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Hi, Twinkles!

I hope you’ve all been well this past week! For many of us in the United States, today starts the beginning of daylight savings time (also known as “summer time”)…when we lose one hour of sleep. *cries*

OK, I know that the purpose of the “springing” forward of one hour is to give us one more hour of daylight as we approach summer, but why must it be at the expense of our one blessed hour of sleep? Huh? *confused* In all honesty, I’d rather just stick with a constant time and suffer through one “less” hour of daylight.

In any case, this week flew by like a blur, especially since Mawiie came to visit me for the past two days. Even though she has been writing for this blog now for over a year, I had never met her in person…until this past Thursday, so it was a treat to spend some quality time with her, showing her some of my various fun spots in PseudoKorea as well as the greater Los Angeles area. 🙂 I think it’s safe to say that we didn’t get to do as much as we wanted, but overall, we still managed to pack in as much fun as we could. And she even got to meet some of my little church minions. LOL. More on this visit later.

Let’s talk Kdramas since this is the main theme of this blog. My current drama series, My Love from Another Star, is apparently over now, and I’m hoping to mini-marathon the rest of this series (episodes 15-21) in the next week or so to motivate myself to exercise again…obviously, I haven’t been very diligent with my treadmill due to the new term starting. 😛 Do any of you have a new drama series that you would like to suggest once I finish My Love from Another Star? I know that Three Days, starring Park Yoo Chun (aka Micky Yoo Chun) has started. Any thoughts on that one?

OK, enough chitchat and on to the announcements! 😉

1. Winners of the March giveaway–there were two!–were selected, and the prizes will be mailed out tomorrow in Monday’s mail. 🙂

2. Afrida‘s medal for the essay contest finally arrived in the mail today, so I’ll be mailing out her package for winning our first ever essay contest tomorrow as well. Woohoo to Afrida! 😀

3. Upcoming post(s) from Mawiie and me on our romps through “PseudoKorea” so be on the lookout for those and a surprise announcement in one of the posts. 😉

That’s it for now. Here are the posts for this week…assuming Real Life doesn’t interfere with our plans:

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Until next time then, I wish you all a wonderful and relaxing Sunday as well as a blessed week! Stay warm and healthy!


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3 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: March 9 – 15”

    1. I take it that it’s messing with your day, too?
      On a brighter note, welcome to our community! 🙂

  1. I have taken a break from kdramas for awhile now and so my participation in this blog is very minimal =~= but I am always with you all in heart lol I read the posts and get the emails but I kinda feel bad for not commenting often anymore. I also need marathon My Love From Another Star XDD spring break is coming up so maybe I’ll find some time then 🙂

    I’d just like to thank all the bloggers for posting daily on this blog and giving me something to tuck away in my mind for later. I have such a long list of movies to see now looool and I enjoy reading the thought provoking essays also. And eye candy never hurts anyone 😉

    Thank you all and I hope everyone has a nice week!!

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