Bulletin Board: November 4 – November 10

Here is this week’s bulletin board for any announcements, requests, questions, etc. that you just want to post, especially since there are a great number of shows that Jules and I do not recap.

Also, some of you may remember a post that I wrote back at the beginning of October hinting at a surprise for those of you who leave comments on a particular post.

Well, I’ve finally got the anniversary surprise (a “Musings of a Twinkie” T-shirt) finally in my hands and plan to mail out the packages this Monday, so U.S. twinkles should be receiving their packages between Wednesday and Friday of this week, and international twinkles will be receiving theirs between Friday and the next two weeks. I hope you really like wearing the T-shirts. Personally, I wear mine around the house, especially when I take Bentley out for his walks. LOL.

Anyhow, below is this week’s tentative schedule of posts…and I stress TENTATIVE since I’m still trying to catch up on my grading. 🙁

Monday: Movie Monday

Tuesday: Musing for Today

Wednesday: Arang Ep. 19

Thursday: The Thursday 3

Friday: Mystery post

Sunday: Bulletin Board

Have a wonderful Sunday and a fabulous week!

Also, I don’t know if awsparkle and Nayong got my email. Please check your spam box or just email me in case you want to claim your T-shirt. 🙂

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17 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: November 4 – November 10”

    1. I am too to be honest. It’s interesting and something a bit “off-key” to watch. I even like the hairdos now because it’s just part of who the character is.

      Yay! Twinkles shirts! Looking forward to seeing how they look! =D

      Hope everyone’s week goes well. If you’re in an area that still does this, you now put your clocks back an hour!

      1. The rest of the cast is fine… But I still can’t get over Man-ok’s hairdo, considering how she is suppose to be a stylish person!

        Are you a Tae-ik or Kang-hwi shipper? Hehehe.

        1. I can’t actually choose! I like them both. I’m really shocked about that so I thought I’d just enjoy the ride and see how it goes =)

        2. I’ve been loving No Min Woo since Pasta and I am very happy he finally got his lead role, my beautiful boy! *tears up* so of course I’m Team Tae Ik ;D

          But Kang Hwi is so cute and sweet 🙁 I understand why all those girls are like “AHHH OPPA I LOVE YOUUU!!” He is like….so amazingly wonderful and cuddly like a teddy bear lol

          But those types never make it in the vicious kdrama land 😀 muahahahaha

          Jk i sad for him TT^TT

          The drama is great so far though 😀 Man Ok’s hair I can’t stand. Where are those bangs she had in the teaser photos? It looks cute(ish) with them…..

    2. Hi Kim
      I watch Full House Take 2, too. I was away at my daughter’s place two days ago and out of boredom, i randomly pick any drama at viki and end up with FHT2. I do have a problem with their hairdo and hope it will improved soon. Of course my favourite is Tae-ik 🙂

      Twinkles shirt…. hopefully ST will upload that too… for our eyes only..

      1. I think I’m having the second lead syndrome. I’m all for Kang-hwi, although I know that Man-ok would end up with Tae-ik…as seen in the trailer. Sigh. Will probably need to watch the rest of the series to appreciate Tae-ik. 😛

        1. I just realized that we can use the Musings fb page for these awesome photos. :). I will make the suggestion on this week’s bulletin 🙂

  1. Nice Guy makes me want to jump off a cliff -_- I hope the ending is worth this pain and suffering D: I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE. Makjang is mean 🙁 *sobs in corner for Maru and Eungi*

    Oh and I am so jealous of you Twinkie. Big Bang is in California!!!! I want to see them TT^TT

    1. LOL. I guess you will be even more jealous when I tell you that I saw them perform live a few years ago during their debut year, huh? They performed a number or two at the annual Hollywood Bowl Korean Music Festival.

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