Walk down Memory Lane: Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 16

Who could ever forget the comedic scene between Moon Jae Shin and Lee Sun Joon?! “The butt battle” was too priceless for words. I think I ended up on the floor–literally–laughing until tears rolled from my eyes as these two grown men battled for supremacy over who got to sleep next to Kim Yoon Hee. And then when I thought I couldn’t handle another second of the silliness, guess who crashes the butt battle? 

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Walk down Memory Lane: Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 15

As I work on recapping Arang and the Magistrate Episode 19 and Episode 20 this weekend, I thought some of you would like to read another installment of “Walk down Memory Lane.” I hope you enjoy! And thanks for your patience as you wait for me to watch and recap. 🙂  And yes, I was one of those weirdos who was pushing for Moon Jae Shin and Kim Yoon Hee as evidenced by my picture selections. LOL Continue reading Walk down Memory Lane: Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 15

Walk down Memory Lane: Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 14

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Walk down Memory Lane: Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 13

Probably one of the most memorable and heartbreaking piggy-back rides in my memory of Kdramas, this ride that Moon Jae Shin gives Yoon Hee will remain as one of my top three piggy-back rides of all time, a fact that I mentioned in Jules’ great “The Thursday Three: September 27th” post. In addition to this piggy-back ride, episode 13 was also the episode that had our two principals literally fighting it out on the field during sports day. Needless to say, it was an awesome watch! 🙂  Continue reading Walk down Memory Lane: Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 13

Walk down Memory Lane: Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 11 – Part 3

How adorable were these two?

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Walk down Memory Lane: Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 11 – Part 2

Here’s the second part of Episode 11. In total, I ended up writing three separate posts for episode 11. As you’ll soon see in the days to come, I slowly figured out a method to my “blogging.”

If you’re wondering why I included so many translations of the dialogue, it was because one of the English-subtitled video websites was unable to provide videos due to legal complications with KBS, so I was trying to fill the “void” with translations for the non-Korean-speaking population since no one could find access to English-subbed videos for a while.

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Walk down Memory Lane: Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 11

For those of you who joined this community after SKKS ended, you missed my first efforts at blogging. LOL. I laugh because, as you’ll soon see, I hadn’t quite gotten into the groove of blogging–no structure, no pictures, etc.

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SKKS OST Bargain!

Hi everyone,
I was just doing some web surfing before heading off to bed when I decided to visit an old site I haven’t visited in ages: Yesasia.com.  I was so excited that I wanted to share this piece of information with those of you who are interested in purchasing some music for listening in your cars or wherever.  The website has a website for US and Canada shipping and then a separate one for “global” shipping to other countries.  Just type “Yesasia.com.”

In any case, they are having a massive clearance right now. I just purchased the SKKS OST for $3.99 and the Boys Over flowers Part 2 OST for $3.99!  I think if you spend $39, the shipping is free, too, so I treated myself to a way early birthday treat and got the Shin Seung Heun Masterpiece Collection ($6.99) and 2AM CD ($4.99) and a few other items to bring up the total for free shipping.  Needless to say, whenever I watch the dramas, I’m really bad with learning the title of songs, so this will be a great way for me to learn them as I listen to the CDs on my way to and from work.

Now I’d really better get to bed.  It’s 2AM, and I’ve got a 6:30AM morning call.  😛  Good night, everyone!  Hope this news makes some of you as happy as it did me!  Until next time!

SKKS Episode 19 summary / recap…done!

Please refer to previous posts for who the initials refer to:

(a lot of quick scene changes) K opens the chest, which is the symbol of the birth of a nation/etc. Meanwhile, M fights off the guards. Back at the JongMyong, L scolds K for coming alone…doesn’t she realize how dangerous it is? K, however, numbly replies that it’s not there. Outside on the road, M continues to fight the guards. Back inside, L doesn’t know how to react to her news, but then he notices that K is wearing his ring on a necklace and embraces her, much to K’s surprise. He tells her that he was afraid she was going to get hurt. Back on the road, M suffers a sword wound and barely manages to fend off another swing but is unable to avoid suffering a greater wound to his side. Just when things seem fatal for M, one of the guards approaches and reports to the main guard (the one who delivered all those wounds to M) that there’s no one inside. While their attention is diverted, M quickly hobbles away to safety, his side bleeding profusely.

L and K run with their hands firmly clasped together. They duck behind a wall when they see a patrol of guards running nearby. They look at each other in concern as they overhear the guards saying that HBS went this way and that they need to capture HBS.

G helps lead some peasants/commoners toward SKK and urges them to quickly get to Banchon/SKK with the wounded M, who is being carried on the back of one of the men. G assures them that once they’re safely in SKK, the guards won’t be able to do anything to them.

ByungPan consults with the guards and HIS on what’s been going on and asks if HBS was helped by the king’s men again. They reply that they don’t think it was the king’s men but someone else (didn’t quite catch the Korean). HIS then adds that there is someone at SKK who doesn’t really belong at SKK and fits the guard’s description.

Safely back in SKK, K tells L that she thinks they should go out and look for M and G since the curfew is fast approaching. Two servants come through the gate and state that it’s almost curfew. Although the headmaster is not there, they plan on carrying out their duties fully by enforcing the curfew for one thing. In concern, K and L don’t know what to do. As K paces a bit, she notices G carrying a severely wounded M.

G gently puts M down in his room. L sees the concern that G has for M (perhaps understanding a bit more fully G’s concern/love for M). K waits outside the room, concerned but unable to go inside now that her sex has been revealed (especially since L wouldn’t like it…HA!).

At this time, the gates of SKK are forced open and guards rush inside. The two servants are beside themselves since guards are NOT allowed inside the gates of SKK, no matter what the circumstances. The head servant demands what they are doing here. Don’t they realize that this is SKK. In reply, HIS comes in through the gate and says that it’s with the authority vested in his position as student body president that he is allowing the guards into SKK.

Scholars in several rooms abruptly wake up and huddle in fear as they hear/sense the guards (LOL). K also looks startled as she hears the guards. In G’s room, both L and G look at each other in concern as they sense the disturbance.

Outside, the servants try to block the guards’ progression through SKK, saying that they cannot enter here (the library). Disregarding the warning, the guards rampage through the library (the sacred room of knowledge!), tossing books down. IBC and his friend (the friend looks so cute and sad here) look on, and the friend even hunches down to hold a tossed book in his arms as though to protect it from the disrespectful and rough hands of the guards. In audio, HIS’s voice is heard as he commands the head guard that the guard’s first priority is to find HBS and then also secretly find the location of the GeumDeungJiSa. (GDJS). HIS adds that if the scholars didn’t take it to the palace yet, then it’s certainly hidden somewhere in SKK. Meanwhile, the SKK scholars are all chased out of their quarters by guards who ransack their rooms. The guards continue their rough search of the rooms and classrooms. K panics as the guards and HIS approach G’s room.

Inside G’s room, G makes a move to go outside. L detains him, asking him if he plans on trying to avert danger using the same tactic as last time. G asks L what he means by that. Outside, HIS calmly (and smugly) asks K if he’s seen HBS since there’s been a report that HBS has entered SKK. Back inside the room, G is stunned that L wants to confess that he’s HBS in order to avert real danger for M. L explains that in all the things in Josun (Korea), there is something that he wants to protect and not give up…his faith in right/justice (rough translation). He cannot allow M, in his current state, to be sent to jail.

Outside, HIS commands the guards to search every nook and cranny since this might be the room that HBS is hiding in. The guards voice their understanding and are about to enter when G comes out of his room. He tells HIS to stop and cautions HIS that all the scholars are watching this situation. HIS ignores G’s warning and attempts to pass by when G grabs his arm. “Do you plan on being the first student body president to dirty the hallowed halls of SKK by allowing guards to enter?” In reply, HIS looks around to the other scholars and announces that he plans on being the first student body president to properly demonstrate his power/authority (rough translation?). Taking G’s hands off his arm, HIS adds that G can anticipate what’s to come. (Love the emphasis on G’s name). The guards enter G’s room against the protests of the observing scholars. Inside, the head guard announces that HBS is inside. L slowly walks out, much to the dismay and shock of HIS. In much the same way, K is stunned by L’s appearance and can only look to G and ask, “Sahyung?” G pats her in reassurance. HIS demands L to explain what he’s about. “Do you really expect me to believe that you are HBS?” As L remains silent, ByungPan is heard approaching and berating his guards on their inactivity. “What are you doing? Arrest HBS immediately!” He commands the guards to take the prisoner to jail. When HIS protests, the ByungPan silences him and says not to interfere; it’s his business from here on out. The scholars look on as L gets taken away. K, with tears in her eyes, shares a meaningful look with L, and L nods to K before leaving with the guards.

Back at L’s house, L’s father is stunned at the news that Soondol has brought him. He keeps repeating, “L is HBS?” He questions why his son would even be/act as HBS.

Safely in G’s room, G tries to reassure K as he continues to minister to a wounded and unconscious M. G tells K that even though the ByungPan has arrested L, he won’t be able to do much since L is the only son of the prime minister. G would never have agreed to the plan if he wasn’t certain of L’s safety. As G sighs and is about to put a wet cloth on M’s forehead to bring down the fever, M wakes up and grabs his hand, demanding if M’sjust heard correctly, that L has taken his place and confessed to be HBS. G tries to calm M down and says that this was their best solution since they couldn’t have M go to jail in such a weak state. G tells M to rest and get better at which point M slams his fist down on the blankets in frustration. G then continues by telling him that guards forced their way into SKK, something that should never have happened. He’ll make sure to correct this violation of their sacred law (rough translation). K asks if G thinks this is possible. G tells her to believe him…because he’s Goo Yong Ha! (LOL) M then asks what happened to the GDJS. G and K silently shake their heads to indicate that they were not able to find it.

In ByungPan’s office, ByungPan rants and raves about how the GDJS wasn’t at a number of places and about the king and L’s father and how they’ve wronged him. HIS asks if this is why ByungPan has arrested L even though he knows that L is not HBS. The ByungPan states that he can make L into HBS.

In jail, L stands up to greet his father, who’s come to visit him. The father notices the ring on L’s finger and then asks L if this is all because of what happened 10 years ago. L’s father asserts that he did nothing wrong that night. To this, L counters, “But you helped cover the wrongs thereafter.” L’s father comments that in his rebellion against his father, L has chosen a path that will cause him much pain and suffering. L answers that he only followed the path that his father instructed him to follow— to cherish his friends, to not seek to save his own life in attempting to right a wrong, etc. L asks his father if he (L) was wrong in upholding his father’s teachings. L’s father slowly walks out of the jail, leaving L to contemplate on the ring on his finger. K, in her room, likewise considers her ring.

(continuation posted 11/4)
One of the little boys at SKK goes around announcing that HBS has been captured. In another part of SKK, K expresses her concern for L and his father when M appears and says that nothing will happen to L, especially when the real HBS is standing right in front of her. She blocks his way as he tries to walk past her and demands if he’s going to confess that he’s the real HBS then. If he does so, L’s confession and efforts to help a wounded M will all have been in vain. M says that he plans on telling his (M’s) father that L’s father had nothing to do with the events of 10 years ago…that he’s not responsible for his brother’s (nor K’s father’s) death. At this K and G are pleasantly surprised and ask if this is really true. M confirms and then is about to leave when he stops to remind G to keep his promise—that G will correct what was heinously a misuse of power and violation of SKK’s sacred law (no guards on the premise, etc.). G says, “Of course.” M then tells him to have everything prepared by the time he returns. When G starts to say, “I’m…” M finishes for him, “Yes, you’re Goo Yong Ha.” (LOL)

M slowly approaches his father and tells him that he needs to release L because L’s not the real HBS. When the father continues to walk by him, M persists by reminding his father that he (the father) knows who the real HBS is, that L’s father had nothing to do with M’s brother’s death 10 years ago, and that the father himself heard the bribed guard testify as much. The father simply asks M not to get involved and that this will change nothing. Disgusted, M asks if his father plans on using the same tactic as those who plotted this whole crime. If so, there will be nothing that the father can do then, for M is on his way to confess. Roughly uncovering a part of his shirt, M punctuates his point with his dad, asking how the officials will be able to ignore his confession when the physical wounds HBS suffered are plainly written on his body. As M turns to leave, his father motions his people to stop him. The father, grave and understanding of his son’s emotions, asks his son not to interfere in his affairs any longer; he has waited 10 years for today.

Meanwhile, G, back in his room, carefully dresses himself in preparation for his task. Along with the other leading scholars/seniors at SKK, G accuses HIS of a number of charges/offenses (allowing guards into SKK, misusing his powers, hurting innocent scholars, etc.) and tells HIS that he will respect and follow HIS if HIS apologizes and rights the wrong he’s done. However, if HIS doesn’t, then G and the other scholars plan on opening a hearing to charge HIS for his violations. The Soron leader adds that G and he will then run for student body president and usurp HIS. At this, HIS smugly says that the time and place is not for G to decide, and then leaning closer, reveals to G that he knows G is merely the son of a merchant and not a born yangban (upper class/nobleman) and has been “parading” around as one with his fancy clothes. If G insists, at that same hearing, HIS will reveal G’s true origins. G is left shaken and speechless as other scholars, who didn’t hear the exchange, ask him for confirmation about the time and location of the HIS hearing. Unable to say anything, much less think properly, G retreats to an isolated tree and mutters to himself that “things are developing in an interesting way.” (Poor G…his whole way of life is being threatened!)

Seated in HIS’ room, IBC rejoices over the ashen look on G’s face. However, IBC’s friend is not that thrilled. HIS’ right-hand man asks HIS to refrain from using guards the next time and to simply use them instead, especially in light of the scholars the guards injured. (Apparently, even he did NOT appreciate the violation of SKK’s rules). At this, IBC’s friend pipes up and says that he was particularly sad about the mistreatment of SKK’s precious books. HIS interrupts and coldly says that he told them not to have any opinions or thoughts…and that, like G says, the coming events will prove to be interesting.

Out by the walls of SKK, G gives a servant some money to relay word to M. When K approaches and asks about news about M, G tells her that M hasn’t been able to set foot outside of his house, indicating that M’s talk with his father, who’s in charge of L’s case, doesn’t seem to be going well. When K then asks if the only option left open to them is to pursue HIS at the school hearing, G struggles to tell her that the school hearing may not go as they originally planned as well. Grabbing her by the shoulders, G tries to tell her that it’s because he’s afraid of his lowly birth being revealed (that he bought his way into being a yangban) that he may not be able to prosecute HIS, but he can’t seem to get the words out, even though K asks him what’s wrong. (G, who knows of K’s secret, is unable to share with her his greatest secret even though K would probably understand…poor thing)

Folding his ceremonial robe (one used for school hearings), G struggles with himself and reflects on 1) how L told him just before L confessed to being HBS that there are certain things worth risking one’s life to protect and 2) M telling him to have everything prepared by the time M returns. Remembering this, G resolutely stands and opens his door to let in blinding light (symbolizing the light of justice and shedding light on the injustice of what’s been going on at SKK?)

At the hearing, G and HIS stand before the scholars. HIS calmly states that he has no plans on apologizing or acknowledging his wrong. G then says HIS leaves him no other choice than to ask for HIS’ removal from office. Unperturbed, HIS answers that G has no rights to initiate such a proceeding. G may have been able to buy his way into SKK, but he certainly has no rights to act as a yangban among other yangbans. At everyone’s confusion, IBC passes some documents around, and everyone is stunned. Boldly stepping forward (brave, brave man!), G explains that he comes from a long line of merchants. At his acknowledgment of this, HIS and his gang are equally stunned (didn’t expect G to confess) as the other scholars. G continues his narrative by telling the scholars that he grew up without knowing the things that noblemen take for granted and that his father, in a quest to give a respectable life/family for his children, bought a jjokbo (record of family lineage) from someone so that G could pass as a yangban. That paper before them testifies to that exchange. Some of the scholars mutter that they can’t believe G’s been pretending to be a yangban. (the equivalent of someone pretending to be of noble birth…this is probably why he was so sympathetic to K’s disguising herself as a man). Shaken but still determined, G reminds them that today’s hearing is to discuss HIS and L’s case and that all the things he planned to bring forth in the hearing, he now passes on those responsibilities to K. He does so not because he’s from the merchant class and unworthy to bring the complaint but because he’s embarrassed by his actions (not being proud of himself and feeling as though he as to pretend to be someone he’s not). From this time forth, he plans on living more worthily. At this, some of the scholars mock him while others look on in admiration. G then turns to HIS, tears glistening in his eyes (he just gave up on so much!), and tells HIS that this is to show HIS that his threats will not work here…because this place is SKK and because he is Goo Yong Ha (!!!How much do I love this man’s catch phrase! So incredibly well said!) At this, even HIS looks at him in respect.

Strewn on the path are some of G’s precious belongings and clothes. Stooping down to finger a gown, G tries to keep his optimism and says it’s a wonder that these people can recognize the expensive items that came from abroad. Once inside his room, he folds his clothes, aided by K. K remarks that it must have been difficult/a burden to live with such a secret. G replies that he, hiding this truth from the world, “should be expected to experience at least this much discomfort in all fairness, no?” He continues and says that this is perhaps why he so wanted to find the GDJS, to see a world where class hierarchy would have no meaning to a person’s value. He apologizes/reminds K that the task of releasing L and persecuting HIS is now K’s. He encourages her to make sure he completes it. At this, K starts to list how she feels unworthy, has never done such a huge task, etc. G reminds her that K’s earnest and that’s what’s important and gives her the right.

K, with paper and ink, go around asking scholars for their names on a petition to release L, witnessing with their signatures that L is not the HBS and that he was arrested unjustly by the guards. When K interrupts a Soron group from a ball game, the Soron group asks her if Goo Yong Ha put her up to this…how can they believe anything she says when G has lied about so many things. K continues to solicit names from other scholars only to be turned away. Finally, she runs to her fellow classmates and insists on their signatures when they try to walk away from her. As they sign, one of them asks her if she’s absolutely certain that L is not HBS. K affirms that he isn’t. HIS and his gang walk up as the two scholars are signing and rip the parchment paper away. In a loud voice for all to hear, HIS challenges everyone who wants to challenge him to do so but at the risk of having things turn out like they did for G. K retorts that where there’s a will, there’s a way. The sunglassed scholar says that even Confucius would have left by now and leaves. Watching everyone disperse in fear of being attacked by HIS, HIS warns K to listen very carefully. It’s not “where there’s a will, there’s a way. Rather, the strong make the way.” Considering his words, K then says that if this is true, then she must have that strength. She then charges him with the violation of allowing guards onto the sacred grounds of SKK.

Meanwhile, the king holds a conference with LSJ and comments that they are a troublesome bunch of scholars: one is masquerading around as HBS while another has gotten himself arrested and creating quite the trial for the king. The king tells L, “Now, if the real HBS is not caught, then you will have take full responsibility for everything. Will you be all right with this? That is quite the demonstration of friendship!” At this, L replies that he certainly did not consider everything before he started this series of events, but he had always been taught that if there was a difficult road and an easy road, he was advised by his father to take the difficult road because then, even though he wouldn’t always succeed, he certainly would not have any regrets. The king asks L if he resented the king for creating such conflict between such a dear father-son relationship. L answers that although he may have resented the king, he couldn’t tear him from his heart (rough translation). This was the same for the father who gave him life as well as the father would gave him his purpose/task (implying the king as the father of Joseon). (I REALLY love the way this writer masterfully uses her words! She makes L such an honorable man.)

In the library, K asks G how anyone can possibly think that L is really the HBS, considering all the time that the scholars have spent with L and know him. G replies that one cannot possibly know another person’s heart just because of the time spent together. Does she really believe that? He adds that it’s human nature to not even know the mind of one’s roommate despite living together. Into this conversation, the headmaster interrupts and suggests that they need evidence to show that LSJ is NOT HBS, undeniable evidence to prove without a doubt before the king that L is not the real HBS. G and K look at each other…(brilliant minds activated! LOL)

In a darkened room, G emphatically voices his objections regarding his outfit. (This is too funny that I have to translate the dialogue)
G: I really can’t tolerate this! Daemul, do I really have to go this far? My skin is so fair that I can’t handle dark clothing like this. Look! (puts on his black hat and makes a tigerish face) Don’t I look like a soaked tiger (I couldn’t quite catch the Korean so I’m not certain if G said “soaked tiger”)
K: (trying to hold in her laughter) Sahyung, the clothes suit you well. Today, your hair matches your clothing! (LOL)
G: (Mollified) Well, I am a fashionista (rough translation)
G gives his usual twirl and Soondol adds that he’s pleased with his clothing. He feels like a ninja and can rescue his master at least 10 times. (LOL…love the ninja hand movements) K then asks G if the first place on their agenda is to M’s house.

Trapped inside his father’s storeroom, M vents and rages, sweeping items roughly onto the floor. His father walks inside and tells him to stop, especially in his wounded condition. M simply tells his father that LSJ is not the HBS and to release him. Taking revenge on L’s father like this will not bring back his dead brother. M comments that if the father had been thinking of the brother, he shouldn’t have kept silent then. The father has always taken the coward’s way and is continuing to do so even now. The father retorts that staying silent was the only way to protect M. Because he remained silent then, he was able to protect M and protect his power. Now, the time to use that power has simply come. As the father turns to leave, M tearfully apologizes to his father, telling him that he was wrong. He was wrong for acting as though he was hurting more than his father was over the brother’s death. He was wrong for believing that he loved his brother more. He continues to apologize and asks his father to please release L because L and M…they hadn’t even had the chance to properly start (a true friendship) yet. (Dang, talk about friendship!) As the father steps away to leave, M earnestly pleads with his father to please help him not ever think badly of his father again…he doesn’t ever want to live in that type of hell again. The father rushes outside and M collapses to the floor.

Seated in his room, M’s father quietly pours himself a drink, deep in thought.

Stealthily peering at the guards assigned to keep M locked inside the storeroom, G and Soondol hide behind the door. G comments that they need to get the guards to leave their post. At this Soondol tells G to get his brain moving and come up with a plan. (LOL…love G’s reaction—wanting to hit Soondol–to Soondol’s disrespectful comment/sound mimicking brain movement). Without another word, G shoves Soondol from behind the door and clearly into the courtyard. As Soondol stumbles and catches his balance, G announces in a loud voice, “It’s a burglar!” At this Soondol runs away, and G says that he used his brain. (LOL)

Entering the storeroom, K proudly and happily announces to M that they have come to rescue him. G rushes to clasp M’s face tenderly in his hands and merely utters M’s name. At this, M resignedly asks if G’s starting up again (bromance! LOL) Ignoring M’s comment, G embraces M tightly and tells him that M can’t possibly know…today was an incredibly long day for him. Hearing this cryptic comment, M asks K for clarification, to which K merely smiles and adds that G was quite impressive today. M tries to shake G off, but G merely hugs him more tightly.

A servant rushes into M’s father’s room and tells M’s father that several people have come and broken M out of the storeroom. The father takes a quick drink and tells the servant to just leave the situation as it stands. There’s no need to apprehend them.

As the J4 (minus L) are huddled together while M writes more red messages, the headmaster’s voice is heard in the background: “That LSJ is not the HBS, I as well as the king knows this fact. However, you need to provide definite proof, so if the HBS goes around spreading red messages while LSJ in locked up in prison, then it will conclusively prove that L is NOT HBS.” As people pick up red messages from off the ground, the J4 look on in celebration as their plan seems to be working.

Walking back to the school, the three J4 members discuss the next day’s events. K wonders if the scholars will show up for the protest demonstration. G answers that they will or what was the purpose of his having suffered all day wearing such drab clothing (LOL). He adds, though, that if nothing else than to protest HIS’ letting the guards into SKK, the scholars will be there. M then says that L should know of the day’s events. G claps M’s shoulder and says that they are currently on their way to see L now and to tell L the good news. At their surprised looks, G tells them, though, that he can’t stand wearing such drab clothing any longer and must change first so he’ll meet them there; they should go on ahead. He starts to walk away but turns around looking quite worried. (LOL…love his voice and expression) G asks them to not go inside without him because he’s never been inside such a place. At this unexpected comment, M merely shakes his head. (LOL)

As M and K continue on without G, K can’t seem to stop asking M about L’s possible reaction. Realizing that K and L need their time alone, M finally tells K that this won’t do, that she’ll have to go see L on her own. Fabricating an excuse, M tells K to go on ahead and see L without him. As she turns to leave, M stops her and asks her if he’s ever said what he’s about to say to her: “Thank you.” When K asks for what, M replies that he thanks her for her. At this, K smiles and turns to go see L. (And with that, M figuratively sends K to L…sigh…what unrequited love)

While K is on her way to the prison, Hyo-eun and her maid are also on their way to see L. The maid expresses her concern that there will be an uproar at home if the elders find out that Hyo-eun went to see L. Hyo-eun explains that she’s going to see L because her heart’s just too troubled sitting at home doing nothing.

Inside the prison, K gazes upon L’s resting form. She rises to leave so as to not wake him when L opens his eyes and calls after her. They smile at each other, and K touches L’s face and comments that L’s face looks like he’s suffered. As L takes her hand, he notices her ring on the finger. K tells him that she’s heard the news. L, in a grave tone, tells her that he doesn’t expect her to forgive his father, but if it’s possible, he would like to at least ask her for her forgiveness. At this K shakes her head and says that she cannot do so, for people cannot pick their parents. What she can give him is not forgiveness, but the heart of a woman who loves him. Likewise, she asks him to give her not the heart of a person who’s wronged her but one who loves her. Unnoticed by the two lovers, Hyo-eun and her maid observe the scene in shock, for they have just realized that K is a woman!

Outside the prison, M walks slowly back and meets up with G who is colorfully attired once again. G asks M if he ended up sending K inside alone. When M says nothing, G tells him to forget K then and that if he keeps doing so, it’ll become a habit. (LOL…M’s famous saying!) G continues by telling M to let tonight be the last time M simply looks on. G pats M on the shoulders and the two head back to SKK.

-The scholars all rally to go together to get LSJ released. M joins them all dressed in normal clothing (LOL) Sorry…the dialogue is great, but I’ll let you enjoy it via English subtitles on mysoju.com
-HIS reminds K that he warned her not to challenge him. She retorts that she told him her plans as well. She asks HIS if he will lead the way to the king. He refuses and commands everyone to stop, threatening that no one who goes will be safe from him. G wisely reminds HIS that he told him the scholars were watching…it wasn’t the scholars who abandoned him first; HIS abandoned SKK first.
-The smiley friend tells HIS that he wants to go as well because even a dumb scholar like him knows that HIS is in the wrong. If he stays by HIS’ side any longer, he’ll just continue to get dumber. When HIS tries to strike him, HIS’ right-hand man stops him and says that he can’t stand to watch HIS deteriorate any further. They leave to join the other scholars in their formal protest before the king.
-The scholars tender their formal protest of the past events (L’s wrongful imprisonment and the entrance of the guards into SKK)
-K views all the happenings with wonder as she talks to her father, expressing her amazement at how her life has turned out with such dear friends and such.
-As she plays with her father’s wooden game, she flashbacks to a childhood memory of when her father played with her. Then making a connection between what her father said and what M once told her about Banchon (his brother’s comment), K rushes to the gate between SKK and Bancho and start digging…finding the GDJS (!…gotta love the music LOL)
-HIS overhears Hyo-eun and the maid talking about how K is a girl.

Link to SKKS episode 20

The last one! http://joonmedia.net/videos/play/27765/11

Still haven’t been able to watch 19 or 20. 🙁 However, on the bright side, my schedule is enabling me to prolong my enjoyment of SKKS.

Have a great day, and I guess we’ll all see about Mary Stayed Out All Night next week…and if you can, please say a prayer for me, as I’m in the process of applying for a tenure-track faculty position at my college…eeks! Exciting opportunity but lots of work required to get my application together. 🙂

Link to SKKS episode 19

Good morning, everyone! Here’s the link:

Still in the midst of grading, so I won’t be able to watch ep. 19 until either later tonight or tomorrow night. 😛 What I did discover, though, is that Kim Yoon Shik finds the GDJS! 🙂 Also, it looks like episode 20 is going to deal with the discovery of Kim Yoon Shik as actually Kim Yoon Hee…and Lee Sun Joon drops to his knees to beg his father for help. (Sigh) Wish I can watch now 🙁

SKKS Episode 18 summary / recap

I saw the episode today between classes as a nice break from teaching…I summarized while I watched, so today’s blog is not as detailed as my previous posts, but I think I was able to get the majority of the action. Enjoy!

1. L puts a gold band/ring on K’s finger as a promise of his intentions. “Did you say that things would end once we leave SKK? That won’t happen. I’ll start each day anew.” He gently takes off K’s hat and then his. He kisses her.

2. Meanwhile, in the basement of the room (L and K are in the elevator kissing right above them), M slams his hands down on the table and tells G to just forget about finding the killers. G reminds M that he doesn’t believe the king but is in this because he believes in M. M tells G to be quiet and then says that in all the happenings, L’s father is involved. L and K overhear this in the elevator. G is stunned and asks for confirmation. M tells him to lower his voice so that they won’t be overheard. L and K enter the room, and K asks for clarification on the conversation they just overheard. G apologizes and tells K that nothing’s been verified. L grabs the evidence/clue and wants permission to verify the clue that L’s father may be involved in the incident. (Poor L and K…just when their relationship seemed to be progressing nicely)

3. M goes to drink, and G joins him, asking him if M doesn’t want to further the search because of Daemul. G realizes that K and L like each other and asks M when he knew. G tells M that L, in true form, has taken the clue to his father to ask for verification on how the land deed that his dad owned got into the hands of a guard. L’s father tells him to stop doing what he’s doing now, whatever it is, and asks for confirmation of whether L’s looking for the decreased crown prince’s book. L asks his father why he’s afraid of the discovery of the book. L’s father explains that history will prove him right in that he doesn’t want the foolishness of a king who missed his prematurely killed father (the crown prince who died at the hands of his own father, the current king’s grandfather). L’s father repeats for L not to get involved. L pointedly asks his father then if this is why he got involved in getting rid of M’s brother and K’s father. L’s father denies any involvement, but L tells him that he cannot take his word as he used to in the past, especially in light of what the paper tells him. L gets up to leave, and his father explodes: “Do you dare to show your father your back?!” (Honorable children are not supposed to show their parents, especially the fathers, their backs nor leave without being excused.) L then tells him father that he plans on becoming his father’s enemy from this time forward. (! The ominous music!) L bows, and father is left in shock.

4. L walks back in thought and K is seen in the library examining books. However, she can’t seem to get out of her head G’s comment about how L’s father was the mastermind behind everything. As she contemplates her ring, M sees her struggle and tells her that it’s late and that if she doesn’t go to sleep, she won’t grow any taller. (LOL) When she asks questions, M tells her to take things one at a time…he’s going to avoid her horrible sleeping habits and sleep with G. M sees the ring on her fingers and leaves with the knowledge that L and K have acknowledge their feelings for each other.

5. K and G are waiting in the basement room. K gets impatient and wants to go seek out L. G tells her not to worry and that another person has gone out to look for L. M finds L and tells him to desist, to not pursue the owner of the land deed. M tells L to not be intent on finding out the identity of the killer(s) of M’s brother and K’s father; their goal and royal command is simply to find the book. L asks M why he, who’s been so intent on avenging his brother’s wrongful death, is now willing to close the investigation on the murders. L understands that M wants to protect K, but L also says that K’s not the only one he needs to consider. He wants to clear the truth and seek forgiveness if needed from not only K but also M. He promises that he’ll try to not hurt K. L tells K that the land deed was indeed his father’s. She tells him to stop and that she needs more time to deal with this news that L’s father was involved in her father’s murder. To K, finding the book and establishing a new Josun (country) won’t compensate now for her father’s death. She leaves after telling L, “I need time.” (BTW, M notices the couple ring on L’s finger! So sad…)

6. G and M come out to comfort L. (LOL I love the look M gives G when G tries to pat M’s butt! LOL)

7. The guard promises to leave now that he’s been paid well by the ByungPan.

8. At her house, K asks her mother to tell her the truth about her father’s death, that it is her right. The mom tells her that she didn’t want her to have rage against the world because that’s how she lost her husband. K comments that it would have been best if her mother had told her from the beginning how her father had died (perhaps referring to her involvement with L).

9. K speculates on what kind of father they had. She tells her brother that whenever she thought of her father, there was a cold wind that swept through her. Because while her father held her brother in his lap, she was always outside, gazing at his outline against the paper door. The brother asks her if she really didn’t know…that all the time their father held him in his lap and read, he was really reading aloud difficult books that Yoon Shik couldn’t understand for her sake. Did she really not know that that was his original intent? The father’s voice is heard as K reads his journal of how the father doubts whether he’s doing the right thing by encouraging her in her pursuit of knowledge when he can do nothing to help such a gifted child fully embrace and display her talent. The father writes that once again, when he heard her voice reciting after him from outside the door, he had to suppress the emotions that welled up from within his heart.

10. K and Prof. Jung talk about whether her father knew the dangers of the book. Prof. Jung agrees that the father probably knew but that Prof. Kim found the risk worthwhile in order to provide an opportunity for his incredibly gifted daughter.

11. K reveals to the other three J4 that the hiding place of the book is SKK. When asked how she knew that SKK was the hiding place, she reveals that she learned from her father’s journal that he hid the book in the once place where he placed his hope in the new Josun/world, SKK the starting place that embodied his hopes for a new world order.

12. At the library, L helps K reach for a book. He notices that K has taken off her ring. She explains in apology that given the circumstances, it seemed appropriate to do so. She had never really tried to understand her father, who undertook this danger for her. L stops her and wipes her tears away, saying that she doesn’t need to explain anymore; he’s understood. Gently, he instructs her to promise to find the book, no matter the cost…that she will find it. With a small smile, L leaves.

13. ByungPan updates L’s father on the guard’s promise and then asks about the wedding date. L’s father tells him about the king’s mission to the J4 and tells the ByungPan to have his son, the student body president, try to refrain them. When the ByungPan tries to tell L’s father that this wouldn’t have happened if they had just married the children off and gotten L out of SKK, L’s father angrily asks the ByungPan if he spoke of a wedding. “Whose fault is this from the very beginning?” L’s father tells BP that there will NOT be a wedding now. BP goes home and fumes, planning to get back at L’s father for treating him like this after all that he’s done and put up with to get L’s father where he is now. When Chosun tries to calm him, BP grabs her wrist and only releases it when HIS walks into the room. (I can’t understand how HIS likes Chosun, knowing that his father has a thing for her.)

14. The J4 (minus L) look for the book all around SKK. The 3 scholars think that L isn’t joining them because of his father’s involvement, but they don’t realize that L is running around town trying to find the whereabouts of the guard who took the bribe. After a fruitless search, K astutely realizes that the book is not in SKK. Her father only left clues in SKK. She tells them that she’s going to look again, but this time, she’ll focus on finding the clues that will lead them to the true hiding place of the book.

15. As G returns to SKK, he runs into HIS and his gang. G affirms that he finds them boring and leaves. IBC asks HIS if he should teach G a lesson, but HIS tells him to let G be…that tonight will be the last time G will be able to act like that.

16. At a local bar, L is seen trying to search for the corrupt guard. However, during his search, he upsets one of the patrons who then proceeds to beat L. When L tries to retaliate, others join in the fray and beat him senseless. (Poor L! And the look on his face as he’s being beaten….)

17. The J scholars hear of L’s fight and go to the bar. G asks L if he’s acting so unlike himself to find the book or to clear his father’s name. L replies that he merely wants to discover the truth. G adds that if the truth is revealed, L may not be able to continue living his privileged life as a prime minister’s son. L comments that he doesn’t care how he lives…that anything would be better than living as the son of a man who could have killed the brother and father of those people he cherishes and who likewise have given him their trust. When K leaves, L follows. K tells him outside that even though she can barely remember her father’s face, she misses him this much. She wants L, who thinks the world of his father, to stop so that L doesn’t have to suffer if the truth turns out to be the horrible truth that L’s father killed her father. She doesn’t want him to deal with that type of tragedy. As she tries to leave, L embraces her from behind, and says that he wanted to ask her for forgiveness…that while she was suffering all sorts of trials because of what his father did, he was enjoying all the benefits of those actions. He wanted to ask for forgiveness and try to make up for what she had to endure.

18. Inside the bar, G comments that L continues to surprise them. G comments to M that M should know better than anyone else what turning against a father does to a person.

19. The king and Prof. Jung discuss the scholars’ progress. The king speculates that this feels like Prof. Kim’s last lesson to him and the scholars.

20. Outside the gates of the city, the bribed guard happily leaves, unaware that L is following him. However, before L can apprehend him, the guard is shot with a dart and the fake HBS tries to kill him. L intervenes only to be replaced by M who tells L to deal with the guard while he deals with the fake HBS. M fights and is able to unmask the fake HBS. As the fake HBS leaves, M comments to himself, “So it was Chosun.”

21. K unravels the clues at the library. She connects one clue after another and realizes that the book’s resting place is in a place called “JongMyong.” In her excitement, she hurries out without telling anyone and doesn’t realize that HIS and his gang have retraced her studies and know where she’s headed. (ACK!!!)

22. M and L deal with the corrupt guard while G talks with other guards to find out who the corrupt guard was dealing with. (Anyone think it strange that G always has so much money for bribery when his house didn’t seem that expensive in the previous episode?) G bribes one of the guards to reveal that the corrupt guard was seen dealing with the ByungPan. At about the same time, L and M find out from the corrupt guard that L’s father did indeed order the book’s retrieval but that the killing order came from the ByungPan, thereby neatly clearly L from the murder guilt regarding his friends’ sufferings. The land deed, the corrupt guard, adds was given to him by L’s father after the deed was done as a way to silence the guard. However, the guard adds, things get interesting now since the ByungPan has sent Chosun to kill/silence him.

23. G sees HIS and the guards rushing to “JongMyong” while L and M wait for K at the library. M tells L that he should go look for K to tell her the good news…that this is good news for M as well as for L. G rushes into the library and asks if they haven’t seen K and that HIS and the guards were seen rushing to “JongMyong.” G rightly concludes that K’s life may be at risk.

24. At JongMyong, K discovers the book. Outside on the road, HIS tells the ByungPan that this may be their last chance to get rid of the book. ByungPan tells the guards to do anything and everything to get rid of that book. Observing the guards, M tells L that his priority is to protect K, no matter what. L goes to find K while M, dressed as HBS, fights the guards. L, when he finds K, embraces her. At the same time, a guard (in slow motion) swings at HBS, who appears unarmed, and the episode ends as M falls down from the sword. (ACK!!! I’m hoping that M doesn’t die and that this is not the writer’s way of resolving the love-triangle….)

Link to SKKS episode 18

No time to watch this morning. 🙁 Here’s the link, though!

P.S. I guess to build up anticipation for the last two episodes, the SKKS staff decided to not include a preview for episode 19. 🙁 Anyhow, I will try to watch and briefly summarize later today as a nice break for myself…this week’s turning out to be a stressful one…I’m looking forward to escaping from reality into SKKS world. 😀

SKKS Episode 16 – English Subbed

Hi everyone!
Below is the link to episode 16 on mysoju.com through Dailymotion. 🙂 I may check out the subs myself once this hectic week is over, but I thought some of my SKKS friends, who’ve been waiting to see ep. 16 with English subs and haven’t been able to see it yet, would appreciate news of it earlier rather than later. Enjoy!


Link to SKKS episode 17

Hi everyone!
Below is the link to SSKS episode 17:

Unfortunately, I won’t have time to summarize/translate episode 17 or 18 until much later. 🙁 Sorry…However, duty before pleasure, right?

On a brighter note, though, I should be caught up enough by this weekend to get episodes 19 and 20 done by my usual time (Monday afternoon and Tuesday afternoon) for the big finale. Until then, I bid you a happy week!

P.S. Thanks for all the great comments! And grintibiter, the links were great to watch during my grading breaks! Thank you! Also, someone thought I was part of the SKK subbing team…I think one of my readers gave me credit for some of the dialogue I posted here when she worked on a subbed video. I’m terribly low-tech, so subbing is a foreign thing to me. LOL

1. The king reveals to the four scholars his vision of a new Korea, one in which there is no oppression, slavery, etc. In that new city, people will be free to engage in free enterprise, make a name for themselves, etc. He reveals that this is the dream of a new Korea (Josun) that Prof. Kim and M’s brother died to make happen. He asks for their help in discovering the book that detailed his father’s last will and testament to decree this type of new Josun.
2. Suspicion of M clears when HIS sees a similar bracelet on M’s wrist and G’s wrist. G says his famous line, “I’m Goo Yong Ha” indicating that he anticipated this and got more bracelets to throw HIS off the track.
3. M discovers that his father, whom he has resented because of his inactivity regarding his brother’s murder, has actually been secretly observing and plotting against those who killed his son. M is ashamed by how little he esteemed his father and his loyalty to his murdered son.
4. The guard who betrayed the king and ultimately Prof. Kim and M’s brother 10 years ago has a huge gambling problem…seeks out L’s father to tell him about the King’s new attempt to recover the book…basically wants to get money for services since his gambling problems have escalated to such a point that he may have to sell his wife and child into slavery.
5. G’s father tells G to not get involved in serious matters and tries to marry G off to a rich family/girl (also reveals that G has an illegitimate child!). G’s furious that his father thinks of people in such monetary and political matters, especially when the father says he’s pleased that G’s close to L, son of the Noron leader, although the father asserts that keeping M, a Soron, close wouldn’t hurt since one never knows how the political tides may shift. G angrily tells his father that he’s also developing a close friendship with a Namin (K) just in case neither Noron nor Soron are in power.
6. L leaves “love” notes for K to find in books at the library. The last one confesses his love for her…so cute how the last book with his love confession was almost read by the Soron leader. LOL
7. Hyo-eun tries to ask K for help in winning L’s affection. When L enters the bookstore, L tells Hyo-eun that he likes someone else and drags K out of the store. Hyo-eun, the maid, and later M (who glimpses K and L walking out) realize that L likes K.
8. L is upset with K because he realizes that K hasn’t really thought about their future together and was under the impression that L and Hyo-eun would eventually marry. He demands that she starts thinking about their future together. There’s a hilarious scene in which he’s trying to kiss her in the streets but can’t due to their hats. LOL. Later in the elevator, he tells her that she has a gift for making him lose his mind and gives her a ring (couple ring!) telling her that there’s no such thing as an end for them when they leave SKK because he’ll start anew everyday with her.
9. G brings proof of who paid the guard off that night 10 years ago. M tells him that they should just focus on finding the book as the king asked and nothing more. G realizes that M knows already who paid off the guard and such.
10. Just as L and K kiss and share an understanding of their future together, they overhear M and G talking. G is heard asking M if he knew all along that L’s father was the person behind the deaths of Prof. Kim (K’s father) and M’s brother. (In actuality, the killing was done at the hands of ByungPan but the effect is the same, I suppose).

PREVIEW of #18:
Turmoil as K and L try to deal with how this affects their relationship. M asks L in one scene if L thinks K will ever forgive him, the son of the person responsible for her father’s death. L’s dad raises his voice and scolds L for turning his back on his father without permission (to leave his presence…can’t show back to elders in old Korean tradition of honor/respect for elders)

SKKS episode 16 summary / recap

Episode 16: K = Kim Yoon Shik, L = Lee Sun Joon, M = Moon Jae Shin, G = Goo Yong Ha, HIS = Ha In Soo (school president), IBC = Ha In Soo’s Yes-man/lackey

L: (yelling at the top of his lungs, searches frantically for K) Kim Yoon Shik! Kim Yoon Shik! (Then as if sensing her presence, he stops and sees her. Rushing towards her, he embraces a very surprised K, who stands rigidly in shock. Reluctantly, L disengages from the embrace.) It’s no use. No matter how hard I try, I can’t help but search for you like this. And so, now it’s your turn; run away from me, Kim Yoon Shik. (He stoically walks away.)
K: Wait! My response…you should listen to it before you leave. (L slowly turns back to face her.)
Rushing towards him, K loses her footing and plunges into the stream. Wasting not a moment, L dives into the stream (isn’t it shallow for a head-long dive?) and emerges with an unconscious K in his arms. He shifts her wet form in his arms more securely and trudges out of the stream, laying K gently on one of the big boulders.
L: Kim Yoon Shik! Kim Yoon Shik! Wake up! Kim Yoon Shik! Kim Yoon Shik! (At a loss for what to do, L starts to unbutton K’s top but is taken aback when he glimpses what looks like the top of a woman’s torso underneath the shirt of his roommate. (the harp music is hilarious!) In disbelief, he falls back upon the boulder.

IBC and his friend cower in fear as M looms above them.
M: What were you doing just now, behind K? (loose translation)
IBC: We…we were just going to see if K wanted to play in the water with us–
Friend: (finishing the sentence) friendly-like.
M: (grabbing the fronts of their robes) That water play…(pauses for dramatic, menacing effect) I suggest you play with me. Friendly-like. (M pats IBC’s right cheek and friend’s left cheek with his hands and concludes by turning the pats into pinches. IBC and friend huddle against each other in fearful anticipation of what M has in store for them.)

Back at the boulder, K finally regains consciousness and quickly sits up and covers herself, especially since she notices L looking down at her disheveled state.
L: Kim Yoon Shik…You…(K attempts to cover herself even more securely despite the fact that her back is facing L and he can’t see anything.) You are a woman? (K is at a loss for words…her worst fear is realized.)
From the banks of the stream, some of the other scholars sing loudly in their drunken state. Even more frantic now, K struggles to right her clothing before the other scholars see her. L, perceiving the danger, especially when one of the scholars asks his friends what they think about spending their time right there on the bank, hurriedly pulls K off the boulder and hides them below. With his arms cushioning K from the hard boulder, L stays alert and tense as the scholars stop right above their hiding place, discussing among themselves whether to stay here or continue onward. Despite the dangerous situation, K becomes all too aware of L’s proximity and pulls slightly away from his arms to calm her racing heart. L reaches over to pull her back to the safety of his arms but stops himself, especially since the scholars continue on their way. Both K and L breathe a sigh of relief.

IBC and friend struggle in the stream, their red robes billowing in the water currents, as M continues to submerge them in the water with a stick.
M: The water play that you enjoy so much, we’ll play to our hearts’ content right here.
IBC: (sputtering) I’ve played all I want.
Friend: Can’t we come out now? (so pitifully cute how he whimpers like a kid asking for permission LOL)
In response, M dunks them under once again from his position on the boulder.
M: Until I return, you had better not step even one foot out of this stream. Otherwise, I’ll use my entire body to play with you then.
IBC and friend dunk themselves back under the waters and again a second time when they notice that M has turned back to watch them. (LOL)

Back on the boulder, K, properly attired once more, announces that “I should get back now.” As she walks by, L detains her by placing his hand on her shoulder.
L: You’re asking me to let you simply return like this? I cannot let you leave. (!!!)

M strides by to the edge of the stream with his long stick resting casually against his shoulder. “Hey! Kim Yoon Shik! Let’s go down now.” He reaches the location where he last saw her and seems puzzled that she is nowhere in sight. “Hey, Kim Yoon Shik! (Starts to look for her) Where is this guy? Kim Yoon Shik!”
He suddenly drops his stick and starts to frantically search for her along the stream. Reaching their base camp, he grabs the shoulder of one of the scholars and asks, “Kim Yoon Shik hasn’t come here?” Asking the Soron leader, he again asks if he hasn’t seen KYS to which the guy says he doesn’t know. In frustration, M asks nobody in particular, “Where on earth has that guy gone?!” G suddenly appears and taps M on his collar bone with his fan (I love how the fan is G’s affectation at being a “dandy” LOL!)
G: Don’t worry yourself too much. That guy is doing fine.
M: You’re certain? Where is he?
G: (Korean equivalent of a tsk tsk) One by one…you need to ask each question calmly, my friend. I didn’t see it directly with my own eyes, but I’m certain. Now, K’s safely where his roommate is residing.
M: What?
G: K’s with LSJ. Daemul is with L. If you’re that worried, you should go there, too. Confirm with your own two eyes…(I love how G uses his fan with M)…that K’s safe and sound.
M: (slapping the fan away from his chin) It’s all right. As long as K’s safe, I don’t need to go.
M walks away as G smiles to himself.

In L’s room, K finishes changing her clothes.
K: I’ve finished changing.
L: (enters the room and closes the door behind him) I don’t know from where or how I should speak. You must be tired, so it’s best to get some rest.
K: In this room, you mean?
L: I’ll sleep outside, so you don’t need to worry.
Soondol: (opens the door and prevents L from exiting) Where do you think you’re going? Pretty scholar, by whatever means possible, you need to convince my young master and take him back with you to SKK. He’ll get ruined just staying in this room all by himself. Even though I die, I refuse to continue to see my young master’s pathetic state any longer.
K: Have you been sick?
Soondol: Ugh! He’s been lovesick! He won’t eat! He won’t read! He won’t sleep!
L: (clearing his voice, L issues a caution to Soondol…much good it does LOL) Soondol….
S: (oblivious to what he’s disclosing and L’s caution) I don’t know if he’s simply lost his mind because he’s missing the person so much. (turns away disgustedly)
In acute embarrassment at being found out, L swiftly looks back at K, who in turns looks away in embarrassment.
L: Soondol…you…stop it this instance.
Soondol’s response is to quickly close the door and lock it securely from the outside. L, realizing a moment too late what Soondol plans, grabs at the door and tries to open it.
S: Pretty Scholar, make sure you convince my young master, ok?
L: (whispers quietly) Here…there’s only one blanket. (K overhears, though, and realizes L’s concern)
S: Geez! My young master is finicky. Where on earth at this time would I get another blanket?! It’s not like you guys need to keep your distance from each other.
Soondol walks away leaving L and K locked inside the room. (AWKWARD! LOL)

Back at the base compound, the scholars continue their merriment. G teases M, who’s pretending to sleep.
G: What’s the point of putting on a front if only your shell is here. Your inside (soul) is down there by Daemul, no? See? Dang! Dang! (pretends to knock on M’s “empty shell” like a bell) There’s this hollow sound.
M: (grabs G’s hand) If you continue to joke like this, it can become a habit and your wrist may break.
G: (gently jerks his hand away and cajoles) You like her…Daemul.
M: (stops breathing momentarily) Then what about you? Don’t you as well?
G: True. How can anyone not like that little cute guy?
M: I’m going to get some sleep. (Gets up to leave from his resting place)
G: Don’t waste all your energy trying to act cool. Pretending not to want…pretending not to be jealous…and most importantly, pretending not to be shaken by small events (K spending the night with L alone) like this…pretending to be strong. If I were you, I wouldn’t waste my energy pretending but instead devote all my strength into making her mine. Because as of now, you still have the advantage over L. (winks and then leans over to whisper) That guy, L, won’t be able to imagine in a million years Daemul’s secret. (au contraire, mon ami!)
M goes to a secluded place and lies down in thought.

Seated in L’s room, K awkwardly plays with the blanket.
K: The light must be turned off in order for us to sleep.
L: I haven’t finished reading what I need to read by today. Just ignore me and go to sleep.
K lies down to sleep but quickly sits back up. (Definitely awkward to sleep with a guy wide awake by one’s side) I can’t sleep either. I might as well read, too. (K goes over to look for a book.)
L: (unable to look at her) Back there at the creek…before you fell into the water…(K finds the red book and sees a picture of a man and woman in a compromising pose) Didn’t you say that you had something important to tell me? (Doesn’t realize K’s looking at him in disgust) I mean, I’m only asking because I thought it was something important. Wouldn’t it be better to speak now before you forget? (LOL…he’s totally nervous and oblivious to her stare…chuckles)
K: Scholar Lee Sun Joon (love the strong disgust in the voice). You seem to enjoy these kinds of books.
L: (finally looking at her…expression turns to shock and embarrassment) That book…G gave it to me…why is that here? (He brought the book all the way up to the mountains?! LOL)
K: I thought you were reading a really important book. You read it every day so diligently without fail. (falls on the blankets in her attempt to keep the book from L)
L: That book…who’s the reason why I’m even reading that book? (I love the double entendre of his comment!)
Startled by how much he’s revealed, L gets off of K and sits.
K: I told you we should turn off the lights and sleep.
With the lights turned off now, K gets up to cover L with the blanket.
L: I’m all right. (sits up) I have the body of a man, and you have the body of a woman. And you fell into the water…
K: (coyly) Who was the man who got sick after only getting a little bit wet that time on the island? I’m all right. (gets up and rolls herself like a kimbap/sushi roll with her mattress blanket.) I can sleep rolled up like this. (This is such an adorable scene!)
L: (laughing together with K) When was it that you started hiding the fact that you were a girl and dressed as a man? If it’s too difficult, you don’t have to answer.
K: I once told you that I had a sick brother, didn’t I? Because I didn’t have any money for the medicine, I paid the doctor with my writing; he got me work at the bookseller’s as a writer/scribe. That was about…two years after my father passed away…I was about 12 years old.
L: Did you borrow your brother’s name then?
K: Yes, that’s how things turned out.
L: Then your real name is? (It’s so sweet how he wants to know her real name.)
K: Kim Yoon Hee. Kim Yoon Hee is my name.
L: Kim Yoon Hee (as though he’s trying to weigh and memorize her name)

At the Ha’s residence, HIS tells Hyo-eun that he knows L better than she does. “There’s something between the two of you. Speak. I can only help you if you tell me the truth.” Hyo-eun tells her brother that she knows he’s not thrilled with L so will he just pretend as though he doesn’t know anything. She knows that because L is a upright, well-mannered man, he won’t ever break the engagement as long as she doesn’t break it. She’s going to wait and try to be the perfect person for him. HIS is furious that L doesn’t want his sister. Hyo-eun tries to tell him it’s not L’s fault but that it’s because she’s lacking, but HIS storms out and looks vengeful.

In the morning, K looks at L in disbelief.
K: What did you just say? Did you just tell me to withdraw from SKK?
L: Isn’t that an obvious course of action?
K: How is it obvious?
L: You’re breaking the law.
K: Is it because men and women are not equal and that this is against the law?
L: You know that this is a situation that can never be.
K: Have you forgotten who made me forget the impossible and dream of a miracle for myself?
L: That was…
K: Is it because I am a woman? The poor…namins (the people she belongs to)…all of them can dream of a miracle, but to a girl, are you telling me that it is not permissible? Like my other circumstances in life, being a girl is something that I couldn’t choose. I am not afraid of the law nor its punishment.
She walks out. L stops her on the road and asks her if she can’t understand what he’s worried about. (Interesting how the two are wearing matching colors, huh? Talk about trying to get them to looks like a couple already. LOL)
L: You could get hurt? You could even lose your life?
K: I don’t want to live life in fear of something that hasn’t even happened yet. Even if I were to leave SKK, I would still have to dress like this and acquire work as a writer/scribe. Or in order to help out my impoverished family, I would have to, regardless of the person, marry someone. (LOL. Love L’s subtle reaction to this news.) So for me, the type of tomorrow you speak of that I should want to protect with all my might and safety doesn’t exist. I’m…I just want to enjoy this moment, with all my heart and with all my strength because these times will never be allowed to me again. (L didn’t consider these options, did he? Tsk tsk. K is quite practical here.)

When K returns, the scholars ask where K’s been. They start speculating that K was out last night with a woman in his arms. K scoffs at the notion. When M and G enter the room, K contritely starts to apologize about not returning last night.
K: Sahyung! Last night…things just turned out that way. (It’s like she’s apologizing to her older brother…poor M)
M turns and leaves, stopping only when K calls after him.
M: You…why do you only think of yourself? Act with some thought for others who might be worried about you. (He leaves.)
G: Were you able to meet LSJ?
K: How did you know?
G: (in a tone to indicate that she should know better by now…LOL) I’m Goo Yong Ha.

Back in L’s room, he reflects on his last conversation with K and how she said that she only has two options for herself (either keep cross-dressing to find work or marry someone to save her family). More than anything else, she tells him that she just wants to be happy and enjoy the moment. Walking back to SKK with G and M, K likewise thinks back on L’s concern for her. As M tries to take the package she’s holding, the scholars erupt into chants of “Daemul!” because Chosun has arrived at the marketplace with her fellow courtesans in the hopes of meeting Daemul. Chosun explains that she came out to see K because she has something to tell K. She adds that since there was little chance of K seeking her out, she did the seeking instead. The other scholars react outrageously in typical male fashion at Chosun’s obvious pursuit of K. (LOL. G gives M such an interesting look…chuckles, ah the irony). K tells Chosun that K’s glad she’s come, for she was planning on going to see Chosun today as well. Chosun lowers her head to hide a smile of pleasure while the other scholars howl and announce that they will leave the two of them alone now. As M and G pass the couple, however, M stops momentarily due to the scent of Chosun’s distinctive perfume. (Love the dramatic music!) As K and Chosun leave, G expresses his shock and disbelief; Chosun, known for her coolness, has fallen quite in love with K. M, due to his lack of experience with women and courtesans, asks G if all courtesans wear this perfume. G says of course not and then proceeds to sniff the air. He elaborates that this is a perfume only worn by Chosun because she’s the only woman/beauty who can handle such a strong scent. Other courtesans can’t wear the potent perfume.

At Chosun’s place, the other courtesans tell K that K really doesn’t know women very well. One of them voices her puzzlement over why Chosun is so taken with K. There doesn’t seem to be anything special about K to warrant taking Chosun’s name off the list of available courtesans at work. At this news, K is stunned, but before she can say anything else, Chosun enters the room with some food and tells the younger courtesans to leave and stop uttering such foolishness. K asks Chosun if this is true. Chosun responds by asking if K will receive a woman like her.

Meanwhile, M is waiting for K outside Chosun’s place and recalls his various encounters with her (smelling her perfume, fighting the masked fake HBS) while G’s voice is heard: “Surely not. This is a scent used exclusively by Chosun.”

Seated across from K, Chosun explains that she doesn’t expect to become the wife of K, given her situation in life. Since she was a child until now, she’s lived the life of a courtesan. However, K was the first one to ever see her as a woman who deserved the common courtesies given to respectable women (loose translation) rather than as a simple courtesan whose job was to entertain men. If she’s by K’s side, regardless of whether she becomes K’s lover or mistress, she feels that she might be able to live a life in which she respects and cherishes herself as a woman. “Will you give me permission to live, waiting for the day when you can return my feelings?” (WOW, the woman is so incredibly articulate!) K, understanding the gravity of the situation as well as the honor, clearly states that she cannot allow Chosun to do so. K then continues that she (K) is unworthy to be the recipient of such emotions from such a beautiful and gentle woman like Chosun. K asks Chosun to not bother with K anymore. She (K) is unworthy of Chosun’s affections. K gets up to leave, and Chosun follows suit, gently chiding K, “How can I let you go (forget about you) when you reject me with such kind words?” K apologizes twice, once in the familiar form and then switches over to the more honorific form of apology.

As K walks out, she’s met by M.
M: Visiting a courtesan’s house on your first day back…what do you want to become when you get older? (K merely smiles) Chosun…I think it may be wise to put some distance between you and her.
K: She’s a good person…too valuable for someone like me.
M: (irritated) Will you just listen when I tell you things?! It’s unbecoming of a little runt like you going in and out of a courtesan’s house.
K: Sahyung, are you still angry with me? Don’t worry so much. I’m Daemul…Daemul. (LOL love the way she talks with M)
M: So? It’s because it’s you that I worry.
Grabbing her bag from her, he walks away with K trailing to catch up to him. (Love the way her backpack swings)

The other scholars return to SKK and discover a posting about an upcoming exam/quiz tournament given by the king. The prize is tangerines (extremely rare in Korea during those days due to Korea’s cold weather). The old scholar explains to the salivating younger scholars that the tangerines are sweet and tangy and that they shouldn’t say anything unless they’ve actually tasted such deliciousness.

His hands full supporting a basket laden with ripe tangerines, the headmaster walks with the king as the king explains that because there was a good harvest this year, he’s brought plenty of tangerines to give to the scholars. The headmaster comments that SKK scholars are probably the only commoners who get to taste such a delight. Even though he personally would never go back to his days as a student, he sometimes thinks that returning to the life of a scholar might be worthwhile if he gets to eat some tangerines. The King chuckles and then notes that L’s father is approaching. As they exchange greetings and discuss that the time of the exam/quiz is already here, the king comments that L’s father can look forward to the event and anticipate good results this year (in reference to L). The headmaster chimes in to say that if L, with all his brilliance does not take first place, the sun will have risen on the west instead of the east. ByungPan interjects and says that L is studying up in the mountains. There is an awkward silence, which is broken by the headmaster who asks, “You didn’t know? L has been reinstated at SKK as of today.” L’s father clears his throat and tells the king that he sent L back to school, much to ByungPan’s surprise (ha!). L’s father continues that despite his son’s stubborn about his studies, he felt that SKK was the better place for L to further his studies. (I love how the king can see beneath the surface but doesn’t indicate so in words…a man of many layers.)

K reads the posting about the quiz tournament as she walks into the library. Searching for a book, she taps the shoulder of a scholar.
K: Excuse me.
L: Is this the book you’re looking for?
K: (looking as though she’s seen a ghost) You’ve returned? To SKK?
L: If you’re preparing for the quiz tournament, there’s no need. (arrogant yet true implication that he’ll place first…ah, what a smartie! LOL) You were right, Kim Yoon…(doesn’t finish because he doesn’t want to call her by Kim Yoon Shik anymore!) Anyhow, I was the person who made you a scholar at SKK. I’ll take responsibility. Before anyone finds out about this situation, I will help you leave SKK quietly. I will be doing the work, so there won’t be any mistakes. (LOL such arrogance)
K: Are you telling me that you returned solely to kick me out of SKK?
L: Then did you see me as a half-wit who would be content to let the girl he’s interested in remain at SKK, a school that is crawling with men? Me? (Love the waltzy music!)
K: (blocks him from walking away from her) With what authority/right?
L: I hope that you don’t get hurt. (can’t comprehend the other sentence he says). What other right do I need?
K: You can help me…to finish successfully and safely. Will you be satisfied if I can show you how well suited I am for SKK?
L: That…how do you plan on showing me this?
K: (looks over at the quiz notice) Uh…that…what about the quiz tournament? I’ll place first in the tournament.
L: first in the tournament, huh? Do you realize that everyone will be taking the exam.
K: Uh…(she didn’t realize LOL)
L: (tries to intimidate her with the breath and depth of that exam…how much she’s going to have to know and study for that exam) Do you know that it’s an exam that requires complete memorization?
K: (trying to stay positive) It’s not like everyone else isn’t taking the exam. I’ll try it, too!
L: There’s one more thing.
K: What is it this time?
L: More than anything else, you will have to win me.
K: (laughs at his arrogant statement.) I was expecting something intimidating (loose translation of the Korean)
L: Since my childhood days, I have never once lost first place.
K: So, when I win, you promise to say no more on this subject.
L: Agreed. Let’s try this then.

L walks through SKK and overhears scholars discussing his return. He ignores them and continues on his way while the scholar in sunglasses quotes a wise proverb about how one rejoices when a friend returns from a far distance. However, the scholar quickly panics and exclaims that he is NOT joyful because L is sure to place first, thereby making it impossible for him to win.

L walks up to G and M, who jabs G in the stomach for playing with his hair. L bows to his seniors.
G: You’ve come. I guess K is really an antidote/medicine, huh?
(Awkward silence between L and M)
M: Hey, Noron. I told you not to confuse people. Don’t go back and forth. It’s disorienting to me.
G: That’s the first time in 10 years, that friend…What a great welcome greeting! (at least for M)
L smiles.

M and L are in their room preparing to sleep. (L astutely realizes that time is of the essence and decides to act quickly.)
L: Then, I’m going to sleep first, Sahyung (senior).
M looks at him blankly, wondering why L would announce his sleeping plans. L painstakingly positions his pillow right in the middle of the blankets (LOL the full-body view of this is hilarious!)
M: (In disbelief) Hey Noron. (L turns to his side and closes his eyes) That’s my place. (LOL..M utters this with clenched teeth)
L: Your place, my place. There’s no such thing. You were the one who said wherever one lies down is that person’s place.
M: (gives L a vicious kick in the back and jars L “awake”) Move back to your place.
In response, L snuggles even more securely into his spot. Grabbing his pillow (Korean pillows can be hard), M throws it down right next to L’s head, not caring that the pillow hit L’s head. Pushing L’s butt with his, M lays down for the night, arms crossed (what a battle of wills LOL) The squirming and pushing continue for a time until M gets tired of the situation and sits up in exasperation.
M: You…what’s wrong with you tonight?
L: (sits up as well) That’s what I’d like to ask. Why are you acting like this, Sahyung?
Their eyes lock in a silent battle of wills and only break when K walks into the room from her washing. (LOL love the music)
K: What are you two doing?
M: (ignoring the question and pats the spot next to him) You should sleep, too.
L: No! Kim Yoon Shik’s place is here. (L slams his hand down next to his side. At this, M is a bit stunned by L’s unusual behavior and glares at L…the battle of wills recommence. However, L soon remembers that K is in the room with them and averts his gaze.) KYS has wild sleeping habits, so it’s best to place K here by the wall…
M: That’s enough! Just sleep the way we’ve been sleeping! (LOL the clenched teeth again!)
L: No, sahyung.
K: (interrupting before the tension escalates) Wait. My sleeping place, I’ll decide.
Both men look at her expectantly. L motions (again and again LOL) with his eyes that she should pick his side. When she remains silent, undecided on what to do, he becomes uncertain of her feelings for him and simply waits. (LOL the silent conversation they have in that short span of time is hilarious!) As K tries to decide, G barges into the room panting in obvious panic.
G: The noise…Did you hear that noise? No? (Without waiting for a response, G shoves his way between M and L, clutching his pillow the whole time.) It’s the nine-tailed fox. The nine-tailed fox! (shudders in exaggerated fear because Korean legend says that nine-tailed foxes/females eat the livers of men, especially men like G LOL) I plan on sleeping here tonight, OK?
M: Hey!
L: Sahyung!
Blithely ignoring the two angry men, G tightly hugs his pillow and curls up in a fetal position. Relieved by the turn of events, K smiles.
K: Then I’ll make my bed in Yeorim Sahyung’s room tonight.
(LOL I love how G sleeps just as badly as K, especially putting his legs on M…poor M)

*Will continue tomorrow…wanted to at least get the sleeping scene in. 🙂

*Addendum at 11:07 a.m. Saturday morning (10/23/10): I woke up this morning to a rude realization: I have two more sets of papers to grade before Monday! (ugh) This equates to…ugh…I don’t want to even think about how many papers. 😛 Needless to say, episode 16 will just have to exist in this incomplete form. Sorry. Let’s just hope I get all my work done in time to summarize episode 17 come Monday morning. Incidentally, I was looking over my SKKS files (I type out the summaries on a Word document and then copy/paste onto this blog when I’m done) and realized that when I include translations of the dialogue (of the four guys), it takes longer. Hmmm…debating whether to continue with the dialogue translations or simply summarize for faster completion. Anyhow, sorry about the incomplete episode 16…on a brighter note, though, I hear through the Internet grapevine that the English subs will soon be up for episode 16, so you won’t have to wait that much longer. Good weekend, everyone!

Plans for Episode 16 summary / recap

I woke up this morning to such heartwarming and/or cute comments regarding my previous post. 🙂 I wasn’t planning on writing about episode 16 any further with such great recaps already out in cyberspace, but since some of you REALLY like SKKS and REALLY want to read all of the various interpretations, I will endeavor to add my usual summary to the collection. LOL.

I’ve missed my window of free time for writing this morning (slept in), so I’ll see what I can do in the next two days. Most likely, I will end up posting the entire summary by Thursday night once I’m done with classes for the week…unless…I get impatient and start posting pieces at a time. 😀

Thanks again for a great morning! And this is particularly for our friend at Oxford: Lee and Salinger? LOL. I’m far from their level, but I thank you!

Have a great day/evening, everyone!

SKKS episode 16 summary / recap (highlights)

Hi everyone! You guys are extremely kind with your thanks and praises. Perhaps once SKKS is over, I’ll start writing my own stories again. The academic life pretty much drains any creative juices I have in me. After reading so many students’ papers, I tend to not want to tax my brain too much. LOL

Anyhow, I had planned on coming home after work tonight to summarize episode 16, but I think it may be wiser for me to go to bed early tonight and summarize tomorrow morning after a good night’s rest…it typically takes about 3 hours to write each summary, and I can’t guarantee how long my brain will remain functional, especially since there are some tricky dialogue in episode 16. After lecturing for five hours straight on Ruth Benedict (culture and individualism) and entertaining those darling kids (4 years old and 2 years old) all morning, I think it’s fair to say that I am, or at least my body is, no longer a spring chicken. 😛 I feel so old! (sniffles)

However, for those of you who couldn’t understand the dialogue, I’ll leave you with some major highlights:
1. L keeps bugging K to tell him what she was about to say at the waterfall before she slipped and fell (inside his room up in the mountains, in their room at SKKS when M isn’t there, and then at the library before K kisses him). He insists that he only wants to know because he’s a scholar. (Sure, we believe you! LOL)

2. M recognizes Chosun as the fake HBS because of her distinctive perfume. He tries to warn K to put some distance between her and Chosun, but K brushes it off and says that she’s “Daemul,” which exasperates M.

3. At the mountain house, Soondol locks K and L in the room all alone so that K can convince L to return to SKK, unwittingly forcing a man and a woman to spend the night together. LOL…the look on L’s face, especially when Soondol was telling K that L’s been sick, dazing off into space because he’s been missing someone. LOL…L’s expression is absolutely priceless!

4. G invades their room while L and M are arguing over sleeping positions because he heard a noise and thinks there’s a nine-tailed fox out to get him. LOL

Hmmm…I’m probably missing some other great points, but oh well…I’ll write a full summary tomorrow morning (8 hours from now) to cover everything. Until then, I wish you all a great day/night!

Oh, someone made a comment about future summaries of others series…LOL…we’ll see how my sanity is after SKKS. G’night!

Addendum at 11:30 pm: I just dropped by yogurutu.blogspot.com and noticed that she recapped episodes 15 and 16! I think it’s safe to say that episode 16 has been nicely summarized already. 🙂 I’ll summarize ep. 17 and 18 next week, everyone! No need to duplicate something that’s already been done quite nicely…and with pictures, too! Check it out!

Link to SKKS episode 16

Good morning! Thanks to my circadian rhythm, I’m up at my usual time. 😛 Thank goodness, I feel well rested for the day. 🙂 And of course, the little people at my house were quite excited to see me awake…play time with their American “auntie.” LOL

Thanks for all the encouraging comments you guys left…definitely made it worth MY while to stay up and summarize for you all. But yeah, as I went to bed early this morning, I questioned my own sanity just a tad bit. LOL. Seriously, though, I took a look at the page number after I was done…11 pages, single-spaced! I’m a bit stunned that I write so much for each episode, but I can’t seem to help myself once I start summarizing. =O.o=

Anyhow, here’s the link to episode 16 for those of you who want to watch and need the link. I’ll probably watch later this evening after work around the same time as last night. Enjoy!


A quick heads up on the episode (SPOILER)…couldn’t resist and took a peek. OMG, this episode is HILARIOUS…I can’t wait to summarize for you all later tonight. 😀 L and M are particularly funny with their fight over who gets to sleep in the middle, and they get interrupted by G who comes charging into their room because he heard a noise and is afraid it might be a nine-tailed fox intent on eating his liver…perhaps because he’s such a womanizer! (crazy Korean legends about nine-tailed foxes, typically women, who eat human livers). LOL