News: Going on a Temporary Hiatus

Dear Twinkles,

From time to time, real life takes up so much time that my playtime in Kdramaland gets affected. Boo~! Today is such a time. Double boo~!

For the next few months, probably until the end of summer, I’ll be going on a hiatus–a temporary one–so I hope you’ll stick around and patiently wait for my return. 🙂

In the meanwhile, NewKDramaAddict will still be posting her “Movie Monday” posts over at her website (here) as real life allows her. 🙂

Until September then, my dear Twinkles…~!

News: The Battleship Island (2017)

Let me first preface this post by confessing that I just got home from a 3-hour evening lecture, so I’m feeling a bit drained. I make no promises of complete coherence in this post. 😉

Barring certain lapses in coherent English, though, I just couldn’t resist sharing with you a trailer that I saw earlier today. Truthfully, I almost jumped out of my skin when I saw it during my lunch break.

You ready to see why, despite my tiredness and resolution to only blog on Fridays and Sunday evenings, I caved and am now blogging on a Wednesday night when I should already be asleep or at least getting ready to sleep? 😛

Get prepared to scream, Twinkles~! Some of our favorite eye candies are heading to the big screen in a historical movie of epic proportions, one that is clearly determined to wring out every last vestige of tears in our bodies if the trailer is any indication!

Doubt me? Take a look at this trailer and see for yourself…  Continue reading News: The Battleship Island (2017)

News: I’ll Be Back…

TM Bears (2014)

I really thought that I would be able to continue blogging during the last few weeks of my spring term, but alas…I took a look at my to-grade list today and finally accepted the fact that survival and sanity come way before any fun that can be had romping in Kdramaland.

So…I shall be back in mid-June once final term grades are posted for my students. *sigh* And I had such high hopes of keeping Monday warm while NewKDramaAddict was on break by reprising the “Marathon Drama” corner. Ah well…we shall just have to look forward to the summer months when I’ll have more time to romp with you all here in Kdramaland. The good news is that the summer will herald the return of some of my favorite corners on this blog. 🙂

Stay tuned, my dear Twinkles~! In the meanwhile, I shall miss romping with you for the next few weeks. *waves farewell*

News: Change…


Hi, Twinkles! Thanks for your patience while my webmaster took care of the technical problems with the blog. As you can see, the website is running on a simplified theme right now until more permanent measures can be established.

I’ll definitely keep you posted. In the meanwhile, I wish you all a relaxing weekend! Keep your eyes out for this week’s bulletin board post; I’ll be making some big announcements then.

News: Hiatus for Snoopy’s Twinkie


The end-of-the-term time is once again upon us, and I’m finding that this term, I’m a bit more pressed for time than in the past. As such, sad as I am to be typing this post, I’m going to be taking a self-imposed hiatus from my little Kdramaland play world until my RL duties for work and school are under control.

Fear not, though, Twinkles! I shall be back within the month. In the meanwhile, NewKDramaAddict will be holding down the fort with her ever-constant “Movie Monday” corner. 🙂 And…you can always revisit past posts to keep yourselves entertained until I return. 🙂

I shall miss writing posts for you to read and interacting with you, but rest assured…I shall return! 🙂 Until then, I wish you all the best…!

News: Let’s Eat Season 2

Let's Eat Season 2

For those of you who fell in love with one of tvN’s quirky little rom-com, Let’s Eat, you’re in for a treat as the cable network has decided to continue the story of Gu Dae Young, the foodie and blogger extraordinaire. Woohoo~! Continue reading News: Let’s Eat Season 2

Song Il Gook Interview

Superman 16

Entertainment Weekly caught up with one of Superman‘s dads, Song Il Gook, during his photoshoot for outdoor wear, and our Captain Song continues to demonstrate just how savvy he is in not only the daddy department but also the husband dept.

Let’s check out the interview… Continue reading Song Il Gook Interview

News: Sorry for the Disruption

GD 10.8

Since the wee hours of Sunday morning until earlier this evening (Monday), I shared Jae Woo’s feelings (picture above) as I witnessed the sudden “blackout” of the Musings website and had limited ways to notify you of the unexpected technical difficulties.  Continue reading News: Sorry for the Disruption

News: Makeover Time!


Some of you may be surprised to see our little community looking so…um…colorless for lack of a better word. LOL. My apologies. Musings of  Twinkie is currently undergoing the hinted at “makeover” and will, hopefully, be back to its “colorful” state in no time. 🙂 Until then, hang loose and feel free to continue to romp here! You can find new posts right below this one. 😉

News: The Three Musketeers (2014)

TM Teaser 1

The summer lineup just isn’t letting up. Slated for an August broadcast, CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa joins creative forces with Lee Jin WookSeo Hyun JinYang Dong Geun, and a slew of other actors to bring Korea’s version of The Three Musketeers, a timeless story by the immortalized French writer Alexandre DumasContinue reading News: The Three Musketeers (2014)

News: Calling All g.o.d. Fans! – Teaser 5 (Yoon Kye Sang)

god teaser 5

The final installment of the SidusHQ’s g.o.d. teaser series has just aired on YouTube. You can take a look at the clip below.

As I suspected, Yoon Kye Sang‘s portion alludes to his “successful” transition from music to the small screen as an actor. Perhaps it was my high expectations for his teaser, but as much as I appreciated the teaser’s implied statement, I found myself wanting more…What exactly that “more” entails, I have no idea. 😛

Shall we take a look at his teaser? 😉  Continue reading News: Calling All g.o.d. Fans! – Teaser 5 (Yoon Kye Sang)

News: Calling All g.o.d. Fans! – Teaser 4 (Park Joon Hyung)

god teaser 4

I had a sneaking suspicion that the last teaser was going to be of the long-absent Yoon Kye Sang, and today’s fourth installment of SidusHQ’s teaser series just confirmed this suspicion.

However, let’s not let Yoon Kye Sang’s long-anticipated return to the group overshadow this teaser featuring the group’s leader Park Joon Hyung. As the eldest hyung, Park Joon Hyung commands a certain level of awe and respect, not just by his sheer size and deep voice but also by his…presence. I don’t know how else to describe it.

Shall we take a look at his teaser? 😉  Continue reading News: Calling All g.o.d. Fans! – Teaser 4 (Park Joon Hyung)

News: Calling All g.o.d. Fans! – Teaser 3 (Kim Tae Woo)

g.o.d. Teaser 3 Kim Tae Woo

Woohoo~! The teaser that I’ve been anticipating has finally hit the airwaves! 🙂

*chants Kim Tae Woo Kim Tae Woo Kim Tae Woo*

Self-dubbed “T-soul,” the “soulful” main vocals of g.o.d. features in this third teaser to announce the much-anticipated return of all FIVE members of the group g.o.d. in celebration of their 15th anniversary. The irony is that I was totally not into the group back in their heyday, but recently, with my interest in Kim Tae Woo’s music, I’ve found myself listening to their old albums and liking what I hear. 😀  Continue reading News: Calling All g.o.d. Fans! – Teaser 3 (Kim Tae Woo)

News: Calling All g.o.d. Fans! – Teaser 2 (Danny Ahn)

god teaser 2

The second teaser to announce the much-anticipated return of all FIVE members of the group g.o.d. features Danny Ahn, and I’ve got to say that I like his teaser more than I did Son Ho Young’s (here). Take a look and let me know if you agree. There’s just something very appealing about the contrasting scenes of dark and light, underscoring Danny Ahn’s foray into the acting world and his love of cars.   Continue reading News: Calling All g.o.d. Fans! – Teaser 2 (Danny Ahn)

News: Calling All g.o.d. Fans!

god teaser 1

Many of you may have already heard, but if you haven’t, you’re hearing it now: the legendary “boy group” g.o.d. is reuniting in honor of its 15th Anniversary. And this time, all FIVE members will be in attendance. Woohoo~!  Continue reading News: Calling All g.o.d. Fans!

Glorious Day: Press Conference

GD Press Conference
Good morning, Twinkles!

The Kdrama world was abuzz earlier this week with news of a Glorious Day press conference. Needless to say, the event was a relatively quiet affair designed to generate more interest in the series now that the all-consuming tragedy of the ferry accident has subsided just a tad bit. Given the nature of the Korean culture and community mindset, many aspects of Korean life are still affected by the recent tragedy. 🙁

In any case, below is a clip of the press conference. I probably won’t get around to translating all of the video, but I thought that some of you might be interested in at least seeing it. 🙂 Enjoy!  Continue reading Glorious Day: Press Conference

News: Yoon Shi Yoon Begins His Military Service


Known for his boyish smile and squeaky-clean good looks, Yoon Shi Yoon has joined the list of growing number of Korean celebrities who are opting to serve their mandatory military services quietly and without the usual circus of media fanfare.   Continue reading News: Yoon Shi Yoon Begins His Military Service

News: SBS Spring 2014 Dramas

SBS Spring 2014

As some of you may have already guessed, I’m a bit partial to SBS dramas. 🙂 Perhaps it’s because I’m subscribed to their YouTube channel and receive timely updates and news, or perhaps it’s simply because the studio churns out drama series that tickle my fancy. 😀

Whatever the reason may be, I’ve got three new series for Spring 2014 to share with you. I hope you’re excited because after not really watching a series for the past few weeks/months–mainly due to Real Life if I’m going to be fair to the series that aired during the winter months–I’m excited for these three. The only question in my mind now is how I’m going to bend time to watch them…not to mention blog about them. 😉

Let’s take a look at the three upcoming series from SBS… Continue reading News: SBS Spring 2014 Dramas

News: Happy 10th Birthday, Bentley!


It’s that time of year again when we Twinkles celebrate the birthday of our “unofficial” mascot, Bentley (also affectionately dubbed His Royal Fluffiness). 😉

I hope you’ll join me in wishing my petite yet fiercely loyal and temperamental canine a very happy birthday. He’s turning the big 1-0 today!

Woohoo~! *blows noisemaker*

If you’re new to this site and wonder about this random appearance of a dog, you can see his earlier birthday celebrations  from 2012 (here) and 2013 (here). Let’s hope that he continues to provide us with many adorable moments for years to come! 😉 Happy birthday, B!