Bulletin Board: September 7 – 13


Hi, Twinkles!

I hope that you’ve all been well. 🙂 This weekend is a special one in the Asian countries as families gather to celebrate the harvest season or what is oftentimes referred to as “Thanksgiving.” In Korea, we call it Chuseok, and festivities abound in the Korean Peninsula!

Shall we get started with this week’s announcements? 🙂


1. By now, many of you know that Saturday’s Glorious Day was preempted by the Chuseok festivities. Fortunately, the show will air at its regular Sunday airtime, so I hope you all get to enjoy Episode 39! 🙂

2. Some of you may have been surprised by this past “Friday Fun” selection. My apologies, but in the craziness of Real Life, I pushed back trotwood‘s music selection to this Friday. Despite the delay, I think you’ll be in for a treat! I was quite inspired by her song selection and hope you will be, too!

3. Did anyone other than My2Girls and TJ’s Mommy notice that this month’s giveaway post didn’t publish as expected on September 1st? If you did and was starting to wonder what had happened to it, rest assured that I haven’t forgotten about it. With Chuseok falling on September 8th this year, I  thought it would be more meaningful to wait until the Korean “Thanksgiving” holiday and host a “special” giveaway. 🙂 Hopefully, many of you will think the wait was worthwhile. We’ve got to celebrate Chuseok properly, right? 😉

4. With the Fall 2014 term in full swing now, you’ll notice a shift in some of the weekly corners. Fear not, my dear Twinkles! Some of your favorite corners will make a reappearance next summer. 🙂 For now, one of the new Fall corners is a Monday-Tuesday corner called “Memorable Quote,” which will help to carry us through My Secret Hotel. 😉

Hmmm…I think that’s it for now. Believe it or not, but these days, my little Pomeranian is actively trying to get me to have a healthier sleep schedule and comes over to remind me around 11:30 pm each night that it’s bedtime. Yes, it’s now approaching that fateful 11:30 time and my little furry buddy is at my side as I type, demanding that I get ready for bed, so I’ll bid you a goodnight and a “glorious” Sunday!

In keeping with our weekly tradition, here’s a picture of our dear turtle, Lee Sang Woo. Nerd that I am, I like him in glasses. 😉


Enjoy the rest of the weekend and have a blessed week, Twinkles!

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4 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: September 7 – 13”

    1. I love him in glasses, too. How can you not love him in with that great smile of his?

      Also, I hope people like my music suggestion this coming Friday. I wasn’t worried about it not being there last Friday (my semester started, too and found me limping to the weekend!). I know you are busy, and I feel lucky to get any new news.

      1. Ha~! You’re a fellow nerd! *happy Snoopy dance*
        You are too sweet and understanding! *hugs*
        What are you teaching this term, trotwood? I’ve got a slew of freshman composition courses and a Children’s Literature course. 🙂

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