Bulletin Board: June 17 – June 23

Here is this week’s bulletin board for any announcements, requests, questions, etc. that you just want to post. As for my announcement, I’m almost done with posting grades…just two more days!

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4 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: June 17 – June 23”

  1. Hello, everyone,

    I’ve been taking a break from watching kdramas (emotionally drained after following K2H and QIHM) by watching the movies Twinkie recommends in her Movie Monday posts 😎 I was pleasantly surprised to find ‘100 Days with Mr Arrogant’, ‘My Little Bride’, ‘Innocent Steps’ and ‘Wonderful Radio’ on YouTube, with English subs! I am ever grateful to subbers and uploaders!

    I like these movies for their light-heartedness and sweet romance, although some of them are decidedly ‘fluffy’. Of course, there is less character development in 100 minutes than in 16 or 20 episodes, and there are times when I wonder how/ when/ why the main characters fall in love; I guess there isn’t enough time to bring that out fully. Hmmm . . . maybe watching the movies is like enjoying a popsicle (especially on a hot summer’s day), while watching the kdramas would be more like savouring a tub of Haagen Dazs.

    Twinkie, jiayou (Chinese, literally ‘pour oil’ – keep going! You can do it!) with the marking! I guess that would be like ‘hwaiting’?

  2. How i wish i can say the same like shl, taking a break from k-drama. I was emotionally drained after the last episode of RTP, hence i was in my own dazed world. But then i realized i have to rewatched RTP over and over again until my husband got sick to see me staring at my computer. Kekekeke, it was his own fault for accompanying me through the whole journey.

    I have just finished watching Love Rain. It was something light to eased my pain. Now i am ok and in the process of watching Big. I love GY since Coffee Prince and LMJ since BOF. I did watch I do I do, and keep thinking should i just stop watching? But KSA is worth watching, right?

    I dont know if i can say this.. or do i sound rude if i were to say this. After watching kdrama for quite sometime i feel that some of the actress/actor kind of looking almost the same? The aged one still look like they are in thirties, the younger one look almost dulicate. Some of the actors look too feminine…(in my eyes). When they act, theres not much facial expression… i mean even if they laugh or smile or talk they almost look….kind of blank? I didnt know how to describe correctly but the face doesnt move at all?? LOL… am i talking rubbish??? Is this a sensitive subject? I dont know…. i kind of thinking… oh well…wanzhaf have gone bonkers…

    1. Hi wanzhaf!

      About the actors/ actresses, do you mean that they look the same despite all these years (as in, they have good beauty treatments?), or they still act the same way after all these years (same facial expressions, mannerisms) – like they don’t ‘improve’ their acting? Or maybe they still play the same characters so we don’t see them in any other way? I haven’t been watching kdramas for long, but I guess there might be actors/ actresses who prefer only certain roles, so there might be some truth to that?

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