Bulletin Board: June 29 – July 5


Hi, Twinkles!

If you’re frolicking with us on the Glorious Day adventure ride, you know by now that the emotional “drama” is about to hit your small screens…just…about…now! Episode 20 is touted to be a tear-jerker as Da Jung decides that she shouldn’t be with Jae Woo. *heavy sigh*

If you missed it in last night’s 10:24pm addendum (here), I’ll give you yet another view of our soon to be parted turtle couple. 

GD 20.2

Da Jung totally walks away from Jae Woo’s open arms!!! *sniffles*

The good thing is that the writer has a tendency to not draw out the “drama,” so I have high hopes that the angst will be kept to a minimum. 😀 Yup, that’s what I’m telling myself…and I’m now braced for our determined turtle to show us just how patient he can be while he waits for his turtle love to get back on the love boat with him. Why? Because he may have to wait a while… *not pleased by the idea*

On a happier note, this week marks the beginning of a new month, and I have a personal love of the month of July.


🙂 NewKDramaAddict and I celebrate our birthdays in July. 🙂 So…I hope you’re all excited for this July’s giveaway because it’s going to be a “special” one, and I sort of splurged on the giveaway prize. 😀 Hopefully, you all are excited for it. 😉

In addition, this past week’s “Wednesday What?” was amazing. Nayong guessed all three correct answers in a record 14 minutes of the post going live (here). *impressed*

And of course, recaps to You’re All Surrounded continue steadily thanks to the diligent work of our three bloggers: NewKDramaAddict, Jules, and Mawiie.

Now…for my big confession as well as big announcement:

Confession: I am going to have to be more time-efficient with my blogging…which means Glorious Day recaps will now become nutshells. However, I wouldn’t put it past me to start writing recaps again if the mood strikes me, so this confession may not even be relevant in the near future. LOL. Then there’s also Aulia, who is slowly but surely working her way through the skipped episodes. Currently, she’s working on Episode 9. When it will get finished, though, is a mystery to both her and me. 😉

Announcement: Our Musings site will be undergoing a “dramatic” change this week if all goes according to my plans. I hope you’re excited for this. 🙂

There are a few more announcements, but I’ll let you find out about those in the coming days/weeks. I wish you a blessed Sunday as you start another week. Stay healthy, Twinkles!

And as it has become our weekly tradition now, I leave you with a picture of Lee Sang Woo from my archive of unpublished blog posts…oh heck, I’ll leave you with two since I love these two pictures today! 🙂 Enjoy!

GD 17.38
Episode 17: Jae Woo smiling as he receives a text from Da Jung. Of course, Min Shik is sitting right next to him and wondering just who Jae Woo’s girl is.
GD 18.27
Episode 18: Jae Woo, all smiles, as he waits for Da Jung to come outside so that they can go to the rice cake shop together.

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11 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: June 29 – July 5”

  1. Episode 20 was heavy on the drama. Oh boy did I feel badly for all the suffering. The toad father is such leaves a bad taste in the mouth character. No redeeming qualities at all. I want to see an end to this line. Also a return to happier times. Hopefully soon. Thank you for your hard work. It is much appreciated.

    1. Looking forward to watching it now that my Sunday duties are done~
      You are very welcome! And thank YOU for continuing to read and leave such encouraging comments for me to read after a long day. Those are very much appreciated! 😉

    1. Thank you, Afrida!
      I hope you’re enjoying your much-deserved summer vacation! I’m having Grace, a fellow 9th grader Twinkle, spend her summer studying with me every Saturday. LOL. Aren’t you glad that you’re far away and not one of my little church minions? LOL. I would make you spend your summer studying. LOL

      1. LOL I actually do need to study and finish my summer assignments, but I have been watching dramas and reading instead. How is your summer? I hope it’s fun and relaxing, and I hope you have a great birthday!

  2. Blessed Birthday, ST and NewKDA! I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating, whether it’s a quiet night alone, or time with friends and/ or family.

    Over here, we’ve just started the school term (4 10-week terms a year) so I may not have time to comment much, but I’ll be avidly reading 🙂

    Have a blessed week, everyone!

  3. Happy Birthday July babies! 🙂

    It’s been awhile .-. I’ve been elsewhere…..not really following the dramas being recapped so I guess there’s no need to comment. I’m watching two variety shows, We Got Married Global and Roommate. And then Lee Joon Ki’s new saegeuk came out, The Joseon Gunman, and I’m already obsessed with that because LJK and I LOVE saegeuks. Plus it’s the first time a saegeuk has guns so it’s really cool. I’m also watching a Japanese drama and a Chinese one 🙂

    Just thought I’d assure you I’ve been keeping up with my dramas ^_^;; despite being inactive on here

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