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Hi, Twinkles! We are now “officially” in Spring season (March 20). I hope you’re all doing well this beautiful Sunday! 🙂

Shall we get started on this week’s announcements?

1. I ended up catching the flu that’s been going around my part of the world and had to cancel my Wednesday night and Thursday classes this past week. 🙁 My poor students…although I’m sure some of them were thrilled with the unexpected day off from lecture. 😉 In any case, this slowed down my efforts to vlog this week, so I was only able to film for a short time today. Since I wanted to give a much more detailed review of the remaining Heart to Heart episodes–and this requires a rewatching of episodes 11-16–I opted to film a very brief episodes 17-20/series review of Kill Me, Heal Me and save H2H for a later time. You’ll see what I mean by brief when you see the video. LOL. In any case, as promised, I filmed in the bright, sunny Southern California weather for you all so that those of you still locked in winter weather can at least enjoy the sunshine vicariously. If you’re curious about my thoughts on the series, you can watch the video here.  Please, keep in mind that I kept it very short; otherwise, you know me…I could have talked on and on…and on about all the greatness there was in the show. 😉 You’re more than welcomed to leave me comments on your favorite KMHM moments in the comments section of the video. 😀

2. tvN‘s replacement of Heart to HeartSuper Daddy Yeol is turning out to be quite the adorable little rom-com if the couple of snippets I’ve seen are a good indication. Lee Dong Gun and Lee Yoo Ri have quite a bit of chemistry together. Throw into that mix the little daughter, portrayed by Lee Re, and the show develops quite the charm. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to catch more of the show than just the snippets that I’ve seen so far, but from the looks of my schedule, I think I may very well have to revert back to my “1 (or 2 tops) K-drama at a time” rule. *sad sigh* Ah well, I should be thankful that my Real Life keeps me busy, right? 😉 I’m embedding one of the two clips that I saw for your viewing pleasure. Talk about a battle of the sexes. *chuckles* Enjoy! (Caution: The clip is rated acceptable for 15 years and up or PG-13 by US standards.)

Video: Compliments of tvN DRAMA via YouTube

3. Thanks to being bedridden for much of Thursday and Friday, I did get a chance to catch up on Unkind Women. Can I just thank the person who invented the handheld mobile devices like the mini-tab? It makes for such easy viewing of K-dramas while sick in bed. 🙂 If you haven’t seen the show yet, you may want to check out this Wednesday-Thursday series, which barely edged Kill Me, Heal Me out of its first place ranking during its final week of broadcast the other week. Although the story’s pacing may be a bit slow for some Twinkles, the strong female characters are quite diverse and intriguing. Okay, I admit it: It took me a bit of time to warm up to each of the women, but now that I have, I am thoroughly charmed by each of them and their quirks, hangups, strengths, etc. Most of all, though, I love the Song Jae Rim-Lee Ha Na couple, or more specifically their Lee Roo Oh-Jung Ma Ri counterparts. They get into so many scrapes together from Ma Ri accidentally going into the men’s shower to her slapping him because she thinks he’s a stalker. Pfffft. Poor Roo Oh. The things he must endure because of her. Let’s not even mention his mistaking Ma Ri’s father for a man forcing his unwanted attention on her. *stifles giggle* Anyhow, I’m looking forward to romping in Kdramaland on Wednesdays and Thursdays again. 😀

OK, that’s enough for now, I think. I’m sure there are more announcements I wanted to make, but in all honesty right now, I’m drawing a white blank. *sheepish grin* This is what happens when I don’t write down my bulletin announcements throughout the week. Oh well. 🙂

As you usher in another work/study week, may the following pictures of our dear Eye Candies help brrrrrrrighten *rolls r’s in high-pitched voice* your days! 🙂

Photo credit: www.couch-kimchi.com
Photo credit: www.couch-kimchi.com

Why so playful, Lee Jin Wook? 😉 A big thank-you to kfangurl for suggesting this week’s picture of him. 🙂

KSG 11

Here’s a playful picture of Kim Seul Gi, too. I am, after all, an equal opportunity blogger. 😉

I wish you all another glorious and playful week, Twinkles!

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