and realized that I never shared this video clip with you all. Let’s remedy this oversight, shall we? 😉

Calling all Lee Sang Woo and/or Eugene fans~! You may want to check out their Happy Together episode that was aired earlier this fall season in conjunction with their work on All about My Mom. Enjoy! Continue reading Lee Sang Woo: Happy Together with Eugene

Cool Kiz on the Block: Judo – Episode 126

Cool Kiz 126.1

We’re back with Cool Kiz on the Block: Judo Episode 126, and I’ll be upfront with you all: I love this segment as much as I did the swimming one! Not only am I learning an awful lot about the world of judo, but I’m getting an education in the most entertaining way imaginable! Seriously, if you haven’t seen an episode yet, you’re going to want to check out this episode. More than anything else, though, the coaches truly make this variety show worth watching! If you don’t believe me, just take a look for yourself. 😉 Continue reading Cool Kiz on the Block: Judo – Episode 126

Cool Kiz on the Block: Judo – Episode 125

Cool Kiz 125.1

Woohoo~! KBS World TV has finally uploaded the first episode of the Cool Kiz on the Block: Judo segment! *celebrates with a happy Snoopy dance* So we’re only two weeks behind Korea’s live broadcast…I can live with that. 😉

If you haven’t seen the episode yet–partly because you’re still mourning the end of the Swimming segment–I think you should give it a try. Not only will you learn some new and interesting things about judo, but the show unveils new things about our team members…even though this is the tenth sport of the series. Yup! I was highly amused and amazed by the things I learned in this episode. 🙂  Continue reading Cool Kiz on the Block: Judo – Episode 125

Bulletin Board: October 18, 2015


Happy Sunday, Twinkles! I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful Sunday! 😀

As long as last week’s bulletin board post was, this week’s post is going to be just as unexpectedly…short. Surprised? lol Let’s just say that I’ve been publishing more posts this past week than before, so I thought that I’d give you all a chance to check out the previous week’s postings and not be deluged with another long list of announcements today.

Hmmm…or it could just be that my little brain is tired from thinking, teaching, and grading. lol. In any case, shall we get started on the announcements? 😉
Continue reading Bulletin Board: October 18, 2015

Tea Time: Episode 1

Tea Time Ep 1

Some of you may have already seen this, but I’m adding this video to the blog since I’m planning on incorporating more of a link between the blog and the YouTube channel. 🙂 Please excuse the duplication from the bulletin post (here).  Continue reading Tea Time: Episode 1

Bulletin Board: October 11, 2015


Happy Sunday, Twinkles! I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful Sunday! 😀

I’ve got a number of announcements to make, so I’m just going to delve right in. No preliminary chit chat today!  think this may be my longest bulletin board to date. 😉
Continue reading Bulletin Board: October 11, 2015

Cool Kiz on the Block: Swimming (Episode 124 – Finale)

Cool Kiz 124

OK, I have a confession to make: I debated whether to blog about this final episode or to simply prolong it for an indefinite amount of time and just pretend that the end didn’t happen. *sigh* Obviously, I decided to be “adult” about the whole thing and blog what is to be our final segment of this lovely show. *swallows tears* Sung Hoooooooon, my swimming ACE! I’m going to miss you!

As you can already tell from my introduction, this is a bittersweet episode for me to blog…all the more so because of what happens to my dear swimming ace. *sigh* Let’s just delve right in…before I decide to not be an “adult” after all. 😛

Continue reading Cool Kiz on the Block: Swimming (Episode 124 – Finale)

Cool Kiz on the Block: Swimming (Episode 123)

Cool Kiz 123.1

Whoever said that all good things must come to an end needs to revise that statement.

*huffs and puffs in indignation* Seriously! Why must all good things come to an end? Why?

Episode 123 marks the first part of a two-part finale of the Cool Kiz on the Block: Swimming segment. *heavy sigh* The good news is that the producers took pity on us viewers and filmed the final episode in two parts so that we can thoroughly enjoy the goodness that has become this variety show. On the other hand, though, the end is most definitely in sight. *bawls* Why, oh, why must all good things come to an end?! *sniffles*

Dost thou think that I am being too melodramatic? If so, I doubt thou hast seen this celebrity team of swimmers, their camaraderie, the cuteness of their Ace, the various stand-out characters like the “Real Body,” etc. Because if thou had, thou wouldst understand the acute sense of loss that viewers like me are experiencing right now…and feeling the same emotions as well.

*gathers self together and shakes off the doldrums*

Enough silliness for today! 🙂 When I get melodramatic, I tend to get a bit silly. 😉 On to the wonderful episode!

Continue reading Cool Kiz on the Block: Swimming (Episode 123)

Cool Kiz on the Block: Swimming (Episode 122)

Cool Kiz 122.1
Translation: “Jo Hyeon Ju, fighting!”

Happy Tuesday, Twinkles! Here’s the next installment of my new corner featuring Cool Kiz on the Block: Swimming. 🙂 You can check out the post for Episode 121 (here).

Episode 122 features Hong Seok Cheon, Jo Hyeon Ju, and a rival team of siblings. This episode packs in a whole lot of goodness starting with the comedic antics of Hong Seok Cheon, transitioning to the impressive swimming feats of Olympic hopeful Jo Hyeon Ju, and then culminating with a thrilling relay race against a team of siblings.

The Cool Kiz team is coming together quite nicely…okay, perhaps not the beginners’ team, but still…the team is coming together as a team, and that’s all that we can expect, right? 😉 Let’s take a look at the episode! Continue reading Cool Kiz on the Block: Swimming (Episode 122)