Bulletin Board: May 20 – May 26

Here is this week’s bulletin board for any announcements, requests, questions, etc. that you just want to post.

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15 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: May 20 – May 26”

  1. Just a quick question as I start to prepare for the June giveaway: Do you prefer kdramas-related stuff or “ordinary” items like nail polishes, jewelry, bags, books, etc. as the prize? Usually I give away a Korean drama OST for these monthly giveaways.

  2. Do you prefer kdramas-related stuff or “ordinary” items like nail polishes, jewelry, bags, books, etc. as the prize?

    Hahahah, i have no idea. Sorry for not helping you with this 🙂 And i am sure there will be answers from our twinkles later.

    Bulletin board is something that we can express ourselves right? Now, let me just rant my frustration a bit. This whole thing about fandom… i really dont understand. I came to know about this during my SKKS year. I love k-drama, so if i am watching a certain drama, i will try to get as much info as possible. This thing called review, critical analysis or whatever they call it is something i never bother before because i thought the main reason i watch k-drama is something for pleasure and self indulgence. Sometimes it makes me sick reading fan’s comment. Words like… oh.. i gave up, its so lame.. stupid…never watch but come to read your review and then give a sarcastic opinion.. and blah.. blah…blah. Maybe i am emotional, and i have a choice to skip those kind of comment, maybe i am stupid enough to make those things hurt me.. but as i did so, i was thinking.. if these people dont like the drama, why cant they just ignore and not watch at all?? If i dont like certain drama, i didnt even watch it!! So it must be a proud thing for them to say such a thing, to show the world how opinionated they are.

    Ok.. ok… i know freedom of speech… i guess this is not only in kdrama.. its everywhere i guess… what with the internet connection… you get to see so many thing…

    1. I completely agree. I don’t understand but then I thought of something. People are very opinionated yes, but if you just think of those “reviews” as 10 year old kids who think they know everything (no offense to any 10 year olds that are Twinkles) you tend to laugh at their antics and carry on. What really gets me is the thing called “antifan”. I don’t understand someone devoting their life to their hatred of a person that means nothing to them in their lives. Just insane to me.

      Twinkie, honey, whatever you feel is best. I feel just really happy with getting a chance to win something awesome. You have great tastes =)

    2. I admit, sometimes I do give us on a drama but I generally don’t go to a recap on that drama to mention it; its usually mentioned in passing. But I always tell why I did. Most of the time, its a story line that I find I don’t care for or as the great Danny Glover said in Lethal Weapon “I just too old for this sh*t!” But enjoy reading comments of dramas I am currently watching whether they are good or bad.

      1. I am going to also admit, I’m tired of reading a low rating with a review of “Not my cup of tea”. … What? Really? Nothing about WHY it wasn’t? Was it the acting? Was it a story you dislike but I would like? COME ON! That’s not a review, that’s an opinion.

    1. I’m glad you enjoy our website. Welcome to our community if you are just joining us or if you’ve been a reader but just wrote your first comment…In either case, I welcome you! 🙂 I hope you’ll join in on the discussion(s) now that you’ve started commenting. 😀

  3. Hi Twinkie, Your giveaways can be anything, lets say your choice as you are sweet enought to offer to us Twinkles
    For my part, I’m just happy enough to participate in the draw and read fellow Twinkles post! I mean, just see how much we learn @Wol

    @Wanzhaf Just ignore them, Iam just like you when I’m crazy about a drama, will search and read the reviews or spoilers, haha i just love spoilers:)
    From my point, there are dramas that fans go crazy about and when I watch them its just so so
    So comments will be based on 1. whos the lead actor 2.any idol on the drama
    Its definitely not based on the plot of the story which is sometimes I feel very sad
    There are quite a number of dramas under rated just bcos the leads are not idols or young actors

    Me? I will just continue to like whatever I like hehe and am so grateful to Twinkie, DB and every other sites who help us read our fill of KDrama news

    Yeahh keep it up

  4. I just ignore people who come in a thread with negativity. When I see the bashing I just don’t comment and move on to the next comment. Silence is golden. I find that some people like it when you respond. This was their purpose to get you started. It gives them something to do. Your having to much fun discussing, spazzing over the drama. There’s always somebody who gets their enjoyment out of upsetting the apple cart. I’ve been temped to tell them get a life and get out of mine. What I like you might not like so be it. We’ve all gotten frustrated with a drama from time to time. If it’s not for me then I give it up and move on.

  5. Heehee I got mentioned ^^ I feel so loved. Hmmm but yeah, whatever you want Twinkie. You are so good at picking out wonderful gifts 😀

    And as for “antifans” and drama negativity (or just Korean negativity to sum up all the things i love like Kpop and Kdrama) I get really mad…Im a hot blooded person lol so if i really love something, i feel like its a part of me and insulting it is like insulting me so i take it very personally. I will argue until they surrender (because HELLO i never surrender) and you kind of realize they dont really have anything interesting to say :/ they just repeat a lot of the same things and are trying to make you as mad as possible. So here i am, this super intelligent person, trying to defend a culture that you cant go around just dissin for fun, and they are here going “so lame…what is this?! people watch this? people like this?” and im like “what are you five? dont judge something if you havent even watched it, yes people watch this, there’s this amazing little thing at the bottom corner to see how many VIEWS it has smart one, and YES PEOPLE LIKE THIS, why do you think I’m battling you right now?!?!” However, like awsparkle says, they think its entertaining to see you mad….

    So….I am patiently learning not to do this anymore…and ignoring them…though my fingers are reaaaallly itching to pounce on the troll like a ninja…but i control myself. I ignore them. but then they realize they arent getting any attention and re-comment more things and then my tolerance goes….SWOOOOOOSH. down down down….so this is the time where i leave my computer and scream into my pillows until my mom comes and asks whats wrong lol

    THE END 😀

    Wol is gradually becoming a more mature woman lol (It’s a slow process, who knew? -.-)

  6. @Wol. I feel ya. I get like that too but I’ve learned that it’s best to state your opinion once on the matter and move on.
    Don’t give those trolls the time of day cuz they have nothing better to do while you do, it’s called living your life.

    I think that the prizes offered here are great and you should give whatever gift you want to. I don’t think any of us disagree with what you offer and if we don’t like it then we just don’t do the sweepstakes for that month. It’s simple, if you like the sweepstakes then enter if not don’t .

    Thanks a bunches Twinkie !!!

    I love my Twinkling Community!!! ^.^

  7. Your Site is a life saver for me. Now all the raw episodes make sense because of your recap. Twinke, thanks a lot. And also I am waiting for recaps of ‘Stand By’. Will u post them soon? Hehehe 😀

    1. Aw…you’re welcome! Glad to have you on board. As for the Standby episodes, Jules and I are working on them as I type. 🙂 Stay tuned! I am planning on catching up with Standby once RTP and K2H end this week. 🙂

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