Bulletin Board: October 28 – November 3

Here is this week’s bulletin board for any announcements, requests, questions, etc. that you just want to post, especially as some of you may want to gush about dramas that our blog does not cover. 🙂


This week’s tentative schedule of posts:

Monday: Movie Monday and Arang Ep. 19

Tuesday: Musing for Today

Wednesday: Arang Ep. 20/Final Thoughts

Thursday: The Thursday 3

Friday: Mystery

Sunday: Bulletin Board

Have a wonderful Sunday and a fabulous week!

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7 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: October 28 – November 3”

  1. I just finished watching The Great Ambition 2002. I really tried not to sleep this weekend hehehe. Good luck to me and my meeting tomorrow oh well…
    Let me start by saying how amazed I am with how the production was done and how great the outcome of the drama was. Kdrama was already grand and fabulous way back in 2002 amazing!!!
    The casts were believable, as if they really lived that era. Jang Hyuk didn’t age a bit comparing Slave hunter and its been like 10 years na. Lee Yo-Won was great as well but I kinda noticed she has the same gloomy expression in Seon duk and 49 days. I want to see something new from her. Do you guys know if she has done any romcom before/recently?
    Anyways it was a fun weekend guys hope you guy enjoyed as well. Next week it’ll be a long holiday for us here in the Philippines no work from Nov 1 to 4 yehey. I’ll try not to overdose on my kdrama… Till next time…

  2. Hi everyone? How was your last weekend?

    For me, it was quite busy. We had a long break because of our Raya celebration. I was cooking as some family came over, and later went down to my daughter’s place, about 350km away from mine and stayed there for 3 days. We helped her to get some chores done as she has no time to fix all the problem 🙂

    Because it rained almost every evening, i had the time to catch up with some of Arang’s… i managed to cover 11 ep.. SMA is still as lovely as before. What i like about her the most is of course the dimple… and her smile… but i feel as though there is no difference between her in Arang and Gumiho…As for LJK, other than MG, i havent watch any of his drama, so i was… sort of expecting the eye-candy.. sleepy eyes LJK.. but he really changed a lot…

    Does anyone watched Faith? Surprisingly, my husband was glued to comp and he cant wait for the end. I watched it a bit… and only keep up with recap… hem…. i think i would rather watch LMH in modern drama … not sageuk….

    1. I watch Faith!! Don’t let the fact that its a saeguk stop you from watching it TT^TT LMH is awesome!! I’m like “City Hunter who??” Right now lol

      Last episode…ermagawwwdd I’m gonna explode todayy. I hope it’s awesome. If it isn’t, you will see my venting on the bulletin board lol

  3. Ahhh @Wol I know there was a reason that you’re my favorite ( sheesh don’t tell the others, tho) I freaking lve live and I do mean Love Faith,this show I mean…ike..I can’t even express myself properly because of my love of everything that is Lee Mi Ho and anything that he acts in. I remember first hearing aout this show like in 2011 and the craziness that was happening with the non production then how Kim Sun Hee was way to old to act opposite LMH but I definitely had Faith about the casting and look what happens: One of the Best Kdramas I Have Ever Seen in my short Kdrama history (2 years & going strong addict). Lee Min Ho is going places people and I am happy to be on that ship.

    This show was so amazing from beginning to end. I can rave forever about this show like forever, that’s how much I loved this show plus it’s A-freakin-Mazing Cast !!! So I will stop cuz I still have more raving and ranting to do.

    So I feel that I should put this long point out there.

    I’m a nerd, geek, weirdo or whatever you call a girl who loves comic book and anime/manga since I was a little piglet. With that being said: I cant stand when an Asian comic book becomes a live action film/movie because it almost always sucks like horribly ex DragonBall Z, StreetFighter with Kristin Kreuk from Smallville, etc.I just feel that certain movies should never be made and if it does happen, can it please come from the country that it originally came from cuz foreigners be messing ish up like seriously.

    Ok that is it for now. I feel like this is therapeutic for me 😀

    It’s official, I’m going this every week til my hands say nay

    Write ya later Twinklings!!!

    1. I haven’t seen the last episode yet! It was 75% percent uploaded when I got home TT^TT then I did some homework, ate dinner, and….went trick or treating xD hahahahaha who doesn’t love free candy?!?! (That I have to figure out how to eat smartly since I’m trying to maintain a good weight dang it)

      And I believe the “official” term for someone who loves anime/manga/comic books is an *otaku. That’s the Japanese term. It’s okay. We’re not weird! We just…have an intense, fiery passion for things from Asian countries that others happen not to be interested in. That is all. Hahaha let us bask in our weirdness together xD I also believe live actions are weird -_- ex: Sailor Moon Live Action. Really weiiiiiird. I liked it (because I’m weird) but Luna was…a stuffed animal. She was obviously a stuffed animal that they voice overed and it was lame lol so that comes to show even the original countries can’t get anime right at times lol idk I think at times anime and manga are awesome for their stories and funny/intense/sweet dialogue but in real life, someone saying these things…it’s like…

      WTF O.O haha

  4. So those t-shirts….will you be posting a picture of them? 😀 I want to see it since I haven’t gotten it in the mail yet TT^TT

    1. Hi, Wol! Yes, I have the shirts in my hands now and am in the process of packing them for mailing this weekend. 🙂 Yours is already done, so you should be able to receive it (and your bag) in the mail sometime next week. Sorry for the late response…I hope you like the shirt. 🙂

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