Bulletin Board: July 8 – July 14

Here is this week’s bulletin board for any announcements, requests, questions, etc. that you just want to post. Today marks the second of my birthday celebration giveaways, so I hope you will take part in the giveaways. Good luck and have a FABULOUS week!

Also, Jules has created a twitter account for those of you who like to twitter: @catchthatkdrama.

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15 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: July 8 – July 14”

  1. Jules had this great idea for doing “in a nutshell” mini-recaps that basically give the bare bones of episodes so that we can cover more episodes and series.

    Suggestions on dramas to “nutshell”? I think both Jules and I are watching A Gentleman’s Dignity, so that series would be easy to pick up.

    1. LOL. Yes, I sleep. I tend to sleep around 2AM and get up between 6-7AM. Thankfully, I’m surviving and thriving (?).
      This website is definitely a nice little haven of rest and relaxation for me where I can “frolick” with fellow twinkles. 🙂

    1. Hi Wol
      Did you watched Dr Jin? I havent yet.. but i did all the dl. Actually I am hesitating but guess i will once the final episode is shown. At the moment i am watching I do I do. Wow, KSA, isnt she a great actress…with a great body? She seemed so sexy and vibrant, very far from her role in SOAW. Big is also in my watching list, GY is awesome 🙂

      Thanks to you I finally watch Always. SJS and HYJ. As you said, it was worth watching. LOL, actually i went through all you list and watched My girlfriend and I, My Pet and Sassy Girl 🙂 And will try others too, other than horror or action one, but i guess drama will always be no. one.

      1. I haven’t watched Dr.Jin yet, well, just episode one but I was only interested in it because of Song Seung-heun xD I wanted to see if it got any better or if it was my cup of tea but I’m having a hard time finding good recaps :/ so I thought Twinkie would do an excellent job because I always understand her way better xD

        Jukes – why was it painful?! D: is this another RTP tragedy?!

        And yes, wanzhaf, KSA is so beautiful!!! I really love all of her work, she’s amazing! I’ve been hearing alot of about Big. I love GY but is it a romance? I really don’t know the plot, to be honest.

        1. Ahhh typo!! *Jules
          Haha sorry for messing up ur name
          And if Full House 2 is a 2013 drama, it’s definitely on my list! I adore No Min Woo (though he needs to change tht hair he got for the drama -.-)

          1. Heh, no problem; I mis-type it all the time (especially if I’m on my phone).

            Agreed re: No Min-woo’s hair; it was great in Gumiho (and he was so pretty…).

            Dr Jin… hm, the acting is okay, the writing is also okay (not great, but not awful), but the directing and editing are laughable. I stopped watching not because I couldn’t take the show seriously – hey, at least it was funny! – but because the faux medical stuff was just too gross.

    2. I’m watching I Do, I Do but couldn’t continue with Dr Jin – it was just too painful. (though Song Seung-heun is super-pretty, as always – but, oddly, clothed most of the time; very unusual.)

      Full House 2… hm, I don’t think it’s found a network yet; I think it’s been filmed, though, as there were reports in March ‘from the set’. Maybe it’ll be a 2013 drama. ^_^

  2. Great idea! A Gentleman’s Dignity sounds good. You could consider current favourite Queen In-hyun’s Man 🙂 The Chaser? or Arang?

    1. I’m so excited about Arang and the Magistrate! Lee Jun-ki! Shin Mina! Ghosts! Romance! Mystery!

      Eek, I can’t wait.

        1. Hi Wol! Yup, it’s coming up soon, a drama titled ‘Arang and the Magistrate’. I’ve read a couple of descriptions and I think the trailer is out, but I can’t seem to remember anything relevant right now! I think you’ll find lots of stuff on it if you google it.

        2. Hi Wol! shl is right: the trailer came out yesterday (I think I tweeted a link to it). The story is: a young woman (Shin Mina) is killed and, uh, ‘wakes up’ a ghost – only she can’t remember who killed her and no-one can see her. Until the new magistrate (Lee Jun-ki) comes to town…

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