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Happy Sunday, Twinkles! I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack~! *dances Happy Snoopy dance* Did ya miss me? 😉

Needless to say, I totally missed you guys! It’s kind of weird, though. After not writing anything for almost an entire month, typing this post tonight makes me feel a bit…odd. I just can’t explain it other than that I feel rusty. LOL.

Anyhow, for those of you who’ve been keeping up with all the Kdramaland news, you probably already know just how many announcements I have to share…However, in consideration of time, I’ll try–operative word being “try”–to keep today’s bulletin post to a reasonable length. Just keep in mind that I haven’t blogged for several weeks, so who knows just how long this post may actually be…Heh, you’ve been forewarned. 😉

Enough hemming and hawing. Let’s get started on this week’s announcements!

1. Producer (2015) ended yesterday with an incredible 1 hour 46 minutes final episode. Whuh? O.o Yeah, you read correctly. The final episode was the length of a movie. Can you believe that?! I’m hoping to do a review for you sometime soon…once I finish watching the entire series. Yes, I promise to watch the entire series…since I pulled another “Grace maneuver” and started watching the series from the second half. Whuh? *shrugs shoulders* You should be used to my quirky viewing habits by now, right? 😉

2. During the summer months, I’m hoping to give the twinkiedramas YouTube channel some love after having neglected it for so long. On the top of my filming list is a little corner called “Tea Time.” Hopefully, those of you who decide to watch the video series end up enjoying them. If nothing else, you’ll be able to see and hear me as I chat about a variety of topics. 🙂

This week starts the crazy onslaught of new dramas that I’ve been eyeing for a while during my hiatus. If you’ve been up to your proverbial eyeballs trying to keep up with all the dramas that are airing right now, you’re going to want to take a few deep breaths–like now–because I’m about to suggest that you add a few more to your already long Kdrama list. Hee~!

3. The first series on my list starts this week. In fact, it starts tomorrow (Monday)! I Remember You (aka Hello Monster) stars Jang Na Ra, Seo In Guk, Choi Won Young, Lee Chun Hee, and our adorable Park Bo Gum. It takes over the Monday-Tuesday slot previously occupied by Who Are You: School 2015 on KBS2. The 30-sec. trailer to the series really doesn’t do the series justice–not if you’ve seen the longer version–but I thought I’d embed the short trailer for you rather than the longer 7-minutes highlight clip just in case some of you don’t like too many spoilers. 🙂

4. The second series on my radar begins this Saturday (June 27) in the Saturday-Sunday slot on SBS and stars two of my favorite actors–Ha Jin Won and Lee Jin Wook. Yup, it looks as though we’re going to have a plethora of pictures from this series for my weekly pictures of our Mr. Eye Candy 2015. 🙂 It’s titled The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days, a remake of the Taiwanese 2011 hit In Time with You. I don’t know about you, but I already adore the two main characters and can’t wait for Mawiie to bring them to life for us as Klay-drama figures. Heh, don’t you love how I’ve already roped Mawiie into not only watching the show, but also making clay figures of the characters? 😉 Take a look at the trailer below and tell me that you’re going to be able to resist watching these two in action. If you can, you have greater powers of self-restraint than I. 😉

5. As if having our Mr. Eye Candy in a series isn’t enough of a treat for us, our Ms. Eye Candy 2015 is also slated to bring much joy and laughter to our lives with Oh My GhosttvN‘s newest Friday-Saturday lineup that beings next week on July 3 at 8:30pm. From the looks of this trailer, there shouldn’t be a shortage of mirth and hijinks, not with our dear little Kim Seul Gi portraying the mischievous and naughty-minded ghost. Hee~can’t wait! The show stars Park Bo Young and Jo Jung Seok.

Needless to say, we’ve got our work cut out for us this summer…if you can call watching Kdramas “work.” 🙂 And that’s not including the already-airing shows like High SocietyMaskMasked Prosecutor, and the daily series A Daughter Just Like You. Hmmm…I’m going to have to somehow learn NewKDramaAddict‘s secret to Kdrama watching and soon! Oh, didn’t you know? She has the ability to bend time. Truly! *crosses heart* I honestly think she’s discovered the secret to slowing down time. *nods head vigorously for emphasis*

6. Today in the United States, we celebrate fathers, so if you’re a father or have a father whom you’d like to honor, I honor you and the other incredible men who make the lives of their loved ones meaningful. May you have a glorious day being pampered and showered with love! And since I don’t think men appreciate receiving flowers all that much–OK, so I’m guilty of gender stereotyping–I decided that a clip of Ode to My Father might serve as a quiet reminder to us all of the sacrifices fathers make, sacrifices that many of us will never fully understand because they were made in the name of love and “a father’s duty.” Certainly, I will never be able to fathom the full extent of my father’s love and sacrifice for me and my sisters. 

That’s all for this week’s bulletin announcements…Here’s our weekly dose of eye candies to launch us into another week:

LJW 19

Doesn’t he look adorable here in a picture from his new series? 🙂

KSG 18

And Kim Seul Gi looks so charming as she prepares for her role as the impish maiden ghost. *happy sigh* July and August are going to be wonderful months of Kdrama viewing! 🙂

On this lovely note, I wish you all a glorious week, Twinkles~! *Fighting!*

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  1. Ha! I was like ‘whuu? I haven’t even seen them and you are already thinking about Klay-drama?’ LOL good try, unni! :p (but who knows keke). Though Mari and Jules will kill me if I do this version and not the original ones (which was great, btw!!)

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