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Hi, Twinkles!

I hope you’re all enjoying the last week of May and ready to say hello to June! I can’t believe that we’re almost at the halfway mark of 2014! I feel as though I say this all the time, but seriously, where does the time go? *pauses for a second* Surely, the time doesn’t fly because it’s being sucked away by our Kdrama adventures…? 😉 

As we prepare to leave the month that is traditionally known as the family month in Korea, I hope you take the time to appreciate your family one more time. In the hustle and bustle of Real Life, I’ve found myself not spending as much time as I would like with my family members, especially my grandmother who is now nearing her 95th year on this earth. After all, when all is said and done, we’re going to wish that we had spent more time with our loved ones, not at work or on other more “pressing” things. 🙂

A few announcements for this week:

1. The prize package for the upcoming June giveaway just arrived yesterday! (For Twinkles new to our community, welcome! I hold a monthly giveaway to celebrate our community and the blessings of Real Life!) I can’t wait for you to see it! *happy humming* And to properly show the prize to you all, I may just have to film a video for you so that I can capture all of the details for your viewing pleasure. 🙂

2. In the midst of my impending research paper and final exam (as a student) and the tiny mountain of grading (as a teacher) that still remains, I found myself dabbling a bit this week in an area that I have never before explored; I had the opportunity to translate a portion of a Korean song into English. O.o Now, some of you are probably thinking, “What’s the big deal? You translate Korean dialogue for us all the time.” Well, translating song lyrics is a bit like translating poetry…infinitely more challenging than simply translating prose since I have to pay attention to rhythm, meter, etc., but in the case of song lyrics, it was that much more difficult because of the added component of considering the emphasized notes, elongated notes, places in the music that crescendo, etc. Hmm…I don’t know if I’m making any sense. In any case, it was a novel experience, and one that made me appreciate all the more what songwriters do on a regular basis. There’s a reason why I don’t typically write poetry. Heh. 😉

3. Those of you patiently waiting on my Glorious Day recaps/nutshells, my apologies for the lateness of these posts. As you may have read, I’ve got the preview to Episode 10 translated and had hoped to finish the recaps/nutshells of the previous episodes by Saturday night…*sigh* Let’s just say that Real Life is a demanding master/mistress. 😛

4. On a bright note, the recaps to You’re All Surrounded continue solidly in the dedicated hands of NewKDramaAddict, Jules, and Mawiie. 🙂 From what I’m reading, it looks like the romance is starting to pick up in that series. 😀

5. Mawiie also debuted a new monthly corner: “Klay-drama.” I hope you’ll send her lots of love and suggestions. Personally, I’m holding off on making my suggestions on the post so that the corner doesn’t devolve into “Here’s what Grace really wants next from Mawiie.”  😉

There are a few other things in the works, but I’ll announce those as details and permissions get finalized. In the meanwhile, I’d like to encourage you to get more connected with this blogging community via twitter and/or Facebook. In the case that something unforeseen happens to this blog–the server went down one time back in 2012–you’ll have alternative ways to keep in touch with me and the Musings community. I will add that I’m on Facebook much more than I am on Twitter because of my Real Life duties and because of some limitations to Twitter. For instance, I uploaded this post on Facebook yesterday: “Just came home from church duties to this…! So excited for the June giveaway! And the best part? The prize package is autographed by the members of band!!! 🙂 ” In addition, I teased the FB Twinkles with a sneak peek of the prize package: 

June 2014 Giveaway

However, when I tried to upload on Twitter a similar message, I ran into some difficulty and wasn’t able to tweet what I was able to write on the FB page. Hmmm…I hope I’m making sense. In any cases, I’ll try to be better about keeping you all updated on things happening in our community. 🙂

Speaking of which, we have a number of junior high students, high school students, college students, and graduate students graduating soon, right? If you are one of the soon-to-be graduates, congratulations! *blows noisemaker*

On this festive note, I wish you a blessed Sunday as you start another week. Take care, Twinkles! And as it has become our weekly tradition now, I leave you with this beautiful smile from our Mr. Eye Candy of 2014 (from Episode 9 of Glorious Day). 😉

GD 9

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  1. I am excited to see what is the box. I loved her clay creations. It has inspired me to start my next felt K-drama ornament. Also I wanted to ask of anyone else out there is finding it it difficult to find a streaming site for Glorious Day with Eng. subs that can play on an ipad? I so want to watch because of Grace’s praise but can’t find it anywhere. Thanks as always Grace for your lovely community. Amy

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