Bulletin Board: September 20, 2015


Happy Sunday, Twinkles! 😉

I hope you enjoyed your weekend, or enjoy what’s left of it. 🙂 I’ve got about 1 more hour left of Sunday here on the Pacific Coast as I type this post before the day draws to an end. Thankfully, I’m still able to make my “Sunday” deadline for this bulletin board post. 🙂

This week is relatively light on “new” announcements, but I think that’s understandable considering how the studios are already running full-blast on some very entertaining dramas. Ha~! If only we had enough time to watch them all and still attend to Real Life duties, huh?

Without further ado, let’s get to the announcements!

1. I’m excited for this week…because Sung Hoon‘s Noble, My Love is going to be available for viewing…finally!!!! Although the K-drama series is officially over now–it ended September 16, 2015–DramaFever will be airing the Naver tvcast webdrama starting September 24, 2015. Yup! That means that this Thursday, my much-anticipated-and-I-can’t-believe-I-couldn’t-find-the-raw-episodes-of-this-series-anywhere-and-had-to-wait-for-the-English-subbed-episodes-when-I-don’t-even-need-to-watch-with-subs series is finally going to become available for my viewing enjoyment! Yes!!!!! You can bet that I’ll be making time to watch the series…even if I have to sleep a bit less in order to do so. Talk about an exercise in patience! lol. Anyhow, you can check out the episodes on the DF website here. I’m including the preview again just in case you missed it in last week’s bulletin. So. Can’t. Wait. *silly grin*

Video: Compliments of DramaFever on YouTube

2. I’m hoping to be able to continue posting on the Cool Kiz on the Block Swimming series this Tuesday. As of now, I’ve already watched all the way up to Episode 124, and I have to tell you that I was incredibly relieved to learn that the final episode was actually divided into two episodes. This means that I’ll be able to enjoy one more week of a “new” episode and then have a few more weeks of blogging about the previous episodes as my YouTube source–KBS World TV–makes the English-subbed episodes available for the international community. 🙂 Needless to say, I’m just enjoying the show and will be sad to see it end. *forestalls the inevitable reality of the end for a few more weeks*

3. She Was Pretty, starring Hwang Jung EumPark Seo Joon, Ko Joon Hee, and Choi Si Won, aired its first two episodes to some very solid ratings and responses. I was able to watch the first two installments of the series between teaching classes and found them well done. In fact, they were so well done that I was seriously tempted to start blogging about each episode, but thankfully, I ended up watching the episodes when I couldn’t blog and was thereby able to resist the urge to expend time that I didn’t have. Heh…K-drama bullet dodged. 😉 Anyhow, if you haven’t seen the series yet, I think you’re going to want to. It’s really good! If you’re looking for heartwarming friendships, hilarious moments juxtaposed against poignant dramatic moments, and solid acting that truly does have you laughing and then tearing up in the next moment, this may just be the series for you. 😉 Seriously, the teaser from last week’s bulletin exemplifies my reactions to the show thus far. Want another view? 😉

You can catch English-subtitled videos here starting September 30, 2015.

4. Twenty Again is picking up some great momentum as Ha No Ra (Choi Ji Woo) finally begins to take back her life. Her burgeoning relationships with not only Cha Hyun Suk (Lee Sang Yoon) but also her son Min Soo (Kim Min Jae) are heartwarming to see, and her character is developing in a believable and cheer-worthy trajectory. Me likey! I hope that those of you watching the series are also liking it. 😉

5. There’s a new K-drama on the horizon, and its name is Bubble Gum. Starring Jung Ryeo Won and Lee Dong Wook, it’s slated to begin its broadcast on October 26, 2015, on tvN. Hmmm…tvN is certainly churning out a good number of must-watch dramas, huh? 🙂 You can catch a glimpse of the three teasers released below:

Teaser 1:

Teaser 2:

Teaser 3: 

Anyhow, that’s all for this Sunday. Below are our weekly doses of our eye candies. 🙂

KSG 27

I thought I’d give you a bit of “glamour” to start the work/study week with a big burst of style.

LJW 27

Have another glorious week, Twinkles~! *Fighting!*

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