Bulletin Board: November 11 – November 17

We have some very exciting news for you! As Jules and I scoped out the new batch of Korean dramas that are either currently airing or will be airing shortly, we’ve decided that the best way to approach our next recapping project is to share the responsibilities.

Yes, that’s right! You heard me correctly. Jules and I will sharing recapping duties. AND…not only will the both of us be writing recaps for alternating episodes, but we’re going to be covering TWO dramas in the weeks to come! Woohoo~

What two have captured our fancy, you ask?

1. Jeon Woo Chi (Wednesdays/Thursdays) – totally a no-brainer. I mean, it’s pretty obvious, right? However, in case you still need a hint, I have three words for you: Cha. Tae. Hyun. 😀 The man knows how to bring on the funny. Personally, I cannot wait for episode 1, which airs next Wednesday (11/21/12).

2. The King of Dramas (Mondays/Tuesday). It premiered last week (11/05/12) with the cast being led by the ever-talented Kim Myung Min. Needless to say, I’m intrigued by the show despite the fact that I haven’t had a chance to see it yet. I’m pretty much a sucker for anything with Kim Myung Min, and it doesn’t hurt that Jung Ryeo Won and Choi Si Won are in the cast. I’m hoping to see the first two episodes Sunday evening and nutshell them. Yeah, Jules and I are going to nutshell this one…at least until our little fingers get the better of us, and the nutshells become full-blown recaps. Heh. We’ll see how long our will power to nutshell lasts.

The bright side of this nutshelling is that it also gives us a bit of a leeway to try to finish our respective drama recaps. Sadly, you all know which ones I have yet to finish because I’ve been so bad with my time. *pained expression* Those pesky episodes/recaps which continue to taunt me in their unfinished state shall get recapped…if it’s the last thing I do! Heh. It’s slowly becoming an ever-growing mountain that I am determined to conquer. 😀

Also, for those of you who would like to share photos of your shirts with the other twinkles, I’m not sure if the comment function here on this blog will allow photos, so if it doesn’t, you can post and/or check out the photos on our facebook page here. I’m excited to see some awesome modeling, ladies! 🙂

There were only about a dozen twinkles who replied to the “Roll Call” post, and I know there are many more twinkles out there in kdramaland, so if some of you are lamenting the lost opportunity of procuring your very own “Musings of a Twinkle” T-shirt, have no fears. I have a few that I will be including in future giveaways. 🙂

Anyhow, below is this week’s tentative schedule of posts:…and I stress TENTATIVE since I’m perpetually in the throes of grading. LOL

Monday: Movie Monday and The King of Drama Ep. 1 nutshell

Tuesday: Musing for Today, The King of Drama Ep. 2 nutshell

Wednesday: Arang Ep. 19

Thursday: The Thursday 3

Friday: Marathon Drama

Saturday: Arang Ep. 20 and Final Thoughts

Sunday: Bulletin Board

Have a wonderful Sunday and a fabulous week!

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6 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: November 11 – November 17”

  1. Great news! Have not started KOD yet as I was waiti to watch the episodes together! JWC’s teaser captured my attention so now I am on the bandwagon! As some of my current ones wind down, I actually have drama holes to fill! I will be on these with you and as always, look forward to getting together to discuss!

  2. Nice Guy is killing me slowly. The final two episodes air this week and I… am worried.

    I wonder if it’ll turn out that everything after the accident was just Eun-ki’s mind playing tricks on her (given all the talk about the manipulation of memory), or if Maru will actually die in the finale?

    I think the former would be the worst ending for me, because at least if Maru died, we’d have those sweet memories of Maru and Eun-ki – together, happy – to comfort us. If it ended up all being a lie, however, and Maru was still in love with Jae-hee… I’d break things. *g*

    Hope everyone’s having a good Remembrance Sunday! (in the UK, 11/11 is our memorial day, to remember those who have given their lives for our freedom and safety.)

    1. I can only see Maru dying now. Eungi has gone loco and it is either his death or near-death that will bring her out of this insanity she has created for herself (Well, Maru and Jae Hee had a BIG part in it too but she is also at fault). So I don’t know if I’ll even watch the last two episodes lol I’ve been reading recaps and skimming through parts I wanted to actually watch for last week’s episodes ^^;; hehe

  3. Wow! What lovely news 🙂 I think this double team of ST and Jules will be formidable!

    Jules – I can’t bear to watch Nice Guy; I think the suspense and angst will kill me! I am, however, eagerly following the recaps, and I am anxiously looking forward to seeing how the drama wraps up. I have been disappointed in a couple of Kdrama endings this year, so I am on tenterhooks as to how the writer will conclude the drama.

    A question to pose to the twinkles – what do you think constitutes a ‘bad’ actor/ actress? If a character sucks, how far is it the fault of bad writing (one dimensional, hysterical, inconsistent, silly), and how far is it bad acting (limited emotional range, stilted delivery of lines, no chemistry)? I was wondering because I’ve read loads of comments lambasting the Dr Jin actor, but also heard that the plot was silly. Would love to hear your thoughts!

    1. I guess that it depends on who the actor is… Song Seung Heon is “known” to be a pretty face who can’t act really well. I think that really good actors can make a badly written characters work because they can play the character with deepness that wasn’t necessarily written in the script. When an actor can add they own touch to characters, I’ll give him extra credit. A silly plot does not guarantee a bad performance. For example, Boys Over Flowers was pretty much horrible, but Lee Min Ho was not. He was a newbie at the time and I think that part of the show’s success could be associated with his performance. He made a arrogant, bratty and violent character likable because I think that I did put a lot of himself into the performance and has done more than what was written. In contrast, Ji Hoo’s character, whom I like in the Japanese version was pretty much anemic and expressionless and I couldn’t stand him. I’m not trying to start a fan war here so please chill out if I’ve offend anyone xD I also think that when you can somehow sympathize with a villain, the actor’s performance is part of the reason why. Shunji from Gaksital comes to my mind, as well as Jin Pyo from City Hunter.

      But I have to agree that sometimes, when the script and the characters are just plain horrible, there’s just so much that an actor can do. However, I think that with good actor, you can at least see them try to make the character work. It doesn’t mean that they’ll succeed, but if you can say “Wow, this character makes no sens and I wouldn’t give a damn if it wasn’t __________ who played him/her”, it is a good indicator that the actor has done more than what was given in the script. Now, it’s also true that your impression of an actor is very much subjective and tainted by your own bias. But I guess that there’s no way to be 100% objective when it comes to performance, so i’ll just leave the discussion opened 😛

      Whew that was a long post

      1. Hi, Mawiie,

        Sorry this is such a late response!

        Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I tend to agree with you; even with a bad script/ character, a good actor will still try to make it work. But you’re definitely right about actor biases too! I have my own . . . 😎

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