Bulletin Board: October 21 – October 27

Here is this week’s bulletin board for any announcements, requests, questions, etc. that you just want to post, especially as some of you may want to gush about dramas that our blog does not cover.

Below is my weekly “tentative” schedule of blog posts…let’s hope I can keep to my schedule this week. 😉 

Monday: Movie Monday (yes, I know that I missed last week’s post. It won’t happen this week; I promise! :D) and Arang Ep. 19

Tuesday: Arang Ep. 20

Wednesday: mystery post

Thursday: The Thursday 3

Friday: Standby Ep. 24 and 25

Saturday: the last of the “Walk down Memory Lane” until next year’s anniversary (October 2013)

Sunday: Bulletin Board

Have a wonderful Sunday and a fabulous week!

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11 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: October 21 – October 27”

  1. I have been reading your recaps for the past month and I’d like to say thank you guys for accompanying me on during my breaktimes. I so love love your site!!!

    Can’t wait for your new recaps!!!

    Just finished watching Reply 1997 and I have to say I fell in love with the story and the characters. Makes me reminisce on my first love and friends in high school. sweet…

    I also marathoned watching A gentleman’s dignity. I love the friendship of the 4 40s men. This is the first time I was able to watch such. Its a good thing though that they have dropped the amnesia thing.

    More power to you guys!!! Maraming Salamat…

  2. Need some help here, I’m looking for the drama First Wives Club with English subs, if anyone has idea please let me know.

    I caught it on Singapore local TV while visiting recently and liked what I saw ( 2 episodes only ) heh but can only see Chinese subs available on the internet.


    1. Hi Nayong First Wives Club is great drama, its a bit long but so so good at least for me. It made me laugh and cry all through out. But sorry don’t know sites with english subs.

    2. Hmmm have you tried the magical Google? I googled it and saw “First Wives Club Eng Sub Online” as one of the results. I cant add links tho, sorry 🙁

      Try sites like epdrama, viki, crunchyroll also! They may have uploaded them with alternate titles. It sounds really familiar.

      1. Thanks, Wol
        Tried them all and could not find the drama
        Unfortunately, unable to access Vikki my part of the world, not even Dramafever, saddd

        Will keep trying though:)


    *dies happy*

    Oomgomgomgodnmggnwwwndia it was amazingg.

    I still have to finish that episode -_-;; but i was happy with what i saw so far 😉

    Faith Episode 22 frustrated me. Last two episodes next week. I have an ominous feeling. Not good, there will be tears! D: nooooo

    And um….Full House 2 is finally being uploaded 😀 those hairstyles though…i just wanna rip them off their heads….ughh….my poor Min Woo!! WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO YOU?!?! your handsome face is going to waste away -_-

    And Hwang Jeong Eum…your clothes. Your clothes. Ironically, she wants to be a fashion designer. The irony kills me. It kills me so. Why cant they dress her up cutely, shes such a beautiful woman TT_TT

    And my rants on bad fashion sense is over. The end~ 😀

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