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Hi, Twinkles!

I hope you’ve all been well this past week! In case some of you haven’t heard, I was supposed to be incommunicado this weekend for a 2-night/3-day church winter retreat with my little minions, but due to inclement weather and bad road conditions, I’ve had to reschedule it for another weekend. *sigh* I suppose it’s better to be safe than sorry, but there are a number of disappointed teenagers and the task of rescheduling everything now. 😛

In any case, the good news is that I was able to use the weekend to catch up on Real Life and keep up with blog maintenance…even if this meant that I had to revise some of my scheduled posts to reflect the retreat cancellation. 😀

Anyhow, a few announcements before I give you the usual schedule of posts…and seriously, one of these days, I will start blogging and vlogging about Road No. 1. 

Truly! 😀

OK, so announcements…

1. We are officially adding We Got Married to the weekly posts…for as long as Jules and I can write about it. 🙂 I hope you check in to read our thoughts and reviews of the episodes. Personally, I’m only interested in the Woo Young and Se Young couple, but who knows? With the addition of new couples in the near future, I may be sucked into watching the entire episode. 😉

2. The March 1, 1919 essay contest is officially closed. The winner of our blog’s first essay contest is Afrida, an eighth grader who loves to write, according to her. 🙂 Congratulations, Afrida! I will be posting her winning essay on this blog and sending out her prize package, a medal and small cash prize scholarship of $50.

Essay Contest 1 Essay Contest 2










This small scholarship is just my way of rewarding young students’ initiative to learn and write about life and the world around them. Hopefully, as you read her essay, many of you will be inspired by this young woman’s words. 🙂 I’m planning to hold this essay contest again next year for students, so I hope that school-aged Twinkles will think ahead to entering next year. As an educator, I love to see students research new things and think about them…especially when the work is not required for school. 🙂

3. The monthly giveaway has started. I thought that some of you might enjoy some eye candy and ear candy in the form of Jung Il Woo…and no, it’s not a life-size cardboard cutout of the man. LOL. It’s the OST from the zany little series Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. I listened to the soundtrack for the first time Thursday while driving to and from work, and I must say that the OST is just as zany as the series. I heard Jung Il Woo sing a ballad, then a few songs that seemed more fitting for a musical, and a song that I could have sworn could have passed for a Mariachi song, etc. *shakes head* Zany. That’s all I can say, but I loved listening to every minute of it! 🙂 Anyhow, the giveaway ends at midnight on the 7th. Also, I’ll be throwing in a beautiful Korean key chain along with the OST for the lucky Twinkle. Good luck to those of you participating!

4. Mawiie will be visiting me towards the end of this week from Canada. I hope you’re excited about the upcoming “Romp in PseudoKorea” post written by Mawiie and me! 🙂 Yup, Mawiie doesn’t know–well, she does now–that I’ve just roped her into collaborating with me on this upcoming post. Heh. Surprise, Mawiie! 😉

That’s it for now. Here are the posts for this week…assuming Real Life doesn’t interfere with our plans:

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Until next time then, I wish you all a wonderful and relaxing Sunday as well as a blessed week! Stay warm and healthy!


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3 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: March 2 – 8”

  1. Hello, ST, and all other twinkles!

    I have been reading all the posts and dying to comment on everything, but a deluge of ‘real life situations’ started at the end of Jan and hasn’t abated. I have missed you all!

    Thanks, ST and other contributors for all your funny, heartwarming, interesting posts 🙂 I am just sad I haven’t had time to comment and join in the discussions. Hopefully that will change a little later in the year.

    Have a good week, everyone!


    p.s. NewKDA, didn’t the ending of King’s Family disappoint Big Time???

  2. Pfft! Nice surprise! LOL! Truthfully, I’ve had the same idea as well. You just didn’t know it 😛 I guess you beat me with this announcement 😛 Good to know that we are at least on the same wavelengths, huh? xD

    And congrats Afrida! I can’t wait to read your essay! That medal is just too cute Grace!!

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