Lie to Me Episodes 11 and 12 with Recaps

Let me know if any of the links do not work. I’ll post new ones…just a very mini-recap since I’ve got finals this whole week.

Episode 11:
Mini-recap: So-Ran disappears, leaving a comment on her homepage that could be interpreted as a last farewell (suicide) while she’s in actuality vacationing on Jeju Island. Ah-Jung learns from Jae-Bum that So-Ran’s disappeared and as she’s talking with So-Ran on the phone, she unwittingly agrees to go to Jeju Island in front of her coworkers during a meeting at work. Her job is to convince the three foreigners (American, French, and Japanese) that Jeju Island should be kept on the list of the 7 most beautiful wonders/spots in the world since there is a rumor that it might be taken off that list. En route, Ah-Jung meets Ki-Joon who follows her. He even arranges for a private helicopter as transport but has Park Hoon cancel the order when Ah-Jung scoffs at the helicopter (I don’t think she really believed that Ki-Joon called for a helicopter) and simply boards the boat. Ki-Joon follows her aboard even though he’s extremely sensitive to motion sickness (I love how many motion sickness patches he has on his neck when he leaves the boat!). Once in Jeju Island, Ah-Jung learns that it’s almost impossible to meet with the three men…until Ki-Joon steps in and uses his VVIP status (I guess VIP isn’t good enough in Korean dramas) to help her out, even pulling some strings to find out where they are staying (arranging for Ah-Jung to stay at the same hotel) and arranging for golf so that they can “lobby.” When all’s said and done, Ah-Jung panics when it looks like the men are going to leave without giving her a chance to talk business with them, so she pushes the issue. When the Japanese man asks her to describe Jeju in one word, she replies that it’s “Mother.” Jeju is as beautiful as it is and meaningful because it’s centered around the mothers who risk their lives to sea dive in order to provide a future for their children. She explains that because she doesn’t have a mother, when she thinks of Jeju, she thinks of mothers and how this island is so beautiful because of its mothers (she says it better, but I’m running out of time, so you all have to read my crappy version…sorry.) Ki-Joon translates (the man speaks four foreign languages–Chinese, English, French, and Japanese! What else does he speak?!) The three men leave impressed by her profound and heartfelt explanation, and Ki-Joon and Ah-Jung celebrate. He presents her with a gorgeous evening gown and pulls out all the stops for an intimate dinner for two. They both agree to date with genuine hearts–no more complications from The Lie. In the background, Yoon-Joo takes in the scene in disbelief and horror.
A few minor points that I missed in the mini-recap:
1. So-Ran no longer suspects Ah-Jung was gunning for her husband, especially when she sees Ki-Joon with her.
2. Sang-Hee discovers that his brother is with Ah-Jung in Jeju Island when he calls Ah-Jung and Ki-Joon takes the phone from her to tell his younger brother to call back later since Ah-Jung needs to rest a bit after having dealt with a stressful situation.
3. The aunt meets with Yoon-Joo’s family and starts talks of a wedding.
4. Manager Park tells the Gold Resort Management that they had better be ready to tender their resignations for how shabbily they’ve been running the place.

All right…that’s all for now.  I hope this helps those of you who can’t understand Korean and are anxiously waiting for the subs.  Sorry about the short recap, but it’s the best I can do right now with finals. Enjoy!

Episode 12:

Ki-Joon walks Ah-Jung back to her room after their dinner.
So-Ran paces outside while she waits for Jae-Bum, wondering where he is. At just that moment, Jae-Bum arrives on the scene and then in dramatic slow-motion (love the music!), he rushes to her, telling her how much he’s missed her.  However, So-Ran pushes him away and directly into the swimming pool, only to have Jae-Bum look like he fell into the pool unconscious. After some time, he finally surfaces and convinces her of his sincerity and that he can’t imagine living life without her.  At that, she relents but falls into the pool with Jae-Bum when he pulls her in. Hugging her tightly, Jae-Bum profusely apologizes, saying that he was in the wrong. 
The next morning, Yoon-Joo watches as Ah-Jung and Ki-Joon step into a white limo together and think back to the image of Ki-Joon and Ah-Jung together. 
When they arrive back in Seoul, Ki-Joon and Ah-Jung discuss when they should meet tomorrow. Ah-Jung says she’s busy, and Ki-Joon says he is as well but they should still meet. Then the negotiations of when to meet start, with Ki-Joon pushing for an earlier time than Ah-Jung. LOL
Back at home, Ah-Jung sees all the delicious dishes and gives her father a knowing look. Once inside her bedroom, she plays with the doll Sang-Hee gave her, singing the Jeju song. (So not right that she’s playing with his gift while thinking of Ki-Joon!) Suddenly, she gets a call from Yoon-Joo who invites her out for a drink. 
At the bar, Yoon-Joo explains to Ah-Jung that she’s just returned from Jeju herself and then tells Ah-Jung the reason why Ki-Joon and she had to break up. 
Meanwhile, Ki-Joon, his aunt, and Chairmen Chen meet. Once the preliminary deal is brokered, Ki-Joon confesses to Chairmen Chen that he unwittingly lied to him about being married but that there’s no lies when World Group does business. Chairmen Chen walks out and the aunt takes Ki-Joon into her office and chews him out, asking him why he didn’t just keep to the lie since he’s fooled her all this time. When he claims that he’ll take responsibility, the aunt comes out strongly and threatens that if he can’t get Chairmen Chen’s backing, Ki-Joon won’t be able to continue to be the president at the next board meeting. 
At Ah-Jung’s work, she’s praised by her boss. When she gets off work, she is pleasantly surprised to find Ki-Joon waiting for her outside her office. She asks how a businessman like him can get off work so early, and he comments that it’s not early…he thought he was dying, waiting for the time to pass. LOL He then drives to meet Sang-Hee at the café with Ah-Jung because Sang-hee asked to see him.
When they enter the café, everyone is surprised to see them. Sang-hee, especially, looks stunned to see them together but tries to hide his reaction. When Sang-hee asks how they arrived together, Ki-Joon replies that where the needles goes, the thread always follows. (aw….) Sang-hee tries to avoid watching as Ah-Jung and Ki-Joon feed each other in a public display of affection. Yoon-Joo drops by but leaves unnoticed to everyone but Sang-hee who follows her outside. Sang-hee tries to comfort Yoon-Joo and tells her that she’s going to have to let Ki-Joon go. Later that night, Sang-hee drinks in his studio and mutters to Ah-Jung’s portrait that she should have at least looked at him once. His friend walks in on him and realizes that his crush is Ah-Jung. Sang-hee asks him to hit him one time so that he’ll gather his senses. 
The next day, So-Ran meets with her buddies and tells them 1) she and Jae-Bum are reconciled and enjoying a second honeymoon 2) Ah-Jung and Ki-Joon were never married and are now involved with each other.  However, there is another woman in Ki-Joon’s life. This is the reason why So-Ran says she can’t go study abroad (LOL. Love how she feels like only she can handle situations!)
Meanwhile, Ah-Jung is hard at work on a project that no one at her work wanted to do. (Way to take one for the team!) 
By the Han River at night, Yoon-Joo meets with Ki-Joon to explain to him that she’s having a hard time sorting through her feelings and that she’s met with Ah-Jung. He tells her that there are times due to fate when people are not destined to be together regardless of how their emotions are engaged. Ki-Joon then ends by telling her that he no longer loves her and only has eyes for Ah-Jung; he no longer “sees” Yoon-Joo. Ki-Joon then meets with Ah-Jung to talk things over and to make sure she’s all right. When he asks why she didn’t tell him of the meeting, Ah-Jung replies that there was no need to tell since telling him wouldn’t have changed anything. Talking with Yoon-Joo made her understand Yoon-Joo’s situation more sympathetically. Ki-Joon then tells her to promise him that she’ll tell him everything that happens to her, even the minor things like how many times she washes her hand (!). He hugs her and she teases that he probably only came to see her face and give her a hug.
At the office, Ki-Joon shaves his face for the second time (going to see papa Gong) and then asks Park Hoon (love that cute man!) if the car’s been washed and cleaned. Park Hoon teases and asks him where he’s going. Ki-Joon then calls Ah-Jung and surprises her by arriving at her doorstep. (Cute how he tells her not to open the door for just anyone and then there he is!) He greets the father who looks at Ki-Joon suspiciously. Confirming that Ki-Joon is the cherry blossom that Ah-Jung was crying about, the father then puts his law professor skills to the test by grilling Ki-Joon, especially in a drinking contest. (There’s a thing in Korean culture where the potential son-in-law or boyfriend is questioned and tested by getting him drunk. The goal is to see who passes out first and what secrets he divulges while drunk. LOL). Ah-Jung looks on in dismay as her father and her boyfriend get progressively drunker until the father passes out, quickly followed by Ki-Joon. She lets him sleep on her bed as he keeps muttering her name.  
The next morning, Ah-Jung and her father stand watch over Ki-Joon’s sleeping form and comment on his features (cute picture of Ki-Joon hugging/sleeping with Ah-Jung’s bear). The dad says that Ki-Joon’s not much better than him, but then Ah-Jung comments that Ki-Joon’s taller (LOL). At the breakfast table when Ki-Joon finally wakes up, the dad claims that he won the drinking contest and Ki-Joon keeps contesting the results, saying that the father passed out first. The dad then says he won because he got up first. (LOL)
At the office, Ki-Joon gets bad news that Chairmen Chen is maneuvering to deal with the people of Great Hotel. 
Ah-Jung’s new project seems to be taking off well, especially with Ki-Joon hiding in the background helping her without her knowledge.
The aunt and Yoon-Joo’s parents share a meal during which the aunt implies that Ki-Joon needs help from Yoon-Joo’s dad, a politician. She then meets Ki-Joon at his office and tells him that she doesn’t care whether Ki-Joon and Yoon-Joo date, marriy, or split up. Ki-Joon needs to meet up with Park and gain his help since he had helped Chairmen Chen in his Korean dealings. 
Meanwhile, Yoon-Joo’s mom finds Yoon-Joo collapsed (from stress…whew, I was afraid she had tried to commit suicide) on the couch and hospitalize her. The aunt threatens Ki-Joon to stay close to Yoon-Joo’s side so that her parents will help him. Otherwise, the deal with Chairmen Chen will be a thing of the past. Ki-Joon visits her late at night and, while she’s “sleeping,” tells Yoon-Joo not to be ill. 
The next day, Ki-Joon takes some time off to go visit Ah-Jung in her project presentation. (it’s so cute how he pushes to help her in her work). Ah-Jung makes a speech to a near-empty audience and then gets upset with Ki-Joon because he purchased a great number of tickets (over 500!) to help her out. She had excitedly thought that her work was creating all the sales when he had simply bought them to help her. He wonders in puzzlement why people didn’t come to see a free show when he gave them the free tickets. 
Later that night, Ah-Jung walks home and is charmed by the lights on the cherry blossom trees that Ki-Joon sets up to look like cherry blossoms in the form of an apology. He tells her that he’s learning, thanks to her.
Chairmen Chen and Yoon-Joo’s father meet. Meanwhile, the aunt chews Ki-Joon for not visiting Yoon-Joo; she doesn’t know that Ki-Joon did go to visit her but when her parents weren’t around.
Ah-Jung gets a phone call to meet with her supervisor who then tells her he knows the truth. He tells her not to lie anymore since she’s a civil servant, especially since there’s talk about Ki-Joon and Politician Park’s daughter marrying.  
At dinner time, the aunt and Yoon-Joo’s family keep waiting for Ki-Joon, who’s a no-show. The aunt excuses herself to call him and finally convinces (guilts) him to join them for dinner for the sake of the business. He’s about to drive to the dinner when Ah-Jung calls him. Both are feeling down and stressed. She comments that his voice sounds just as down as hers and wonders if he knows politician Park. She then quickly tells him to forget it and hangs up. She texts him to apologize and then writes that she really misses him. Ki-Joon stops driving and takes a moment by the Han River (love how the fireworks are symbolic of his turbulent emotions) to reflect on his choices.
Ah-Jung mopes that she misses him and would love to see him during a moment like this. He then texts her and later follows that up with a phone call. (sigh…he’s chosen love over business at the risk of losing Chairmen Chen’s business…he’s changed quite a bit, our Ki-Joon) Ah-Jung rushes into his arms when he shows up. She hugs him and asks if he knows how hard a day she’s had while he returns does she know how much he’s missed her.
OK, off to more grading…hope you enjoyed this rough recap…took a bit of time this morning to recap while I saw the show as a break. On a personal note, I think it’s unrealistic that Ki-Joon chooses to see Ah-Jung instead of meeting the Parks when so much of his business is at stake.  But then again, it’s fiction so anything is possible, especially if it adds to the romantic factor, I suppose. I have to keep reminding myself that kdramas require “a willing suspension of disbelief.” The show could also be angling the story so that Ki-Joon and Ah-Jung are able to rectify the Chairmen Chen situation on their own WITHOUT any help from people who might then demand favors in return. We shall see how the show progresses next week. On a side note, I miss the fun interactions with the minor characters…the little scene with Park Hoon today just wasn’t enough. 🙁

Lie to Me Episodes 7 and 8

Sorry about the late post…helping my church move to a new location this week. Anyhow, enjoy the episodes!
Episode 7:
Episode 8:

@ 5/31/11: Quick Comment on Episode 8…hopeful quickly turns to heartbreaking. Ugh…heart-squeeze. The up side is that with the lie cleared up between Ah-Jung and So-Ran, perhaps they can actually learn to be good friends. I love how the two “frenemies” face each other in their worst moment of loneliness/despair and come clean before each other.
All I’m waiting for now is for Sang-Hee to join the Ah-Jung/Ki-Joon love triangle since it looks like he’s no longer in love with Yoon-Joo. Ah, next week’s episodes are going to be quite emotional!

Lie to Me Episodes 1 and 2

Hi everyone!
I totally forgot that Lie to Me starts today. LOL Below is the link for Episode 1 and 2…I’ve missed my window to recap, so I refer you to, which does a great job with the recaps!

Episode 1:
Episode 2:

BTW, I LOVE Ki-Joon’s secretary…so hilarious!!!  I’ll try to recap next week!