Bulletin Board: December 16 – 22

Unfortunately, I keep procrastinating, so I’m still in grading mode. *Exasperated sigh* However, the good news is that by Tuesday afternoon, I will have no other choice but to submit all of my grades, so after the next two days of intensive grading sessions, I shall be able to resume watching and recapping some Kdramas. *more exasperated sighs* This is what I get for dawdling in my professional duties. But thank goodness this all ends in two more days, right? 😉 

In any case, I have a few announcements for the upcoming 2013 year…As we near the close of 2012 and the first full year we’ve been at this new URL, I’m taking stock of a number of things and planning a few changes–major and minor–to our blog. If you have any suggestions for upcoming posts or “corners,” please email me your suggestions. I’d love to make this a more dynamic blog for all of you. I will announce these changes in a week or two once everything is confirmed.

Until then, you can still look forward to the usual weekly posts…and this time, I should be able to really do the “definites.” 🙂

Definites: Movie Monday, The Thousandth Man Ep. 8 (finale), The King of Dramas Ep. 5 and 6, The Thursday 3, Musing for Today, and Marathon Drama.

Hopefuls: The King of Dramas Ep. 7-14…in nutshell format, of course.

Let me know your thoughts on Jeon Woo Chi. I was supposed to start the recaps but never got around to it. Is it worth starting so late in the game? If not, is there an alternative drama you would rather see recapped in its place?

That’s all the announcements I have for now. As usual, gush/question/muse away, my twinkles! I wish you a happy Sunday and a fabulous rest of the week!

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3 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: December 16 – 22”

  1. As I approach the last week of school for the next 2 1/2 weeks, I can’t help but think about everything that is happening in the world. Minutes away from where my family lives, another mentally unstable person has gotten hold of a gun and taken innocent lives. A high school friend who lives there, I had to immediately call her because I knew she had grandchildren in that area. You always say, nothing like this could happen to people that you know. But its funny, in my lifetime, I’ve known a State trooper to be shot dead while on duty; a friend’s cousin die during 9/11 and now someone who lived in the vicinity of the elementary school in Newton, CT. I am not against people owning guns but what I am against is how easy people can get them. In Virginia, for example, its ridiculous how easy and how frequent the opportunities are for people to get guns. Having lived here for 20+ years, I know but I don’t think a lot of people who are new to this area realize. This is one time when party affiliation and lobbyist need to be ignored and this hole should be filled! How many more innocent children need to be killed before the NRA will no longer rule our government legislatures!

    1. That was horrible. When I heard about that, I started thinking of my siblings who are also in elementary school and it all just hit me, the horror and tragedy. It just breaks my heart that someone could do that to children. Adults, yes, we’ve seen it many times already, sadly. But this is the first time children have become victims to slaughter.

      A comment on this topic that I read that I cannot seem to forget was, “When the elderly die, the past dies with them. But when the children die, the future dies.”

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