Bulletin Board: Nov. 2 – 8


Hi, Twinkles!

I hope that you’re all staying healthy and enjoying the fall season. As for me, I’m quite loving the cooler turn in the weather…Let’s just say that I’ve been relishing my hot mugs of coffee and/or tea and some good reading/viewing material. 😉 There’s something about the fall season that’s making me want to immerse myself in all that is British. *hangs head* I know…I just typed “British,” not Korean. LOL. Rest assured, though, that I’m still enjoying my Korean stuff, but what’s a girl to do…? I see fall foliage and experience cooler weather, and for some reason, my brain turns to the UK and all its lovely offerings. 😀

Anyhow, let’s return to our beloved Kdramaland for some announcements…


1. Today is the beginning of another month. Hurray! We’re in the month of November now. 🙂 *gasps suddenly* OMG~! We have only two more months left of this year? What?!!! Yikes! Where did all the time go? Hmmm…Needless to say, you’ll start seeing posts that reflect the gradual closing out of this 2014 year in the next two months. Wow, I can’t believe 2014 is almost over….

2. This month’s giveaway will appear sometime during the month and will be hosted by our dear Jules. You’re going to notice some slight modifications to our giveaways in 2015, but for the remainder of this year, you can expect some wonderful treats to nurture your love affair with Kdramas. 😉 I hope you’re excited for the November giveaway! I certainly am! 😀

3. Confession time: I forgot to blog about 2013’s trip this past Thursday with all the papers that I had to grade. *sheepish grin* Let’s just say that you’ll see these long-awaited travelogues…when you see them and leave it at that. 😉

4. This past week, Pride and Prejudice began its broadcast, and I completed forgot to mention it. Anyone watching it right now? This will be Choi Jin Hyuk‘s final project before he enters his mandatory military service. I haven’t seen any of it yet, but there’s a part of me that’s hesitant to do so…I’ve noticed that the shows in which he’s the main lead don’t generally interest me. Is this the case with some of you, too? I enjoy shows that have him as a secondary character, though…like Gu Family Book and Fated to Love You. I’m starting to develop a certain theory about why, but more on that later. In any case, I’ll let you know my thoughts once I give the first two episodes a viewing.

5. As my–and some Twinkles’–upcoming trip to Seoul approaches, I thought that I would ask you for some suggestions on what you think we should go see, buy, eat, etc. Leave your suggestions below, and I’ll try to see what I can do in the way of helping you live vicariously through me and/or the others in a few weeks! 😉

That’s all for now! I’m sure there are things that I’m forgetting, but ah well…I’ll include that in next week’s bulletin. 🙂

In the meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this week’s picture. I deviate from our usual weekly picture of our dear turtle, Lee Sang Woo, to celebrate the upcoming birthday of 2013’s beloved eye candy, So Ji Sub.

SJS 31

He’ll be celebrating his birthday this November 4th.  Here’s one of my favorite pictures of the guy! *happy sigh* Something about that smile of his… 🙂 I wish you all a happy beginning of the week, Twinkles!


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One thought on “Bulletin Board: Nov. 2 – 8”

  1. I liked the second episode of P&P more than the first, but I still think Baek Jin Hee’s character (Yeol Moo) is a bit, well, dumb, which bothers me.

    I’m actually enjoying Choi Jin Hyuk here, because he isn’t overacting (which I think he has a tendency to do when he’s the lead). If you decide to give it a try, my advice would be to watch both episodes rather than dumping it after the (quite disappointing) first ep.

    (3 weeks, woohoo~!)

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