Bulletin Board: May 13 – May 19

Here is this week’s bulletin board for any announcements, requests, questions, etc. that you just want to post.

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16 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: May 13 – May 19”

  1. In a continuing effort to provide twinkles with quality and quantity, I’m sending out a S-O-S. 🙂

    If there are any twinkles who would like to get involved in the “creation” of some of these posts (currently for Standby, Rooftop Prince, and The King 2 Hearts), please send me an email. Even if you don’t understand the episodes completely but would like to help out by snipping pictures and inserting them into a post or two, I would appreciate that since snipping/inserting the pictures sometimes takes me a good thirty plus minutes or so. Imagine how much faster I could recap! 😉 Especially Standby, which has been sadly stalling at episode 11 and in need of ep. 12 recap. 🙁 My hope is to get that one recapped tomorrow night if I’m not too busy…Oh, and I must not forget Rooftop Prince Ep. 15, huh? LOL

    Anyhow, thanks! I’m hoping that some of you who can help out will be interested enough to join me in my labor of love. 🙂

    1. I might could help if I knew where to grab the pictures/what program is used. Unfortunately, I have a Mac laptop.

  2. Just wanted to let you know that the post for “Movie Monday” will be delayed a bit due to some technical difficulties. 🙁

  3. Me too!! Would love to help but my IT knowledge is limited:(
    Just finished 5 movies over the weekend, most of them from Movie Monday, lol so take your time

    Watched She’s On Duty today, had a great laugh
    Gonna watch Musa tomorrow and if time permits hope to watch Maundy Thursday, hehe

  4. hmm. maybe we can help twinkie out and we twinkles can suggest movies. i’ll just name a few good ones i’ve seen:

    Marathon (based on a true story – such a great film. note to viewers: have a box of tissue ready for you. haha.
    It might not come up if you type in marathon so copy and paste this: 마라톤 영화. It’s not all super sad but it’s also funny as well. It’s based on the true story of Bae Hyeong Jin a runner who is born with autism. The actor who potrays this character is the same actor from the movie Classic.. i forget his name. lol.)
    Link to wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marathon_(2005_film)

    A Wolf’s Attraction (늑대의 유혹 영화 < korean translation – you can copy and paste that also) THIS MOVIE IS SO GOOOD. If you haven't seen this, PLEASE DO. kind of sad also but i remember this movie being super popular. It has Kang Dong Won (aka my husband) and Jo Han Sun. 🙂

    hmm.. now some funny movie's I've seen…

    Cyranno Agency – Twinkie already posted this a while back but this movie is the perfect romantic comedy! 🙂

    dang it.. i can't think of any funny movies on the top of my head lol. but.. a few movies for you twinkless.

    let's pray twinkie computer gets fixed quickly!! haha

    have a great week twinkle twinkle litto stars. (lol)

    1. I recommend Silmido (available on Netflix) and Heaven’s Postman (with JYJ’s Jae Joong, its on Youtube)

      Silmido is a military type movie. I am very picky about my action movies but this one was too good to pass up. There is a heartbreaking story behind everything and it is based upon an actual event in Korean history (which makes it all the more sad). Alas, do not let sadness keep you from watching this movie! It is sooooo good (but Rated R…a bit. It’s not as bad as The Man from No Where but there is violence).

      Heaven’s Postman is a fantasy/supernatural love story. Maybe a lot of you have already seen it….I really liked it, it was beautiful. The romance was cute and I liked how they touched sensitive topics in the movie. It was a bit fast paced for me, but that did not stop the emotions from overflowing >.😀

      1. Loved Heaven’s Postman. I also second that recommendation. Silmido has been on my queue forever.

      2. I also forgot to recommenr War of the Arrows (starring Han Ga-In) now THAT movie was amazing. Daebak! It is soooo good and it reminds me of Apocalypto (dont know if anyone has seen that…) Anyone who has a Netflix, should DEF check it out. I also liked the romantic comedy Perfect Couple on there!

    2. Is A Wolf’s Attraction the same as Temptation of Wolves? Just curious. So many movies have different names. Cyranno was good, I also recommend.

      1. ^YES!

        Apparently on Wiki, it’s called Temptation of Wolves. I guess they changed it.. You should watch it!! It is really good!! It’s kind of like a melodrama.. a little bit of comedy 🙂

  5. All these movie recommendations are great.

    If anyone is wondering to view ” A Wolf’s Attraction aka Temptation of the Wolves , War of the Arrows aka Bow: Ultimate Weapon, go to IOnTV.com and you will find it under the movie section ( you just have to join first but it’s free,so no worries)

    For my movie recommendations : Ghost House ( comedy) and My Wife Is A Gangster ( action).
    Both movies are highly entertaining and can be found on the YouTube.

    Enjoy Twinklings

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