Bulletin Board: June 10 – June 16

Here is this week’s bulletin board for any announcements, requests, questions, etc. that you just want to post. As for my announcement, finals week is once again upon me, which means that I have to have ALL of my grades posted by June 19th. Hopefully, my regular recapping schedule can resume before then. On a brighter note, I will still be posting my “Movie Monday” posts and a “Musings for Today” and “Marathon Drama” sometime this week. 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: June 10 – June 16”

  1. Hi Twinkie, hang in there with the grading! Don’t forget to take deep breaths and regular breaks. I used to teach (and grade) too, and i can still remember the stress of marking exam scripts 😛 Not easily forgotten!

  2. To everyone – i’ve just finished watching Queen In-hyun’s Man, and i strongly recommend it! I had a little bit of doubt about the ending (still thinking it through), but, on the whole, it is an excellent, well-written, well shot, well acted drama. Do give it a try!

  3. Hmm there’s a controversy going around because of the leading man right? Bold confession! Their chemistry must be amazing then! But there’s an iffy ending? D: I don’t like iffy-ness. Is it a happy ending at least? -.- nothing like rooftop prince please >.< so sad

    Anyways, good luck with grading Twinkie! I'll be waiting for your return 😀 will you be recapping Dr.Jin?

    1. @Wol – it definitely is a happy ending, just that the way it was executed left me scratching my head for a little bit. But I’m at peace now, all ok 😎

  4. Been a stressful week for me due to a dateline approaching, at work I mean so have not commented much these few days;(

    Currently watching Feast of the Gods, I love, love Lee Sang Woo and even though I have read the recaps and knows not many LSW fans were happy with the ending, still need to see how he got the girl:)

    Will watch Q In Hyun later, have downloaded the drama, too many dramas waiting, lol and I’m gonna start on a 57 episodes this weekend, probably marathon it, Hooray For Love just love Lee Bo Young and I need to see Lee Tae Sung as the main lead, hehe

  5. @Nayong I loved Hooray For Love even tho I wanted to slap the writers upside the heads more than a couple times, it was a crazy ride but I liked it overall. Plus I think the dad is like the smexist adjussi ever ahhh he is so good looking.

    I am currently watching like every new show that’s on. If anyone is like that’s just crazy, I totally agree but I like every single one one for different reasons.


    I Do, I Do cuz it’s freaking Kim Sun Ah, I mean seriously I love her acting style to pieces and she entertains me greatly.

    Ghost: I’m a big dork and I think crime/technical shows plus I never watched Signs so I’m making up for it

    Bridal Mask: cuz I love a good antihero theme plus I love love love action movies/shows and that why I will always love Lee Min Ho just cuz he did City Hunter and it had the smexy adjussi ( ahhh I was in Kdrama heaven).

    I love Lee Tae Ri : cuz it’s cute and lighthearted and plus who doesn’t love a little body switchin/growin storyline

    Big: Gong Yoo, need I say more ^.^

    Dr. Jin: best guiltily treat ever and guess what No Calories. It’s such a cute show plus I like the storyline which doesn’t try to make you think too hard plus it has Kim NaNa ^.^

    As well as I’m watching a couple of Japanese shows when I get the chance.

    Eventually some shows will be dropped and only recapped but until that happens, I will enjoy the excitement I get when I discover a new Kdrama to watch.

    To my fellow Twinklings: Happy Viewing!!!

    1. @KStyle

      Wow that’s a lot of dramas! I only start when they finish cos I can’t stand the wait, 1 week for 2 episodes, drives me mad

      Starting Hooray for love tonight so we’ll see but then again like most kdrams who extend, the plot will sure dragg till the end
      Its just like Feast of The Gods, they should have just kept it at 24 episodes or max 30, I only watched it for Les Sang Woo so wth, FF I did, hehe

      Sign was good, kept me interested but I think Gods Quiz is better, di not like Sign’s ending anyway.

      Will probably watch Ghost & I Do Do, not sure about Big, only if I have nothing to do.
      So good to know there are others out there who watch more dramas than me, hehe
      My mom thinks I’m nuts, well most of my family anyway
      Getting excited bcos BigBang coming to prerform in my country, wondering whether to save my $ to watch them, and I will be like the oldest fan there, hehe

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